Flash GAMM!


Flash GAMM announces the best flash game contest among the participants of the conference!

  • The flash game presented may be of any genre and stage of development.
  • The games are accepted from independent developers, small studios, and large companies.
  • Each participant is free to send an unlimited number of games.
  • Social games are also accepted for the contest, in this case the link to the title is to be specified in the commentary.
  • The games are admitted till November 25, 14:00 (GMT +2) inclusive.
  • The winner is chosen by the jury – the representatives of different companies of gaming industry.



Our congratulations to the winners:

Best game (company) – «Elementals Online», Stella Games
Best game (studio) – «Loki», Dreamgate company
Best game (indie) – Snail Bob, Andrey Kovalishin

The most creative game – «Truck Loader», Alexey Davydov
Future hit – «Balls da Vinci», Group of Enthusiasts

Women’s choice – «IQ Ball», Alexander Fedoseyev
Audience Choice Award – «Gibbets 2 Level pack», Konstantin Boronenkov

Nomination from
Best Application for My.Mail.Ru – Happy Baby, Happy Star Game

Nomination from i-Jet Media:
Best social game “for everyone” – Rendezvouz, Mob Mentality

Nomination from Adobe:
The most advanced indie game – LOST RACE, Sergey Lazarev


1. Best game
The winners are chosen in three categories: independent developers, studios, companies.
As the prize they will share three netbooks Asus EeePC 1005PX (two black and a white one)
Prize sponsor: Flash GAMM!

2. The most creative game
Unconventional gameplay, unusual visuals, any new ideas.
Prize: mp3 player RoverMedia L1 (display – 65k colors, Flash memory 8 Gb)

3. Future hit
The game which to our jury’s view may become a future bestseller.
Unfinished games of test game levels are nominated for the award.
Prize: mp3 player RoverMedia L1 (display – 65k colors, Flash memory 8 Gb)

4. Women’s choice
The game is selected by a women’s focus-group which take part in testing the casual games developed by Absolutist.
Prize: graphics tablet Wacom Bamboo

5. Audience Choice Award
The best game to the participants’ point of view.
The voting will be held during the work of the conference.
Prize: graphics tablet Wacom Bamboo

These nominations are sponsored by @Mail.Ru

Special nominations

@Mail.Ru announces special nomination of the Flash GAMM best game contest!

“Best Application for My.Mail.Ru”

The winner will be chosen according to the following categories:

  • the fullest application of API
  • original idea
  • popularity among the users
  • monetization or its perspectives

Minimal product requirements:

  • the application has to be launched in My.Mail.Ru
  • the application has to correspond with the Submission Rules:
  • the application has to be user-friendly and of high quality
  • the application has to pass the moderation and be published in the catalogue
  • the application has to use API in both modes: obtaining information and information record, i.e. to interact actively with My.Mail.Ru.

The prize for the winner in the nomination – Canon EOS 550D kit and a certificate for free 25 000 000 advertisement rotations.

Special nomination from i-Jet Media at Flash GAMM game contest!

“Best social game “for everyone”

Requirements to the games for the nomination:

  • A social game clear for any auditory
  • A game to become popular in the most of countries
  • A game that doesn’t require local adaptation
  • And finally -it is NOT a farm (!!!)
  • In this nomination we will consider both complete/released titles and concepts.

The prize for the winner in the nomination: PSP Go

Special nomination from Adobe at Flash GAMM game contest!

“The most advanced indie game”

The main requirement to the presented games is using cutting-edge technologies of physics, rendering and game design.
Only indie games are accepted for the nomination.

The prize for the winner is Flash Professional Creative Suite 5.

Check for the games and results of previous Flash GAMM contests:
Moscow 2010, Kyiv 2009


Winner – Women’s Choice
Title: IQ Ball

Description: Use a rope to make your way through 25 challenging levels. Arm yourself with a mouse to grab and throw various objects and fly like Tarzan!

Author: Alexander Fedoseyev
Category: Indie

Name: Space Hunters

Description: Web version of the Space Rangers with broader storyline and characters voicing.

Author: vega-5
Category: Studio

Name: Track The Ball

Description: Track The Ball is a logic game in which you have to track a ball to a hole. The task is not so easy as the ball stops rolling only when it reaches an obstacle. The game has level editor and achievements functionality. The skins of the ball, blocks and the background are also adjustable.

Author: Kirill Primachov
Category: Indie

Name: e+Casino Slot «Cosmo»

Description: This is a five-reel, five-line slot machine. Wins are possible on three horizontal lines and both diagonals. You must select the number of lines you would like to play by clicking on the corresponding arrow to the left of the line. It is possible to select all lines by clicking on the button marked 5 LINES. To deselect a line, click the arrow once again. Place your bet. You will see both a line bet and a total bet. The total bet can not exceed 25 coins and is equal to the line bet times the number of lines played. You may place the maximum bet for the number of lines you have chosen by clicking on the button marked MAX BET. The paytable is located to the top of the slot machine. Game has native multi-language support, totally skin-able and completely vector visuals. Mochi highscores API is Implemented for example. Server-side game logic is also available for this game. Cute and addictive, play just for fun! Updated view port size, enlarged the fonts up to mobile devices guidelines.

Category: Studio

Winner – Best Application for My.Mail.Ru
Title: Happy Baby

Description: Add your friends as your babies. They are so cute, those boys and girls, always laughing and playing up, hurring and hungry. Each of them is an individuality, so, be ready to take care of you kids, to feed and entertain them, bring them up and decorate their bedrooms.

Author: Happy Star Games
Category: Company


Description: A powerful online animation tool which allows anyone to create cool unique dances. Learn more at

Author: Alexander Sinelnikov
Category: Indie

Name: Into Space!

Description: Construct a rocket to reach the stars.

Author: Dmitriy Kolesnik
Category: Indie

Name: Hotel Skeleton

Description: How many skeletons do you have in the cupboard? Well, let’s see how many of them you will manage to hide in a Halloween Hotel :o )

Author: Vlad Kulik
Category: Indie

Name: Cocoa Match

Description: Cocoa Match is social puzzle game.

Instructions: Match runes of the same shape or number to remove them from the plate. You get more points for matching numbers. Collect cocoa beans by stringing together combos without getting stuck. If you do get stuck, click the idol on the lower left to get a new rune. A round of puzzles ends when you complete all 10 levels, run out of time, or run out of extra runes before completing a level. When you finish a puzzle, you’ll earn mana to cast spells. You can then go back and retry the puzzle for a higher score.

Author: Xenao Games
Category: Studio

Winner – The most creative game
Title: Truck Loader

Description: Run the loader to pack the boxes into the truck as required. Controls: truck – ASWD or arrows; magnet – mouse.

Author: Alexey Davydov (
Category: Indie

Title: Mushroom Madness 2

Description: Protect your mushrooms from the onslaught of hungry animals. A great arsenal with everything from traps to six-tube mortars. No animals were harmed in the creation of the game!

Author: Vitaly Sidorov
Category: Indie

Title: Jail

Description: Wear tats, rise your authority and introduce your order in this prison. Join with your mates to beat other gangs!

Author: Kefir
Category: Studio

Title: Snow White. Dark Curse.

Description: The evil witch has cast a curse on Snow White and the woodland creatures. All the animals mutated and turned into monsters. Only Snow White was able to resist the mutation. Now it’s up to her to find the way to the witch to break the curse.

Category: Company

Title: Bubblenoid

Description: A bright example of a casual arcanoid. Move the platform to burst all the colorful soap bubbles with ball and gather coins and various bonuses. Each game level is a unique bubble picture. Catch beautiful butterflies, bugs and dragonflies to gain higher score!

Author: Igor Shutenko
Category: Indie

Title: Robolander

Description: Physics puzzle game (removal). Land the robots removing different objects with left click.

Author: Vladimir “puzzlesea” Kutko
Category: Indie

Title: Rulimony

Description: Learning ММО game for kids.

Author: Rulimony Studio
Category: Studio

Title: Duplicator

Description: Unique platformer with stunning atmosphere. Copy yourself and various objects to solve different puzzles.

Author: z3lf games
Category: Indie

Title: Zach maze

Description: Gather all the hearts and find the way out.

Author: BSA game
Category: Indie

Title: Heaven or Hell 2

Description: Play the role of the God or the Devil – rule your subject to put an end to the etrnal wer between the good and the evil in this catching action strategy game! Fight with monsters, use magic and gather nimbuses – that is way to victory! you need to apply all your strategy skills to go through all the trials!

Author: Ruslan [darkvam] Mamedov
Category: Indie

Title: Тайны Алхимии

Description: Alchamy secrets is the game that will make you forget about the time and plunge in the world of mystic puzzles.

Author: Evolution (developer)
Category: Company

Title: Superkicker

Description: Gather a team and take part in the world championship!

Author: citat
Category: Company

Winner – Future hit
Title: Balls Da Vinci

Description: Leonardo used to rack his brain with different puzzles he drew in a note drinking Florence coffee. One of them is known as Da Vinci Balls. your task is to make a track for a cannonball between various obstacles. Why balls? Where? No one knew but it was impolite to ask. Leonardo didn’t pay attention to their curiosity, stared in the not, smiled and drew another line.

Author: Group of enthusiasts
Category: Indie

Title: U.N.I.T.

Description: UNIT-ONLINE is a free browser MMORPG in post-nuclear style. The action takes place in the middle of the 21st century on the territory of the former USSR. The dwellers of Nizhneatomsk – a research town which has survived the destruction during a nuclear war – and its suburbs are trying to adapt to new living conditions and create a new state on the base of their.

A unique FLASH-engine is used in the game to make it maximally close to paid client games. Main action is real-time and takes place on a huge play map without seams and location transitions.

Author: Vizor Interactive
Category: Company

Title: Sky2Fly

Description: Free online game Sky2Fly is:
• True-to-life 3D in your browser
• Dynamic battles with steep turns
• Detonating mixture of steem-punk, science fiction, pirate adventures and fairy heaven fantasies.
• Wonderful Sky world where huge dandelions go along with bloodthirsty pirates, and giant trees with flying lilies and orchids live grow among frightful with Zloboyozhes, Musorogs and Hameloroys.
• For confronting parties: Church of Expiation, University, Merchant Guild and Strays. Who will you and your clan side with?
• Many-sided character development: improve your skills, modify your ship, equip it with technical innovations, gather a gang of most desperate thugs and daredevils!
• Sky Dwellers live their own life: three-meter bees collect nectar, albatrosses chase flying fish, poisonous stsifozoys watch their prey.
• Travel with friends: fight the pirates, perform single, group or mass assignments, explore the Cloud Labyrinth full of dangers challange terrible bosses (eg, flying cachalot!).
• Wars of clans and guilds as one has to fight for a place under the sun has even in the Sky! Create your clan and join the struggle for the deposits of volatile gas and other resources, create flying platforms, factories and stores, get involved into in the intrigues of the four guilds.

Author: Aivik
Category: Company

Winner – Best game (company)
Title: Elementals Online

Description: Elementals Online – social game.
Take part in bright, spectacular battles with other players, leading the army of the faithful elementals. Change and upgrade your character. A considerable variety of scrolls and elixirs, powerful spells and ancient artifacts are to help you find your own way to the crest of the wave.

Category: Company

Title: Ninja Run

Description: Run, ninja, run!

Author: Evgeny Yaylenko
Category: Indie

Title: OIL

Description: OIL – social game.

Author: ARVARA
Category: Company

Title: Russian roulette

Description: Russian roulette – social game.

Author: ARVARA
Category: Company

Title: A vs B

Description: Are you ready to protect your farm from aliens?

Author: Vlad Kulik
Category: Indie

Winner – Audience Choice Award
Title: Gibbets 2 Level pack

Description: Rescue hanged men like Robin Hood – cutting the rope with your arrows.

Author: Konstantin Boronenkov (Smrdis)
Category: Indie

Title: Binki. On the chicken farm

Description: Help Binki the cat gather eggs. Golden eggs give larger score and return a lost one. Black eggs make you move more slowly and the whole process more tricky.

Author: Andrey Pidvirny aka FreeS
Category: Indie

Title: Tank Destroyer 2

Description: The second part of aт exciting tank shooter. 9 new missions in 3 different settings. New types of enemies, upgraded system of power-ups and much more!

Author: Andrey Pidvirny aka FreeS
Category: Indie

Title: Moon Cannon

Description: Your task is to protect the Earth from asteroids and alien ships attacks. A variety of upgrades, satellites with laser weapon and energy shield are to help you. The humanity needs your help!

Author: Andrey Pidvirny aka FreeS
Category: Indie

Winner – The most advanced game

Description: LOST RACE is a unique 3D Arcade, taking you for the last trip in your Ferrari! Your task is to stay on the road as long as possible and bring maximum damage to traffic participants :)

Author: Sergey Lazarev
Category: Indie

Title: TypoCroc

Description: TypoCroc is a nice and friendly typing game, where you have to eliminate crocodiles by typing their words before they could eat the chicken. Also includes word definitions so you can study language while playing.

Author: Robin Palotai
Category: Indie

Title: Zombocalypsis

Description: You are taking part in a dangerous survival show. Smash, shoot and crush the crowds of bloodthirsty zombies. Upgrade your car buying a variety of power-ups and weapons. In oder to survive you must be quicker then death!

Author: Alexander Matsko, Taras “dobear” Safonov
Category: Indie

Winner – Best game (studio)
Title: Loki

Description: Having received a chance to revive, the spirit of Loki, the god of fire, is looking for a way above. Each move makes it weaker, so it needs to absorb fire in order to regain energy and survive. Lead Loki’s spirit out of the cave avoiding obstacles.

Author: Dreamgate company
Category: Studio

Title: Amoebae wars
Description: Amoebae wars social game has much in common with both individual duels and battles with the entire armies. To give an amoeba acceleration, drag the mouse over it, or any spot on the field. Double-click on wherever you target to shoot (remember that you have only 2 bullets!).

Author: Alexander Lebedev
Category: Indie

Title: Running MAN – 2

Description: Run as fast as you can to escape the creepy dungeon. And, of course, grab the coins on your way…:)

Author: hanuman
Category: Indie

Title: Japanese garden

Description: A garden simulator where a player is to grow beautiful flowers and bonsais in pots of various shapes and colors. Selling the flowers provides you with the money for decorations which make your garden unique.

Category: Studio

Title: Lost Magic

Description: MMORPG. As a result of the Cataclysm people entered the World, once imbued with magic, thus violating delicate balance between its indigenous inhabitants. Elves, orcs, dragons and all the other beings which used to have power over magic, now have to strive for surval in the new environment and seek to avenge old grievances.

Author: Labbit Games
Category: Company

Title: GunBalls: Arena

Description: An exciting top-down shooter with physics elements. The Balls Emperor challenges the brave – he who wins the tournament will take his place. Will you dare? 30 types of weapons, duels with cold and firearms, skills upgrading, a great variety of enemies, many pitfalls and a lot of achievements will not let you get bored.

Author: Victor Korobkov
Category: Indie

Title: Mogul Resort

Description: Watch your profits go up as guests ski down the powdery slopes of your posh retreat in Ski Resort Mogul, an exciting casual building sim! Help Julia save her aunt’s struggling resort from foreclosure by turning a few rickety cabins into a booming getaway complete with ritzy hotels, classy shops and five-star restaurants. Keep an eye on your bottom line as you purchase supplies, hire and train workers, and acquire land. And stay on course through 40 thrilling levels as Julia pursues a handsome extreme sports fanatic in lavishly drawn story scenes.

Author: Alawar
Category: Company

Title: Red Storm Defense

Description: An astounding tower defense even with a character on the battle field!

Author: Vadim Starygin
Category: Indie

Winner – Best game (indie)
Title: Snail Bob

Description: Help a brave snail find the way to her new dwelling. Use different mechanisms to keep it safe despite all the dangers of the building plot.

Author: Andrey Kovalishin
Category: Indie

Title: Earth in danger!

Description: Will you save Earth or … make it perish? Conquer cities, gain medals, fight with your friends and become the General!

Author: Mob Mentality
Category: Company

Winner – Best social game “for everyone”
Title: Rendezvous

Description: Flirt and make acquaintances incognito! Ask frank questions to get no less frank answers.

Author: Mob Mentality
Category: Company

Title: Tycoon

Description: You receive a plot. Build houses, warehouses, farms and factories. Build your empire, do not miss the chance to become a Tycoon.

Author: Mob Mentality
Category: Company

Title: Mechanism 3

Description: A gear puzzle with incredible atmosphere. Save the mechanisms drawing them through portals, or they’ll be gone with the time.
Author: Wheemplay
Category: Company

Title: Hostage Crisis

Description: A dangerously explosive shooter where every wall can be smashed into pieces with huge amount of explosives. That will be fun!
Author: Wheemplay
Category: Company

Title: Red Storm

Description: The AI of the Soviet Lenin base on Mars failed to obey central command of the earthmen. Your task is to penetrate the base and find out the cause of the malfunctions. The robots from the former base guard will stand in your way, so, you’ll have to annihilate them.

Author: Vadim Starygin
Category: Indie



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