DevGAMM Kyiv 2018: Game Lynch’s Back!

By January 25, 2018News

Game Lynch’s is Back! And it’s not just a flashy headline, it’s a theme of the next show at DevGAMM Kyiv 2018.

What is going to happen on stage this time? We have no idea, but you can find Alex Nichiporchik at DevGAMM next week and force him to confess (try, beer, lots of it;).

One thing we know for sure, it’s going to be an epic battle between experts and developers which you are going to be a part of. We think that it’s finally time the audience got drunk as well! You know, this way you can actually FEEL the level of stupidity happening on stage 🙂

Buckle up, this will be a show to remember. Of, and if you never heard about Game Lynch we recommend to watch an amazing playlist from previous events.

Here are the names of the crazy guys that will entertain you in Kyiv:


Michael Kuzmin, Herocraft




Rami Ismail, Vlambeer


Greedy Bunnies

Leszek Szczepański, Guerrilla Games


Angelo and Deemon: Hell of a Quest

Alex Rose, Alex Rose Games


A Game of Flight and Fire

Jon Carnage, Twitch


Indie Special Olympics

Game Lynch will take place on February 2, Red Hall at 17:30.

Make sure to stay till the end of the show to uncover more surprises. And afterwards join us at Bye-Bye mingle for the 10-year anniversary celebration with cake and champagne!