Speed Game Dating

Speed Game Dating (SGD) is the most useful event at DevGAMM. We applied Speed Dating principle to game developers and publishers networking.

  • SGD will be held in the the Pine Room on the 2nd floor.
  • The developers are be sitting at one side of the table – the publishers at the other (scheme).
  • Each meeting lasts 3 minutes, then a signal is given to change the pairs.
  • Standard Pass is enough for participation of indie developers (having a game to show is compulsory).
  • Publishers need to have Business Pass to register for the event.
  • No admission for unprepared participants! Be sure to read the following information attentively!

Speed Game Dating at DevGamm

Schedule Speed Game Dating (September 10)


15:00 — 16:30 First stream
16:30 — 18:00 Second stream

SGD Registration