Sweety DevGAMM Kyiv Mascot: welcome Klemens

By January 23, 2018News

Each conference we change our symbol. This time will be special as DevGAMM heads to Kyiv after 4 years of absence.
Moreover, it’s going to be our 10th anniversary. We always choose mascot with great enthusiasm. It will embody our conference activities. Feel free to consider him a real DevGAMM participant :)

Meet our super cute koala Klemens :)

How mascot was created?

A very talented Natasha Argentovskaya, 3D animator from Social Quantum, volunteered to create our mascot.

Well, of course, some of you may think ‘why they chose koala?’. It turned out that koala is a spirit animal of Natasha’s close friend. She promised him that DevGAMM mascot will be koala. As for his name, Klemens is some kind of tribute to her friend. It was her code name.

Koala from Natasha’s personal planning book served as a prototype. You can also notice him in a comic strip called ‘Klem and Vanessa’.

As you can see, Klemens went through several changes. Now he is such a cute koala :)

Our mascot is really shy and curious guy. But when it comes to Game Lynch – no one can stop him! He’s ready to go crazy with you :)

If you would like to become an author of next DevGAMM mascot for conferences in Moscow or Minsk – contact us at