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Art & Animation

«Creating amazing art in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt»

Email Video Slides During this talk Stan Just will show methods and approaches used in CD Projekt RED to guide art production of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Production that has been organized around quality where team effort and creativity is a priority. He will present how they adjusted the working philosophy, corporate policies and organizational tools in order to translate employees’ motivation and passion into measurable, quantitative results that ultimately led to 90+ score and over 200 awards. Stan Just is a passionate gamer working as a producer for CD Projekt RED on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. During his career in gamedev he worked at Reality Pump on Two Worlds franchise games and at 11 bit studios on a number of multiplatform titles. Stan published featured articles on Gamasutra, presented his methods during multiple conferences (including GDC) and he is lecturing Project Planning at Game Dev School.

«DayZ: Surviving Success»

Email Video Slides Due to the surprise success and widening game scope, the team faced many challenges against the backdrop of a rapidly expanding company. Listen and take heed to some cautionary tales and an after action report on what it was like taking the art department from a team of 3 people to a team of 30 in one year. Successes and failures, highs and lows. Chris Torchia is a die hard mil-sim gamer working as Art Director of DayZ at Bohemia Interactive Studio. His previosu titles include Arma2: Operation Arrowhead, Arma3, and Virtual Battlespace and is a published biochemist and occasional actor!

«2Dark, how do we get our neo-pixel unique look?»

Email Video Slides For their first game Gloomywood decided to make a game with a unique retro look, a mix of old-school pixel art and new display techniques. In 2Dark (, the backgrounds are made of 2.5D tiles but with normal maps and dark bumpsThey use 3D voxels characters raytraced in real-time to take the lights and use an infinity of animations! Its how Gloomywood used technology in their creative process Thierry Platon started his career as early as 1983, at Atari on 400 and 800 models. In 1988, he programmed his first successful videogame, Ranx (Ubi Soft). After long career in many companies, he recently founded with Frederick Raynal (Alone in the Dark, Little Big Adventure) a new studio, Gloomywood

Games & Postmortems

«Making The Room »

Email Video The talk will focus on who Fireproof Games are, how we got to make The Room, and what has happened to us and our game since release in September 2012. Barry Meade is a founding member and commercial director of Fireproof Studios, creators of acclaimed iOS game The Room. Before establishing the studio, Barry began his career in 1992 working on titles for the SNES, Amiga and PC. In 2004 he joined Criterion and worked on Black and multiple Burnout titles. He has also worked at studios including Bullfrog, Acclaim Teeside, Negative Productions and Mucky Foot.

«Making A Successful Premium Game: SteamWorld Dig»

Email Video Slides Making a good game isn’t enough – you must also sell it. The key is getting visibility and buzz, but also to get a long-term audience. This session discusses how to do that with a minimum of expertise, contacts or huge budgets. Let others take their chances on mobile F2P – making premium games for all other platforms is actually a good idea. Brjann Sigurgeirsson is the CEO of Image & Form, a game studio operating out of rainy, windy Gothenburg, Sweden. A rock’n'roll singer and avid chess player. Currently sports a charming tan from doing a lot of actual digging in the garden.

Technology & Development

«Oculus + Lasers = Dinosaurs: Riding the wave of new technology.»

Two members of the Cube Studio team from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia present their experiences and challenges riding the wave of technology for The Cube, their large scale immersive installation. Hear how to take advantage of technology through their journey from prototyping using the Oculus rift, to their latest project where theyre mapping dinosaur reactions to humans tracked by lasers in the space.
Email Video Daniel Fisher has worked in the games industry for 7 years, working up from an intern at Halfbrick Studios to heading up design for his team there, then moving on to work on the cutting edge interactive installation The Cube at QUT as a software engineer. From cutting his teeth on some of Halfbricks work for hire projects, to working on smash indie hits like Fruit Ninja (both mobile and Kinect), to his current challenge of creating a framework for amazing content like Chem World and The Arcade for The Cube, he has a wide range of both great and small experiences to share with other game developers.
Email Video Sean Druitt is an accomplished game producer with over 12 years of management experience, including over 7 years in the gaming industry. He has produced and helped design many titles such as Fruit Ninja, across a diverse range of platforms, and Colossatron: Massive World Threat, while at Halfbrick. Sean is now the Cube Studio Manager at QUT overseeing content development and daily operations. He has overseen the development and release of several interactive projects for The Cube such as Chem World, The Arcade and the upcoming release; Dino Zoo.

«Building a 2D game in Unreal Engine 4»

Email Video Epic Games’ Sjoerd De Jong will be building a 2D game from scratch, live on stage. Diving into Blueprint visual scripting, the engine’s 2D tools, and the material editor Sjoerd will set up a simple platformer game with a character that can run and jump, shoot, break blocks, while evading bombs thrown by a UFO. As Evangelist for Epic Games, Sjoerd De Jong travels around Europe to promote Unreal Engine 4. With 15 years of experience in Unreal Technology, Sjoerd is an expert at a wide range of Unreal Engine topics.

«Your Guide to Growing a Mobile Strategy Game Business »

Email Video Mobile strategy games are behind the reigns of the industrys chariot. Some of the strategy titles at the top of the heap include Clash of Clans, Game of War: Fire Age and Boom Beach.

Despite the successes, the story of strategy games is still being written. The next wave is upon usand in this talk, Tomas Piktozis from Chartboost, will dive into this genre with some powerful retention and IAP data, creative design tips from some industry experts and examples of the best mobile strategy game creatives.

Tomas Piktozis is currently heading business development efforts at Chartboost in EMEA. Chartboost is the worlds largest technology platform powering the business of mobile games. Chartboost is empowering developers to find new players and monetize their games, by providing them with the tools, data, and analytics to make smarter decisions

«Gesture Control and DIY Motion Capturing with Kinect and Unity»

Email Video Slides Implementing Gesture Control for your game is quite simple – in this session we’ll add gesture control (almost) from scratch to a Unity game.
Afterwards you will show how you can record animations to use for your game characters – no marker suits, just the Kinect.

Why not record your signature move while we’re at it?

Kristina Rothe. For more than 20 years, video gaming, team organization and computer science have played a major part in Kristina Rothes life. Consequently, the former Square Enix and Travian employee who now works as Game Development Evangelist at Microsoft Germany, has a distinct background in games as well as project & team management and IT.

«One Source To Rule Them All»

Email Video The session gives an in-depth look at how to setup and structure multi-platform game projects written in C/C++ that work the same across Android, iOS, HTML5, OSX, Linux and Windows with minimal resource requirements, and can be developed on Windows, OSX and Linux in a variety of IDEs. Andre Weissflog has been working professionally in the games industry since the mid-90′s, creating and shaping the engine technology behind more than 30 released game titles including all Drakensang games. Since 2010′s he’s helping to create the technology behind Drakensang Online and is an early follower and contributor of modern web technologies like emscripten, WebGL and WebAssembly as well as an active open source contributor.
Bigpoint Games

«Preserving the core – The myth of innovation »

Email Video This presentation clears away the myths behind innovative game design and teaches attendees how to preserve the fun behind a game while pushing boundaries and being creative at the same time.

AI will share stories of how this has tactic has succeeded and failed from various games, but especially from our own project, Shards of War.

Al Yang is currently the lead designer of Shards of War at Bigpoint Games, where he was responsible for the vision redesign that transformed Merc Elite into Shards of War.

He was previously a senior combat designer on Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale and was at THQ China before that. Having worked at development studios across three different continents, he is especially interested in global cultural influences on design, both as an avid player and a developer.

«The art of prototyping. Case study: This War of Mine»

Email Video Slides How to create games faster, cheaper and easier thanks to smart prototyping? How and why prototype? Why its one of the most interesting and entertaining stages of development? Story based on This War of Mine production process told from programmers point of view but focused on all aspects of game development like game design, game programming and art. There will be also few words about dirty programming, whiteboards, Lego bricks and metronome. Grzegorz Mazur is a programmer. Information Technology graduate at Warsaw University of Technology. For a few years working with 11 Bit Studios where he was Lead Programmer of This War of Mine and Sleepwalker’s Journey. For a few months runs his own studio: Vile Monarch. Specialized in gameplay and AI programming. Teacher at Warsaw Film School and Academy of Games and Post-Production. Amateur musician and board games enthusiast.

«Cross platform animation with WebGL and AwayJS»

Email Video Rob Bateman from the Away Foundation takes us through some of the latest advances made with the open source graphics animation library AwayJS, including new workflows for publishing cross platform WebGL content. We’ll see how 2D & 3D content optimised for WebGL can be reliably published cross-platform, and how new workflow being pioneered by the Away Foundation could save a bunch of time in your own projects, all through free, open source software. Rob Bateman is founder and organiser of The Away Foundation, a non-profit company that builds freely available resources for use by web professionals. He started out by co-creating The Away3D Engine in 2007, and has been developing and promoting open source tools and libraries ever since. These days, the libraries produced by his company are used by thousands of organisations and freelancers around the world to power graphically rich interactive experiences and games.

«Hands-on with Audio Mixing in the Unity 5 Game Engine»

Email Video

Unity 5 introduces a new Audio Mixer system to take your game’s music and sound effects to the next-level! Andy will give a hands-on, in-editor demo of all the new Audio Features introduced in the latest version of the Unity game engine; covering in-game sound mixing, groups, applying effects, audio ducking, fading and more! This talk is welcome to all but at-least some Unity knowledge will be useful.

Ever since he added physics to 1000 cubes and watched them bounce around, Andy Touch has been addicted to experimenting with gaming technology. Having previously taught game development to University students, he is now part of Unity Technologies’ Evangelism team helping to spread the word of the game engine and to show off what it can do


«Make it wiggle (or How to Make Cool Art with No Talent)»

Email Video How can you make your game look good and unique without actually knowing anything about animation? This talk focuses on how you can make interesting and juicy game-art with simple tools and techniques. Mattias Dittrich is a Ludum Dare medal hoarder. Winner of Creative Coast Concept Challenge. Stugan Alumni.

«How To Succeed On Kickstarter If You Are Not A Games Celebrity»

Email Video The Kickstarter hype has cooled down quite a bit and it seems only true games celebrities have a chance to get their projects funded whereas indies often fail to do so. The fairly new studio ROCKFISH Games, makers of the critically acclaimed mobile space shooter series Galaxy on Fire, have launched the first title EVERSPACE, a singleplayer rogue-like space shooter with high-quality production values and non-linear storytelling on Kickstarter during gamescom with great success so far. Michael Schade, CEO of ROCKFISH Games, will explain how the campaign was prepared, why some decisions were made against best-practices and what else it takes to rock on Kickstarter if you are not a super hero game creator with over 20 years track record in the industry. Michael Schade and his long-term business partner Christian Lohr founded the new indie studio ROCKFISH Games in Hamburg after having spearheaded 3D mobile gaming for almost a decade. With the team behind the critically acclaimed Galaxy on Fire series on board, the first title in development is EVERSAPCE, a rogue-like PC space shooter.

«Collaborative Gaming, eSport and the Impact for the Gaming Industry»

Email Video Slides The last few years have seen an acceleration of growth for professional and collaborative gaming. Today most eSport games are played in clans or guilds and even the titles that are focused around one on one matches have a collaborative team practice background. Camaraderie within these groups often results in more longevity and loyalty towards the publishers and their gaming titles. The game design focus towards Core-Gamers offers new unique opportunities for gaming communities and developers.Ex-professional StarCraft Gamer Fredrik “FiSheYe” Keitel talks about his experience in the early beginnings of this electronic era and about the possible future of gaming. Fredrik “FiSheYe” Keitel is an ex-professional StarCraft Gamer and Vice World Champion. He was born and raised in Germany, Berlin in 1984 and was one of the gaming pioneers in eSports between 2000-2006. Together with his Co-Founder they ventured into entrepreneurship and launched a website for Gamers and their Clans and Guilds in late 2012. The service enables gamers to create their own free clan-pages and organize collaborative within moments..

«Virtual Reality: Real Or Fantasy»

Email Video Slides Everyone is talking about Virtual Reality. But what is Virtual Reality and what can it achieve now and in the future? And most importantly: is it worth all the buzz?
Virtual Reality is as old as the gaming industry itself and already had flopped in the beginning of the 90s. But now a Luckey guy has reinvented Virtual Reality and the cards are being reshuffled.
Malte Schmidt is a co-Founder and Finance & Management of CrazyBunch also responsible for Composing and Sound Design. CrazyBunch is a young ambitious team of experienced developers, currently creating games with focus on Virtual Reality and aggregating interests for VR in Germany. With their game “Break A Brick” they have recently created one of the first games for Samsung GearVR.

«Clone Wars – how to fight successful legal battles against copycats»

Email Video The session provides examples and the legal definition of a “clone”. Developers learn the ways to fight clones with the means of intellectual property and unfair competition law. The session will also raise the topic of costs and whether it makes sense financially to fight against clones. Dr. Christian Rauda, partner in the media law boutique GRAEF Rechtsanwlte (Hamburg/Berlin) specializes in the law of computer games. He is a certified specialist in copyright and media law as well as a certified specialist in intellectual property law. He authored more than a dozen law books, amongst them “Law of computer games”. Christian lectures at Johannes-Gutenberg Universitt Mainz, Hamburg Media School and HTW Hochschule fr Technik und Wirtschaft (game design studies). He focuses on legally advising the games industry in all areas of copyright, trademark, licensing, data protection law.

Game Design

«Creativity Through Tinkering»

Email Video Creativity often needs some sort of inspiration. In order to get some, we at Studio Fizbin try to get as diverse input as we can. We often find ourselves exerimenting with different painting styles or building prototypes out of baufix, paper and duct tape! With this talk we want to lure your inner child out of her/his cave to tinker around whenever you are in need of some creative inspiration! But beware, live tinkering includes the possibility of not-so-serious injuries through lower voltage shocks. Mareike Ottrand and Alexander Pieper are co-founders of Studio Fizbin, an independent games studio based in Ludwigsburg and Berlin, focused on interactive storytelling & games since 2011.

«World of Tanks Blitz: Designing UX»

Email Video Challenges will be shared of bringing real time action games from PC to touch screens. Knowledge will be shared about understanding user behavior and human interactions with touch screens while building World of Tanks Blitz. The session will also address best practices for understanding your players, testing and building coherent UX patterns for mobile games, including controls, HUD and overall user experience. Olga Kachalina is a Lead UX designer at Wargaming, a world known game development company specialising in war games. In 2014 the launch of World of Tanks Blitz, the game she was designing, has blown up in the AppStore. Olga is a designer whose focus is on providing superior user experiences across all device platforms, especially when it comes to mobile applications. Olga’s experience over the years has taken her from business analysis to mobile games. Having done research on E-learning for her Masters Degree at University of Oxford, she’s developed a very strong understanding of user experience patterns. She’s been in the mobile UX industry for 4 years now, and has worked on numerous apps, from news and social networks apps, to business applications and games.


«How well do games sell in 2015?»

Email Video Slides Hundreds of games launch every single day, and most of them get lost in a sea of new releases. So which platforms are best to launch on in 2015? tinyBuild’s Mike Rose will take a look at how many copies of your game you should expect to sell in each platform, ranging from Steam to Xbox One, from iOS to PlayStation 4. Mike Rose is the loud British guy from tinyBuild Games, who previously wrote about video games for eight years at places like Gamasutra, Kotaku and Pocket Gamer. He currently aids tinyBuild in finding unique games to publish, while shouting a lot about YouTube and Twitch in general.

«Bringing your games to the most popular social network in Russia»

Email Video Successful launch on the Russian mobile games market has become easier. Now developers from all over the world can gain access to an enormous mobile audience with VK games platform. The presentation covers issues of VK instruments integration into growing strategy on the Russian market. Maxim Babichev is a graduate from Saint Petersburg State University of Economics where was taught computer science and business informatics. Joined VK team in 2007, the developer advocate since 2014. Working with gaming partners from the first acquaintance to a project launch as well as passionately evangelize and advocate developers’ needs withing VK platform.

Discussion Panels

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