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“Machinarium and beyond”

Jakub DvorskýLogo Zeptolab
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Description: In this presentation Jakub will share his experience from the making of Machinarium and other games. He will talk about the development process from initial sketches until finished game, about Amanita’s approach to business and marketing and he will maybe show a few bits from the new projects. Jakub Dvorský is Czech game designer, visual artist and founder of Amanita Design studio. Among the most noticeable projects are short games Samorost, Samorost2, The Quest For The Rest, Questionaut and Osada, full-length game Machinarium and Botanicula or design for feature puppet film Kooky by Academy Award-winning director Jan Sverak. Amanita Design team is currently 14 people.


“Rovio Stars tips and tricks to game development”

Anastasios KatopodisLogo Rovio
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Description: Tips and tricks on how to make your game appealing to a wide audience, while not getting your team stressed out. Anastasios Katopodis has been around since 2006. His career spans pretty much everything from Localisation to Production of games. Currently works as a Senior Producer for the games publishing department of Rovio. He loves playing a good game but most of all helping development teams release good games.


“Postmorterm Pudding Monsters”

Eugene YailenkoLogo Unity
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Description: Pudding Monsters became the first title from ZeptoLab, that was different from the Cut the Rope universe since the company released its flagship product in 2010. The speech will describe the progress of Pudding Monsters – from the prototype to release. The main focus will be laid on game creation and design solutions implemented on the stage of development. The speaker will also tell about the way things are going for Pudding Monsters after release, share players’ impressions and results of some monetization experiments. Eugene Yailenko has been a game designer for Zeptolab since 2012. He took part in designing the Pudding Monsters and was the main designer of Cut the Rope 2. Before ZeptoLab, he worked as an independent developer. He’s the one who created Cloudy, a game that took the Flash Game Moscow 2011 award as the Best Game in Indie category, and Turbo Kids, recognized as the Most Steady Game at Flash GAMM Moscow 2012.


“Banana Kong – Designing an Endless Runner”

Philipp DöschlLogo FDG Entertainment
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Description: This Post-Mortem gives a deep insight into the development of one of the App Store’s most successful endless runners. From the first idea to release to successful Free-to-Play transition, find out what made Banana Kong stand out from this year’s releases. Philipp Döschl co-founded FDG Entertainment back in 2001 at the age of 19. Having graduated in Sound Engineering and studied Japanese, Philipp can look back onto a video gaming background of more than 25 years, starting playing games at only 4 years old, witnessing the evolution and growth of the video gaming industry from the big crash in 1983 to nowadays first hand.


“The next big thing is Real-Time Multiplayer Games”

Eyal RabinovichLogo PlayScape
Email Eyal
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Description: It’s not easy to identify a trend, is it? The mobile market is crowded, saturated with games and sometimes it seems like innovation is just a buzz word. But every once in a while, there comes a moment when technology meets market needs and creates a green field opportunity. Well, the moment is here and the name of the game is Real-Time Multiplayer. Eyal Rabinovich is a co-founder and VP marketing at PlayScape, a leading games publisher. Eyal’s commercial involvement in a variety of industries has provided him with an expanded market view, together with the ability to lead development from ideation and through to successful product launches, such as the PlayScape Service, the Ninja Chicken game (with 12 million downloads) and the creation of a wide games network of more than 27 million users.



“Common mistakes when working with publisher”

Email Julia
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Description: How to choose a publisher for your free-to-play game? What should be the ideal publisher’s contribution to the project? What to expect from a publisher in a long run and how to make the most out of your cooperation? Julia will talk about the role of a publisher in your project and questions you should ask before signing a publishing contract. Julia Palatovska – Business Development Director at G5 Entertainment. She has over 9 years of experience in IT / telecommunication industry with specialization in international business development. Since joining G5 in 2008 Julia has played active part in G5′s transformation from game developer to publisher. Today Julia is focused on relations with independent game development studios, and on adding new channels to G5′s distribution network.


“Unchildish business made with apps for kids”

Email Elena
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Description: Tips on how to establish a profitable business in the niche category. Peculiarities of game development and promotion of kids’ apps. Aesthetics and specific character of UI in kids’ apps. Child psychology. Importance of emotional component. Testing of kids’ apps. Elena Avramenko, a managing partner and co-founder of PopAppFactory. Before establishing her own business, she worked in the Lebedev’s Studio and in Ukrainian office of Microsoft. From 2009, she’s been engaged in development of the best educational apps for kids. More than once, PopAppFactory’s products got labelled by Apple team as New&Noteworthy, Staff Favorites and Editor’s Choice among the line of Education/Kids apps launched on various markets.


Technology & Development

“Unity3d, Unity2d – the 2D-demo and a future talk”

Oleg PridiukIndie developer
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Description: Why using a 3D-engine for a 2D-game, what are the features and opportunities – Oleg tells and shows the new 2D tools, explains future plans. The animators will find the report no less interesting than the programmers. Oleg Pridiuk has been breaking mobiles in Unity since Unity iPhone 1.0.1 and grew up to a default goto person for everything mobile. He is using his technical skills along with an irresistible charm and charisma to advocate Eastern Europe of Unity and vice versa.


“Changing the script: Away3D coding with Typescript and WebGL”

Rob BatemanIndie developer
Email Rob
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Description: As the native web standard WebGL matures, more people are looking to native web tools for creating accelerated 3D content in the browser. Away3D.ts is a new library from The Away Foundation that ports the existing AS3-based resource to a Typescript / Javascript codebase with WebGL bindings. In this presentation, we explore some of the capabilities of this new library, as well as the reach of the current WebGL standard and the future prospects for cross-platform 3D games and applications in an increasingly distributed marketplace. Rob Bateman – is an internationally renowned web developer and community leader who specializes in content for the Flash Platform, and has always held a particular fascination with 3D on the web. In 2007 he co-founded Away3D engine and has been leading development for the last four years.


“Flash and Native games to the Web Platform: Shumway, asm.js and WebGL”

Yury DelendikMozilla logo
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Description: The web platform opens up opportunities for new markets and independent developers. With Shumway, asm.js, and key web API’s like WebGL, Pointer Lock, Audio, and Video, Mozilla is making the future of web gaming a reality. Yury Delendik is a software engineer at Mozilla Research. Currently, he is working on the Shumway and PDF.js projects. His goal is to provide secure and efficient solutions that work on various platforms and browsers.


“2 to 1500 cross-platform multiplayer units on the map”

Maxim Gryniv aka MokusLogo
Email Maxim
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Description: Ways of sychnronizing multiplayer games of various types – from dynamic “shot’ em’ ups” to strategic games featuring a few thousand units. Authoritative server, independent clients, parallel determined simulation. Non-deterministic floats, cross-platform determinism and multiplayer cross-platform game physics. Maxim Gryniv aka Mokus – indie Flash-developer, who makes different games on different languages for different platforms. In 2011 he released Contre Jour, which became Best Handheld/Mobile Game of E3 2011 nominee. It appeared the first iOS title nominated for Е3. Other awards: Best Mobile Game (GamePro) and a finalist in the same nomination (IGN).


“Porting to mobile with Marmalade, just like Quake 2″

Ivan BeliyLogo Marmalade
Email Ivan
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Description: Nowdays developers have lots of single platform oriented projects. And there comes a real need of porting those projects to mobile. But how to start, how to define problem list? All of those you can find out on the real-time show featuring QuakeII game as an example. As the team lead of Marmalade SDK Ivan Beliy works on the enchantments and advancement of its cross-platform tool set. He is keen in creating games for various platforms including iOS, mobile devices with JAVA ME and set-top boxes.


“Corona SDK: Fast development of cross-platform games”

SergeyLogo Corona SDK
Email Sergey
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Description: Today, the speed of development is a very important factor in choosing the toolset for both major companies, and single developers. Can the development process be comfortable and efficient at the same time? How can one use Corona to the fullest extent? How can one keep the entire “zoo” of screen resolutions, using one and the same code? Myth breaking, secrets of efficient development and answers to these questions are waiting for you in the speech. Sergey Lalov is mobile game and app developer. Got the status of Corona Ambassador


“Cross-platform HTML5 games: tomorrow comes today”

Alexander NorinchakLogo True Token
Email Alexander
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Description: In this lecture Alexander will talk about the unique opportunity for developers to distribute their games among a large numbers of platforms. Why developing HTML5 games is profitable and what difficulties the developer will face. Alexander Norinchak – co-founder and CTO of True Token and Mystery Team development studio. Made his first steps in game industry in 2005 with creating Mystery CCG. Now True Token is also focused on porting games to HTML5 for mobile platforms.


“Game mechanics in interactive installations”

Валентин СимоновLogo
Email Valentin
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Description: What would you do if you were free from any constraints imposed by PCs or tabs? If you could use any combination of software, screens, cameras and controllers? Ironically, you would see that the absence of any constraints makes it even more difficult to create some truly interesting thing. Here’s the point when one needs an explosive mixture of creativity, game design and UX design. In this report, Valentin will share his experience in making interactive projects and present the best projects of media artists and creative studios. Valentin Simonov – is the Chief Engineer at Interactive Lab where he brings the most crazy and creative ideas to life, combining his knowledge and experience in endless variations of hardware and sophisticated algorithms. He also has several FWA awards.


“Game development process: infinite story about efficiency with no risks”

YevgeniyLogo MLSDev
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Description: Many successful game studios all over the world make use of agile development advantages. Flexible methodics can help to increase the team work efficiency and bring game development risks down to the minimum. This speech will teach you how to enter the self-improvement path correctly and turn your mistakes into valuable experience. Yevgeniy Fedchishen works as Game Producer for MLSDev. After entering the IT industry he had enough time to work as programmer, game designer and project manager. Various occupations made him look at the development process from various sides, see the flaws and advantages of different game development methods. Now he is cooperating with a major sports channel, ESPN, in the field of mobile app development and gamification.


“COLT. Real-time coding”

Email Yevgeniy
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Description: Can one make the development process more efficient by simply adding an additional program into the tool set? Can we do live-coding of games or websites? When will we have any code, added by the programmer, immediately inserted into the application? Can one change the source code of program without opening IDE? Now, we can do it all with COLT (Code Orchestra Livecoding Tool). A small revolution in the coding world. For ActionScript and JavaScript. And in the near future – for Android and Objective C. In addition, we’ll demonstrate and describe cases of not only solo developer coding, but also show you how to team-work on the project and how all team members may view the result simultaneously. Evgeny Potapenko – CEO in Code Orchestra. Before he was leading Realaxy ActionScript Editor developer. One of the most famous Flash-programmers in Russia, has been working with Flash-technology from 1996. The author of many world-wide known projects.

“Games Test Automation”

Dmitry MindraLogo Unity

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Description: Game test automation is not a trivial task, especially when the game itself has not been designed with testability in mind. In this talk I will describe the general principles for building testable games and I will show some examples of game test automation in Unity3d. Dmitry Mindra holds the position of Software Development Engineer in Test at Unity Technologies. He is one of the Toolsmiths who are developing tools for test automation. Prior to joining Unity, Dmytro has worked for Microsoft and Lohika. He is a frequent speaker at various conferences and User Group meetings.


Game Design

“Effective Level Design – Making Good Levels From the First Time”

Denis RomankoLogo
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Description: Current market demands fast and top-quality game making, but development of levels for any game may take a long time. By following some simple rules, one can create interesting and thrilling levels almost from the first try. Denis Romanko is an indie developer, particularly known fo his blog, devoted to flash games tips and tricks. He has been involved in web development since 2002.


“How to diversify core gameplay in casual games?”

BenjaminLogo Picaboum
Email Benjamin
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Description: In this presentation, Benjamin will explain what was the process and main ideas to diversify core gameplay in a collectible cards game, in a match 3 game and do a little live brainstorm about tower defense gameplay. The goal of the presentation is to promote the fact that it is always possible to bring a little “plus” to already established game mechanics. Sometimes a little idea, some funny easter eggs can make the difference to double the fun and enhance the gaming experience. Benjamin Yoris is game-designer in Picaboum. He has a 15+ years experience in video game production and game design. He has worked on many licensed games (Looney Tunes, Asterix, The Smurfs and Titeuf), he’s also fond of football (and supporter of Montpellier, former french champion club of Younes Belhanda now playing in Dynamo Kiev) and author of the only french Star Trek fanfilm.


“Teaching Game Design”

Casper van EstLogo DoubleDutch Games
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Description: Casper van Est from the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam is going to discuss the teaching of fundamental game design structures such as risk/reward, feedback loops and visual cues, using examples from well known games as well as his own succesful indie game SpeedRunners. Casper van Est is co-founder of DoubleDutch Games, a small indie game developer based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He’s responsible for the design of a wide range of games including Speedrunner (the flash game), Speedrunner HD (the XBLIG game) and SpeedRunners (the PC game, currently out on Steam). Additionally, he lectures game design at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam.


“All you wanted to know about level design, but never dared to ask”

YaroslavLogo Allods
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Description: Reasons why we need level design. Basic tools for creating a game world. Differences between well and badly done level design. Ways to tell stories to the people who never read texts. Organization of work process. Yaroslav Kravtsov is a level-design team lead in Skyforge. He started his career in Allods Team in 2009, worked on Allods Online project. Earlier, he designed levels in G5 Entertainment AB, holding the position of leading level designer. He worked on such projects as The Sims 2 Castaway, Saints Row 2, Red Faction, Hellboy: The Stench Of Evil, Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back and others.


“Designing Intelligence”

YoeriLogo Playtestix
Email Yoeri
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Description: Spending time in the design and prototyping stage of AI can pay off with a more challenging, more capable and more immersively humanlike game system. Yoeri Staal is a freelance game developer with a passion for original games. He is the founder of StaalMedia, a virtual company consisting of people all around the globe.


“Can a project do without a script writer?”

Email Maria
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Description: How can one tell, what kind of script writer would be best suited for a project: a game writer, a narrative designer or a copy editor? How to work out an optimal test? Which criteria must be considered to select the right candidate? Is full-time better than free-lance? What is a shortcut to getting a new worker prepared to project? To find detailed answers to these and lots of other questions, listen to the speech. Maria Kochakova has worked as a script writer for Mail.Ru computer games since 2011. She took part in development of social games “Pirates. Dead Man’s Chest”, “Garden of Eden”, “Malinovka”, mobile game “Jungle Heat”, MMO RPG “Tanat Online”. She is now working on Skyforge project.


Art & Animation

“Methods of speeding up the art creation process with a Wacom tablet”

Stanislav LuninLogo ToonGuru
Email Stanislav
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Description: Reaching a comfortable workability and fighting against creativity crisis. How to become the best? Stages of unwitnessed speedup and career growth of artist working for Game Development through use of graphics tablet Wacorn. Peculirities of working with the tablet, ruses and author’s tricks. Stanislav Lunin – 2D digital artist, 10 years of classical school of painting, a lot of experience in the film industry, a teacher of painting. Now the leader of art works in Nika Entertaiment. Using the skills of classical art uses them to create computer art creative techniques and create atmospheric worlds and the characters for computer games. The owner and master of the brush color.


“Secrets of creating bright and vivid characters”

Vladimir LykovLogo ToonGuru
Email Vladimir
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Description: The report will cover a comprehensive approach to character development – from their looks to personalities and emotions. You’ll find out about the tricks that can be used to make your characters more vivid and memorable, to choose the right stylistics and things that require attention in the course of development. In 2003 Vladimir Lykov and Alexander Kolesnik founded ToonGuru, animation studio, which cartoons were broadcasted on CTC, RTR-Russia and Comedy Central USA. Vladimir also provided conslting services and created cartoons for popular brands like Amedia, Blend-a-Med, Gillette, Pampers, etc.


“Enjoy Game Animation and Be Better At It”

Tom BrienLogo TinyBuild Games
Email Tom
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Description: Animation can be a trial under realistic project management, but there’s such an opportunity for it to be the funnest part of the project! Get back on the young, hopeful track of enjoying work, and growing as an artist, in this session!!! Tom Brien is the artist and co-founder at tinyBuild. Producing web games up until 2012, when tinyBuild released it’s first game on Steam: No Time To Explain. Currently working post-production on their second Steam title.


“Making a Game Recognizable. Let Wacom and Corel Help You!”

Evgeny LarionovLogo Сrisp
Email Evgeny
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Description: How can we make characters memorable? How can we make them recognizable in the off-line mode? How to gain some profit from game post-production? Which software and tools are more comfortable to work with? And what other things can be done to the style to promote the game? A white magic session with the following exposure of tricks! Evgeny Larionov is the only Ukrainian member of the Masters of CorelDRAW club, co-founder of studio, famous illustrator, artist and designer. He’s got more than 15 years of design experience, over 30 game projects in portfolio with 10 of them made from A to Z. A true Odessa resident, Nordic disposition, married.


“Modern technologies in 2D-game animation”

Oleg AkimovLogo Nika Entertainment
Email Oleg
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Description: As time doesn’t stand still, the rapid advancement of technologies forces visual artists and animators to change their approach to production. What is considered up-to-date today? The report will tell about current technologies applied in the development of 2D-game animations. Oleg Akimov is a 2D animator working at Nika Entertainment. He’s got 12 years of experience in various directions of media industry and now works on the development of art and animation for 2D games.


“Art engineering”

AleksandrLogo Smokoko
Email Alexander
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Description: The speech will cover the process of making a highly detailed vector art, where each detail is in the right place. It will touch on the issues of miniaturization, optimization and animation, repeated use of content and fast generation of large content volumes. In addition, some peculiarities of work according to the “artist – programmer” pattern will get discussed. Aleksandr Bodov is the leading artist for Smokoko S.A. He took part in development and making of 23 projects for various platforms. Has worked in the gaming industry for 4 years. A Pro.


Project Management & Community

“Game Universe of Interacting with Game Community”

Yury KuravyWargaming logo
Email Yurii
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Description: The speech will be about goals and mechanisms of game community management, methods of interacting with the audience of projects. Yury Kuravy. Born on Janury 15, 1988 in Minsk. Got a higher legal education. Works as Head of the Community Department in since the end of September, 2013.


“Effective post-release project management”

Logo Rocket Jump
Email Konstantin
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Description: Having a promising project developed and released is only half-way to success. A real challenge is waiting for you right after release, when you’ll face the task of unveileing the game’s potential, achieving its key parameters’ growth and making those parameters stable along the entire project life. In this speech, I will talk on the solutions used by RJ Games for development and support of their projects. Konstantin Mitrofanov is the CEO and the Senior Producer at RJ Games. He managed the development of Osada! and Under fire projects of the company. He likes creating high-class games with good people and considers graphic design essential, paying special attention to all parts of project operation management, starting from art department to technical development.


“Genre and setting – two pillar stones of successful project”

MikhailLogo Crystal Clear Soft
Email Mikhail
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Description: When forming a new project, every developer of any level inevitably starts asking himself one and the same questions: which genre is the most popular and profitable at the moment? which stylistics and setting will be a perfect match for the chosen genre? In his speech, Kharkovskiy Mikhail will tell about the influence a pre-launch analysis may have on success of the launched project in gaming industry. Mikhail Kharkovskiy is a founder of Crystal Clear Soft. He has been working in the gaming industry since 2002. He walked the way from game designer to CEO, participated in creation of more than 500 projects.


“Community: who needs it?”

Description: Community and Support within social networks is a new and poorly explored sphere. Why is it important for developers? What potential does it have? Why players join communities and what is their real purpose? Is there any use of working with communities? To find answers, we’ll take a look on two different apps.

Anastasia PerinaLogo RJ Games
Email Anastasia Perina
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Anastasia Perina has been working in PR and marketing industry for more than 4 years. Being employed at the RJ Games company, focused on social and mobile games development, Anastasia is responsible for promotion and development of both projects and the company in whole. She is the worst enemy of everydayness: moves mountains with positive thinking and throws everyone, getting into her way, into the abyss of charm.

Anna FarinoLogo Vizor InteractiveEmail Anna
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Anna Farino – community Manager at Vizor Interactive. Graduate of the Faculty of Journalism of Belarusian State University. Entered the game development industry in 2012, working on the Zombie Farm project.



“How gamification helps us to earn more?”

Description: A duet of analyst and game designer is going to represent to the public the results of their year-long experimenting with discounts, monetization and offers. Intrigues, scandals, investigations! How can one earn more by making users more loyal? Why include game designer into the team of marketing specialists? Listen to the speech to get answers to these questions.

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Evgeniy Gilmanov Logo AletrnativaPlatform

Evgeniy Gilmanov is a leading analyst for Tanki Online game. He is a real prophet telling what was in the past, what will be in the future, and what must be done to increase the profit. He is a chart and diagram whisperer. Hobby: frightening neighbors with his musical performances.
Email Evgeniy

Vladimir KovtunLogo Logo AletrnativaPlatform

Vladimir Kovtun is a game designer, linguist and just a good man. He has been working in the game development industry for 6 years. He was a part of several development teams, featuring various developers (from his childhood friends to world class professionals) engaged in the creation of real-time browser 3D MMO Tanki Online project.
Email Vladimir



“Top 10 Tips How To Sell Your HTML5 Game”

Alexander KrugLogo Playtestix
Email Alexander
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Description: This session will talk about what sponsors expect from HTML5 mobile game developers and what to avoid when negotiating and managing a sponsoring deal. In addition, this session will highlight the importance of picking the right business model and how to create HTML5 games to satisfy the sponsor’s demands. Alexander Krug, Founder & CEO of SOFTGAMES, holds a Master of Arts in Media Management having studied in Mittweida – one of Germany´s most respected media universities. In addition Alex has co-founded 2 successful start-ups, a role that’s perfect for him given his ten-plus years of experience making big things happen.

“Genre peculiarities of game localization: mini cases”

DenisLogo All Correct Localization
Email Nadezhda
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Description: Overview of technologies applied to prepare games for localization depending on their genres. They will be presented on the basis of the following examples: social city-building game, mobile hidden object game, mobile word puzzles game. Denis Khamin is the All Correct Localization Chief Marketing Officer. As co-founder of the company, he is responsible for sales and marketing. He is sincere in his conviction that all companies should order their localization service at All Correct Localization. Since 2009, Denis has attended almost every gaming conference, and he periodically writes in the company blog on game localization.

“Playtesting: cases and figures. ‘Before’ and ‘after’, ways of achievement, metrics”

Alexander DzyubaLogo Playtestix
Email Alexander
Download slides
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Description: Playtesting will be shown as an integral part of development process and backed up with cases, examples. Particular projects, real-life stories, metrics and ways of searching for solutions. Aleksandr Dzyuba has many years of experience in development and implementation of marketing projects on the agencies’ part. In addition to negotiating and sales, he is responsible for configuration of research project methodology and introduction of new methods in Playtestix.


Discussion Panel

«Game platform VK»

Petr KharitonovLogo mimimigames

Petr Kharitonov — Managing partner Mimimi Games.

Email Petr

Ilya PerekopskiyLogo VK

Ilya Perekopskiy — Vice-president VK

Andrey RogozovLogo VK

Andrey Rogozov — Chief development officer VK

Oleg IllarionovLogo VK

Oleg Illarionov — Leading developer VK


Discussion Panel «Indie Developers Survival Guide»
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Alexey DavydovLogo

Alexey Davydov –  has been an independent flash games developer since 2008 года, and the director of his own studio and since 2010.
Email Alexey

Yuriy VinokurovLogo

Yuriy Vinokurov – сo-owner of Toffee Games studio, most famous for its “Earn to Die” game series.
Email Yuriy

George ZarkuaLogo

George Zarkua is a full-time indie developer from Kharkiv, the creator of Ragdoll Ball, Spicy Story, Nude Hunter and Roswell Defence (artists and game designer).
Email George Zarkua

Maxim Gryniv aka MokusLogo

Maxim Gryniv aka Mokus – indie Flash-developer, who makes different games on different languages for different platforms. In 2011 he released Contre Jour, which became Best Handheld/Mobile Game of E3 2011 nominee. It appeared the first iOS title nominated for Е3. Other awards: Best Mobile Game (GamePro) and a finalist in the same nomination (IGN).
Email Maxim

Andrey Kovalishin aka PITon32Logo

Andrey Kovalishin aka PITon32 is an indie developer from Bryansk. Together with his friend, a famous art designer Maxim Yurchenko, he founded Hunter Hamster. The studio has released Snail Bob, a popular flash title (Best Indie Game award at Flash GAMM Kyiv 2010) and its succesful mobile version.
Email Andrey

Konstantin Boronenkov aka SmrdisLogo

Konstantin Boronenkov aka Smrdis has been an independent games developer for over 2 years. Before that he used to work as a programmer at MediaMobile for 3 years, developing PC and casual games. He also developed web flash and iPhone games at IriySoft for a year. To the date he has released 5 games, Gibbets and Gibbets 2 being the most popular of them.
Email Konstantin


Discussion Panel «Analytics, Advertising & Monetization in mobile games»
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Ilja GoossensLogo Chartboost

Ilja Goossens has been making games since 1999. He has founded two game development companies – Virtual Fairground and Gamundo. In his career, Ilja has launched multiple independent titles and has worked with numerous established companies, such as Activision, Nickelodeon and Studio100, to create online and mobile games. Now he is leading the European office for Chartboost, the world’s largest mobile games only technology platform. In his spare time, Ilja works on his side project, a tablet first multiplayer game called Panzer Pets.
Email Ilja

Richard PidgeonLogo Distimo

Based in London, Richard Pidgeon brings a history of knowledge and experience in the mobile marketing and developer sectors to his current role as VP Business Development EMEA at Distimo, a globally recognised leader in app store market data and analytics.

Jenny O’ConnorLogo AD-X

Jenny O’Connor — Client Services Director, AD-X.

Igor KarevLogo VK

Igor Karev — CEO & Founder, Tatem Games.

Vadim RogovskyLogo VK

Vadim Rogovsky — CEO, Clickky.


«Discussion panel about in-game sound»
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Dmitry KuzmenkoLogo Strategic Music

Dmitry Kuzmenko graduated from the University of Humanities and Social Sciences in Saint Petersburg, Russia with a degree in Sound Direction. He founded Strategic Music in 2003, and has since been working on music and sound design for computer games.
Email Dmitry

Aleksandr FalinskiyLogo

Aleksandr Falinskiy – is a composer, who created soundtracks to many iOS and Android games. His most popular works are: Cut the Rope, Tap the frog2, Feed Me Oil.
Email Aleksandr

Aleksander AhuraLogo

Aleksander Ahura was born and raised in Saint Petersburg. Music was his hobby from childhood. In youth, hobby became his #1 priority and has remained to this day. He started doing game voice-over works in 2005. Those were mostly for flash games. His most popular work is the Zombotron series, its materials got later released as a separate album.
Email Aleksander

Rostislav ChabanLogo Universe Music

Rostislav Chaban, World’s best bass guitar player. He started his musical career in the gypsies’ ensemble, and for the next 15 years was responsible for music played by the band “Me and My Lorry Friend”. In 2008, he started working as composer and sound producer for the animation studio Animatix4D. 9 cartoon films got released under his guidance. Since 2011, he’s been making music and sounds for video games in Universe Music studio.
Email Rostislav

Stanislav PoleskoLogo Strategic Music

Stanislav Polesko is working as project leader for Strategic Music, composer, sound designer and voice actor.
Email Stanislav

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