DevGAMM – the most productive event in game industry!

Keynote Speakers


Stan Just, CD Projekt RED Chris Torchia, Bohemia Interactive Sjoerd De Jong, Epic Games Kristina Rothe, Microsoft

Grzegorz Mazur, 11bit studios Mike Rose, tinyBuild Olga Kachalina, Brjann Sigurgeirsson, Image&Form

Why DevGAMM is the most productive event?

Lerika Mallayeva, the conference’s founder, established this event as an indie developer after realizing that most of the major gaming conferences are either extremely expensive, or completely useless.
How can you reach out to publishers/developers? How can you have the game tested? How can you find the staff, partners, opinion allies? DevGAMM will give you all the answers.
The advantages of DevGAMM are quality content about game development, low entry threshold for beginner developers and a series of activities meant for productive pastime:


Do not miss!


Attend lectures, blitz-sessions, discussion panels and workshops.

Submit your game to the
DevGAMM Awards.

Present your game to publishers
or find interesting titles.

Make appointments with our sponsors и business participants

Find out the pros and cons of games from industry experts

Add your vacancy / Find a Job

Showcase your game to all conference participants

Continue networking during the after-party


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Tweet your messages about the conference with the hashtag #DevGAMM. It’s a splendid opportunity to inform everyone that you are coming to the event. You can also make an appointment through Twitter.