Game Submissions for Kyiv are finally open

By December 7, 2017News

We are looking forward to seeing your games! If you have always dreamt of showing your project on which you worked so hard to the public – the moment has come. DevGAMM provides a unique opportunity to make a name for your game, meet lots of game industry representatives, get the desired feedback. Catch the moment and submit your awesome games right away.

DevGAMM Showcase

If you want to learn more about your game during non-biased, open playtests then grab the chance to take part in DevGAMM Showcase. You’ll get a whole day tо present your project to the conference attendees. You’ll have more than enough time to attract the attention of developers, publishers, journalists, and other industry representatives.

All you have to do is to be ready to pitch your game, stay calm and enjoy the moment :)

The number of slots is limited, so it’s better to submit your game right away.

The participation is free for everyone, you just need to buy STANDARD or BUSINESS ticket, and submit your game using your ticket number.

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Deadline: January 12

Submit Game for Showcase

Game Lynch

If you’ve never taken part in Game Lynch that means that you saw nothing in your life! :) This is an incredible and unpredictable show that can’t be compared to anything. Only the bravest and craziest people decide to test their courage.

The rules are totally simple. The industry experts have to ruthlessly review the game within 5 minutes (it’s going to be fun, they say), while the developers have 1 minute to defend their projects. That’s not all… the loser will drink mixed alcohol (not many participants survive this moment).

No more talking, just watch what happened during Game Lynch in Moscow 2017, and be happy that it didn’t happen to you 😀

What you’re waiting for, buy STANDARD or BUSINESS tickets and submit your game right away!

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Deadline: January 12

Submit Game for Game Lynch

Speed Game Dating

Take your chance to have 20 productive meetings with publishers during Speed Game Dating in one hour.

During this 3-minute meetings developers have to polish their elevator pitch. Such format will help understand which publishers are relevant to your game and continue your productive communication afterwards.

If you’re a publisher you have a unique chance to see from 20 to 40 projects during the whole SGD. During the meetings you’ll see most of the games interested in being published that are present at DevGAMM.

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Deadline: January 12

SGD Registration

P.S There will be no DevGAMM Awards at DevGAMM Kyiv 2018. The next competition is going to be organized within DevGAMM Moscow 2018, May 17-18. Game submissions will open in March.