GAMM:Play Showcase

GAMM:Play Game Showcase LogoPremiere event on DevGAMM conference – Game Showcase GAMM:Play
More than 50 games will be showcased.
Two conference days with different games every day!


October 17:

10:00 — 13:00 — First showcase
15:00 — 18:00 — Second showcase

October 18:

10:00 — 13:00 — Third showcase
15:00 — 18:00 — Fourth showcase




  • The audience you showcase your game to includes all conference participants, not only particular publishers during the SGD.
  • You are to spend only 3 hours at your stand, being free to visit other conference events during the rest of the time.
  • Your game gets additional promotion through website and during the event, and feedback from participants.

Terms of Participation:

  • Organizers provide a table and a nameboard with game name, logo and contact details of the participant on it. Tables map.
  • Participant must arrive 15 minutes in advance and get his device(s) ready for the showcase (notebook, tablet, etc.)
  • Participant is provided with sockets for his notebook.
  • Participant must take his device away within 30 minutes after the end of the showcase.
  • Organizers bear no responsibility for devices of the participants.

How to Take Part:

  • Fill up the following form. Deadline is October 6.
  • Or send an e-mail to stating “GAMM:Play application” in the subject line and giving details of the game.


Games participants

October 17, 10:00 – 13:00

  • Table А1: “Jellyfish Rescue”, Filipp Karmanov
  • Table А2: “Astro Lords: Oort Cloud”, “Crazy Sapper” ARATOG LLC
  • Table А3: “Zombie Derby”, Olexiy Netrebenko
  • Table А4: “Changing the World”, DevMobBy
  • Table А5: “Braveland Wizard”, Tortuga Team
  • Table А6: “King of Bugs”, 1LevelUpGames
  • Table А7: “Морские Хищники”, Indigo Bunting
  • Table А8: “Убойный Хоккей”, Tatiana Dobrodey
  • Table А9: “Mission Z”, VIM Digital

  • Table B1: “Fright Fight”, zGames
  • Table B2: “Nizam; Galaxy Recon”, Stepan Tanasiychuk; Oleg Antonuk
  • Table B3: “Color Trip”, Stanislav Stashkevich
  • Table B4: “Dragon Revenge”, Max Konev
  • Table B5: “Alice Jones and the Lost Treasures”, Igor Bazhanov
  • Table B6: “Around the Wire”, Arseni Golovinski, Pavel Novikov


October 18, 10:00 – 13:00

  • Table А1: “Tile Rider”, 7 Soft Pillows
  • Table А2: “The Mystery of Relic”, Alexander Obolontsev
  • Table А3: “Iron Guard”, Vertex Studio
  • Table А4: “Ember Guards”, HitRock
  • Table А5: “Boid”, Mokus
  • Table А6: “Ckumsy Sheep Lullaby”; “Angry Bees”, MediaReach LLC
  • Table А7: “Uppy; Breaking Ted; Diesel Rot”, Heyworks
  • Table А8: “Hook Wars Online”, Hook Wars Online
  • Table А9: “Mission Z”, VIM Digital

  • Table B1: “Eat And Run; Cat’s Sweet Dreams”, Anima Games
  • Table B2: “Letter Bee; DoDots”, Black Flag Software
  • Table B3: “Kitty Jump; StarCloud”, Sparkle Mobiles
  • Table B4: “UnnyWorld; Dodge & Roll”, Unnyhog Entertainment
  • Table B5: “Day D Tower Rush”, PlayToMax & 8floor
  • Table B6: “Magic Towers”, Devil’s Dozen Games


October 17, 15:00 – 18:00

  • Table А1: “Twins – Memory Game”, Whisper Arts
  • Table А2: “Chernobyl: Voice of Pripayt 3D”, Vadim
  • Table А3: “Sugarman”, Cucumber Studios
  • Table А4: “Legends of Eisenwald”, Aterdux Entertainment
  • Table А5: “Boid”, Mokus
  • Table А6: “Basement”, HalfBus
  • Table А7: “Pandalicious”, Vladislav Forsh
  • Table А8: “Skyhill”, Mandragora
  • Table А9: “Mission Z”, VIM Digital

  • Table B1: “Ablaze”, We got worms
  • Table B2: “Starpiercer”, Schrodinger Games
  • Table B3: “caRRage”, Velcro Games
  • Table B4: “Robber Chief”, “TANK MADNESS”, KSAmobile & GreenSnow
  • Table B5: “Let islands jump”, Denis Novikov and Victor Solodilov
  • Table B6: “Doodle & Play: How to draw a cat”, Squirrel Square
  • Стол B7: “Magic Dice”, Sampad


October 18, 15:00 – 18:00

  • Table А1: “Vbrigade”, Alexey Mas
  • Table А2: “Below Kryll”, Team Kryll
  • Table А3: “Time of Dragons”, 4 I Lab ltd
  • Table А4: “Drag Racing 3D”, Maxim
  • Table А5: “Кошки против собак 3D”, Inferno Enterteinment
  • Table А6: “Secrets of the carpets”, Trinbox
  • Table А7: “The Tender Cut”, Ilya Kononenko and Yuliya Kozhemyako
  • Table А8: “Isles Of Umbra”, Twisted Pilot
  • Table А9: “Mission Z”, VIM Digital


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