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Scheme tables

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Sponsorship Proposal

Service Platinum Platinum no booth Gold Gold no booth Silver Silver no booth Bronze
Sponsor’s booth
Business badges 10 10 7 7 4 4 2
Access to sponsors’ wi-fi
Business lunch
Additional coffee-breaks for your table
Logotype in the right column
Company logo and information
Possibility to make an appointment
Photos of all your participants
References in the official reports
Print and Branding:
Information in the conference brochure
Logotype on the screens in the hotel
Logotype on the roller up behind the speaker
Banner in sponsors hall (60x160cm)
Logotype on the conference brochure cover
Logo on the screens during the breaks
Logotype on the roller up at Registration Desk
Handouts in participants’ bags
Ad in conference brochure (a5)
Banners in conference halls (60х160cm)
White logo on participants’ badges
Logo in all e-tickets
Individual approach to the sponsor’s demands
Price: 6000$ 5000$ 3500$ 2500$ 2000$ 1000$ 500$


Additional sponsorship opportunities

Service Price
Sponsor of the official DevGAMM after party 15 000 $


  • branded coasters
  • branded napkins
  • organizing contests
  • arranging a transfer
  • + …
  • After Party Sponsor status
  • separate page with announcement in the brochure
  • information on the web-site
  • party announcements on the conference web-site
  • organization arrangements on our side
  • VIP room in the club
  • logo or video on the screens in the club
  • promo leaflets or business cards on the tables
Sponsor of DevGAMM game contest 0 $

+ decent prize
  • additional status of a Nomination Sponsor
  • logo in the nomination description on the contest page
  • additional PR in the contest announcements
  • awarding the prize by you personally
Coffee break sponsor 2 500 $
  • coffee, tea and snacks provided throughout the conference
  • additional status of the Coffee Break Sponsor
  • banners in the coffee break area (provided by sponsor)
  • promo leaflets or business cards on the tables
  • logo on the coffee break area on the halls layout in the conference brochure
Business lunch sponsor 2 500 $
  • lunch for platinum, gold and silver sponsors and speakers
  • additional status of the Business Lunch Sponsor
  • banners in the restaurant
  • promo leaflets or business cards on the tables
  • logo on the separate page of the brochure with the way to the restaurant
Registration sponsor 3 000 $
  • additional Registration Sponsor status
  • girls at the registration booth wearing T-shits your logo
  • roll up at the registration booth
  • promo plates with your logo
  • promo leaflets or business card on the registration booth
T-shirt sponsor 0 $

+ production
  • branded T-shits for all attendees
  • printing and delivery at the sponsor‘s expense
Badge sponsor 1 000 $

+ production
  • branded ribbons for badges
  • logotype on the back side of the badge
  • printing and delivery at the sponsor‘s expense
Bag sponsor 2 000 $
  • logotype on a side of a participant‘s bag
  • DevGAMM logo on the other side of the bag
  • printing at the organizer‘s expense
Vacancy Wall sponsor 3 000 $
  • the vacancy wall features you brand colors and company logo
  • your vacancies placed in a plain view
Handouts in participant‘s bags 300 $

+ production
  • your promo materials (the number of items is to be specified)
  • the option is free of charge for gold and platinum sponsors
Advertisement in the brochure (a5) 300 $
  • opportunity to order a double-page spread (500 $)
Advertisement on the back page of the brochure cover (а5) 500 $