Flash GAMM!


Asus EEEFlash GAMM announces the best flash game contest among the participants of the conference!

The first prize winner will be awarded Asus Eee PC.

The flash game may be of any genre. Games of both independent developers and companies are accepted. Each participant is free to send an unlimited number of games for the contest.

The games are accepted till 14:00 (GMT +2) December 3 inclusive. The main condition is the author’s presence at the conference Flash GAMM Kyiv 2009.

The winner is chosen by a jury - the representatives of different game industry companies.


The rules were not specified strictly. We accepted new games, old games, promo games, incomplete games social games and each and everything. We had no clue how many participants could have come and games could have been sent. This contest was a kind of test version.

We specified 3 main nominations – Best Game, Creative Work and Next Year Bestseller, as well as a few Audience Awards.

The winner in “Best Game” nomination was called… *drumming…* Sergey Lazarev with his Wall Walker, awarded with a white netbook Asus Eee PC.

As the prize for his “Cretive work” Vladislav Oleynik received a large advanced keypad. For our contest he had sent 4 very bright and creative games which didn’t leave our strict jury indifferent.

”Bestseller 2010” – this nomination estimated incomplete games and prototypes which to the jury’s mind could become hits after their release. The winner in this nomination became Maxim Gryniv with his Huje Adventure.

The participants were also awarded with the following diplomas and prizes:

“For courage!” – Tablet Wacom Bamboo А6 to Sergey Krivosheya for being brave and first to send his mini-games for the contest.
“For principles!” – a beer keg to Anton Volkov for being the first among the sponsors to offer hes game for the contest.
“For productivity!” – to IT Premium, the company which sent a total of 43 games! On our site you may find only 5 of them.
“For large-scale involvement!” – to SKAZKA for most playable of the contest games in the shape of a huge box of candies in a fantastic wrapping with the note «An interesting quest game inside». :о)
“For Moxxi” to that very Moxxi we sent a notebook bag. We hope that Alawar will hand it in to her personally. :о)
“For glamor” to the game chosen by women focus-group from Absolutist. “Mahjongg Dark Dimensions” became the winner. And glamorous pink acoustic system left for Arcadium.


Maxim Hryniv - winner in nomination “Bestseller 2010″

Sergey Lazarev - winner in nomination “Best Game”

Name: Wall Walker

Description: A fascinating game where a player is to pass the levels moving along the wall and rotating the whole level.
Requires a bit of unconventional thinking.

Author: Sergey Lazarev

Name: Siege Master

Description: Shooter, action

Author: Yaroslav Rybak

Name: Favela Heroes

Description: Ganster tower defence

Author: Andriy Sharanevych

Name: Ghost Castle

Description: Little Emily got lost in an old castle full of spirits. You have to help her to solve all the puzzles to find the way out from this winding labyrinth to her mother.

Level editor is provided in the game.

Author: Eugeny Krevenets

Name: Bot Racing

Description: Find yourself in the near future when bot racing have replaced rat racing. Various ways of injuring the rival – mines, cluster bombs, missiles are also legalized. The armaments are balanced with personal defense. The only chance to win is to finish first at all costs.

Author: Eugeny Krevenets

Name: Sprill & Ricci

Description: A quest of hidden object genre.A Квест в стиле “поиск предметов”. Increadible adventures of two little bosom friends — a fox named Sprill and a squirrel Richie.

Author: Alawar

Name: Virual Farm

Description: An arcade with strategy elements: grow and sell your products to turn your plot into a model farm.

Author: Alawar

Moxxi - special prise “For Moxxi

Name: Moxxi

Description: A funny quest with Moxxi. Start for Namibia to find ancient diamond placer.

Author: Alawar

Name: Farm Frenzy 3

Description: A game for practical people. Five farms around the world are be at your disposal. Make them a successful business and help Scarlett to take her place in the Farm Union.

Author: Alawar

Name: Temptation

Game page link:

Author: Dmitry Gladilin

ITPremium - special prise “For productivity!”

Name: Armada Tanks

Description: Game for boys. Destroy alien tanks and don’t let them to destroy your own tank or usurp your flag!

The online game is developed by ITPremium to order for Enkord company.

Copyright © 2007-2009 Enkord.

Author: ITPremium

ITPremium - special prise “For productivity!”

Name: Gadget Buster

Description: Some old gadgets must be destroyed by a high power discharge. Connect scraps of wire to burn as much gadgets at once as you can.

Author: ITPremium

Name: Bug Hunter 2

Description: Become a insect mutants hunter. Earn money by killing insects. Buy weapons and armoury.

Game requires Flash Player 10

Author: Dmitry Borozenets

ITPremium - special prise “For productivity!”

Name: Jewel Match 2

Description: Connect three or more identical items in a row to collect resources which are enough to build large city in desert.

The online game is developed by ITPremium to order for Suricate Software.

Copyright © 2008-2009 Suricate Software.

Author: ITPremium

ITPremium - special prise “For productivity!”

Name: Ranch Rush

Description: Click management game for farmer’s romance lovers. Set up a strong subsistence farming!

The online game is developed by ITPremium to order for FreshGames LLC.

Copyright © 2008-2009 FreshGames LLC.

Author: ITPremium

ITPremium - special prise “For productivity!”

Name: Wendy’s Wellness

Description: The time management game gives the feeling of nice and hard aspects of working in the gym.

The online game is developed by ITPremium to order for SugarGames company.

Copyright © 2005-2009 SugarGames.

Author: ITPremium

Name: The Foyle

Description: They are back… to annihilate us… quicker… we need help!
Help dashing troopers to save the survivors of the imminent danger!

Author: Igor Makeyenko

Name: E-Motion gold

Description: Click, click and click! That is all you will have to do in this splendid puzzle. Do it sensibly, think over your every step and you will manage to earn all the achievements and reveal the hidden… final level!

Author: Yaroslav Kupreev

Name: Antidote : Pandemia

Description: Antidote is an original shooter.
You are a nano-robot sent into a human organism.
Your aim is to clear the organism from the crowds of various viruses and overcome the swine flu pandemia!

Author: FlashRushGames

Name: Fortside

Description: Are you a tower defence genre fan? And a hardcore gamer in addition? Then it’s surely your game! Feel a tinge of stress and make yourself think quicker in this old-school tower defence with pixel palette! Don’t read this, go and play!

Author: Dmitry Shabanov

Name: Rise Of Pirates

Description: Have you always dreamt to fight with pirates, smell powder and find hidden treasures? Or were your dreams about boozes in taverns, slaying hostages and boarding? It doesn’t matter because in this game you can do all that!

Author: Dmitry Shabanov

Name: Mechanism 2: Mindjolt

Description: Shred the surroundings but make these bloody gears get into the portal.

Author: Ilya Sinyavtsev

Name: Arcanorum

Description: Such a strange word – flying machines with chains, bloodthirsty warriors and confronting empires! Make your choice and smash the enemies to pieces in this fierce combat!

Author: Stephan Keiss

Name: P-Jongg

Description: everything you were expecting of mahjong but hesitated to ask for. Even more dynamic, even more realistic!

The game is in its development.

Author: Anton Bodrichenko

Name: Superings

Description: Collect lucky rings, though sometimes they don’t obey the laws of physics.

Author: Vladislav Kulik

Name: Numerator

Description: Mental arithmetic simulator.

Author: Alex Gagin

Name: Cash Expert

Description: Search for the differences on both sides of the banknotes. Learn how paper currency look like in 19 countries of the world.

Author: Alex Gagin

Name: Mate Master

Description: A collection of chess problems.

Author: Alex Gagin

Name: Book of The Dead

Description: Mysterious events. Find the difference and learn what’s really going on.

Author: Alex Gagin

Name: Half Pipe

Description: Show off your skills, gather a crowd as you do awesome stunts while gaining serious air. You’re going to have to mix it up and do requests if you want to become a half pipe legend.

Author: Arkadium

Arkadium - special prise “For glamor!”

Name: Mahjongg Dark Dimensions

Description: The new puzzle offers new challenges, new puzzles and features for the Mahjongg game. Just when you think you’re stuck, you can rotate the cube to reveal more matches to clear!

Author: Arkadium

Name: Tri Peak Solitaire 3D

Description: Classical Tri Peak Solitaire with 3D thrill

Author: Anton Bodrichenko

Name: Dice Dice Baby

Description:Feeling lucky? Move, rotate, and drop dice to create matches and score! To make matches, arrange falling dice so that two 2s, three 3s, four 4s, five 5s, or six 6s are touching. Watch out for 1s! They will block your matches!
To remove ones, you have to use bonus dice. To earn bonus dice, make matches using more than the necessary number of dice. For instance, match four 2s, or six 5s. You can roll your bonus dice at any time by clicking the “Roll” button or pressing the Enter key. Good luck!
Find more games at!

Author: Arkadium

Maxim Hryniv - winner in nomination “Bestseller 2010″

Name: Huje Adventure

Description: Physical platformer
Help the the main character — Chlos — to learn who he is and to find a place for himself.
Use WASD keys for control.
The game is complete by 70%, the demo level is provided.

Author: Maxim Hryniv

Название: Huje Tower

Description: Physical puzzle similar to World of goo/Moonlights/Tiki Towers
Build various constructions of bacteria to reach the red line.
Just drag the bacteria with your muse to join them.
In the process of the game new objects and characters will appear. Sort out what to do with them yourself.

Author: Maxim Hryniv

SKAZKA - special prise “For large-scale involvement!”

Название: Kingdom — a great MMORPG in a browser window.

Description:Kingdom — a huge fantasy world where battles take place online and the players carry on the fight between two conflicting parties — the Blood League (Elves) and the White Throne (Men).
Players have wide opportunities for developing their character: reputation, profession, clans, castles, etc.
The battles take place both on the open air, and on various arenas and battle fields.

Web site:

Author: SKAZKA

Name: Jumpin Oldschool

Description: You play a daring explorer named J who jumps up through the holes, avoiding large monsters. Each monster kicks you and you can fall down through the holes eventually losing a life.
The game’s prototype was originally made in 1983 by Universal for ZX Spectrum 16K version. It’s hard because it’s Oldschool ;)

Control keys are: arrows - moving, space - jump.

Author: Semen Frish

Vladislav Oleynick - winner in nomination “Cretive work”

Name: Tweenz

Description: Link the beginning and the end by a polyline trajectory, which will be followed by a flying ball collecting every thing good and bad on its way (the latter should better be avoided).

Author: Vladislav Oleynick

Vladislav Oleynick - winner in nomination “Cretive work”

Name: Vessel

Description: The empty square vessel in the center should be filled with pentagons for everything to fit the image.

Author: Vladislav Oleynick

Vladislav Oleynick - winner in nomination “Cretive work”

Name: Chemikul

Description: Make up a molecule of atoms. The level is complete when all the valences of each atom is occupied.

Author: Vladislav Oleynick

Vladislav Oleynick - winner in nomination “Cretive work”

Name: Big Little Fish

Description: Always press the biggest fish on the screen. More and more fish each level.

Author: Vladislav Oleynick

Anton Volkov - special prise “For principles!”

Name: Tanks Online – multiplayer browser action game based on Adobe Flash.

Description: Players fight on online arenas, earning money and rising up the ladder of advancement. In the game various kinds of tanks and weapons landed on the battle field and purchasable bonuses are available. Multiple levels of difficulty are provided, as well as a system of military ranks and chat.


Author: Alternativa Platform

Name: Chicken’s Flying School

Chicken’s Flying School is about preparing newborn chicks for a big flying tournament by throwing them into the sky and keeping them there with puffs of air until they learn to fly on their own. The consistently high level of involvement makes it fun, and the atmosphere is sugary-sweet enough to make your arms tingle.

How to play:
Click each chick to launch them into the air for their first flight lesson. While the chicks are in the air, use the blow-sponge to keep them afloat until they have mastered the art of flying. Good luck, and have fun!

Author: Alexander Titov

Title: Mi Adventures

Description: Help little Mee to gather all the treasures!

Controls: Press Space bar or Mouse for Mee to share.
Mee cannot share if рурфы achieved its maximum.
Mee is smart! Hold down ‘Shift’ or ‘Z’ and he will change the share angle.

Author: Vadim Starygin

Title: Red Storm

Description: Mechanized SWATsends you as a head of a crew to dismantle USSR military base on Mars. Driving a military robot you are to carry out a number of missions - slaying enemies, receiving medals and improving your machine.

Controls: WASD/Arrows to move and Mouse to shoot.
Hot keys: I – Inventory, M – Map, T – Sound.

Author: Vadim Starygin

Variant of Sea Battle board game in realistis 3D surrounding with elements of action.

Author: Pashkov Illya

Krivosheya Sergey - special prise “For courage!”

Miniature flash games

Author: Krivosheya Sergey

Krivosheya Sergey - special prise “For courage!”

Miniature flash games

Author: Krivosheya Sergey

Krivosheya Sergey - special prise “For courage!”

Miniature flash games

Author: Krivosheya Sergey

Krivosheya Sergey - special prise “For courage!”

Miniature flash games.

Author: Krivosheya Sergey



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