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«The cheat codes for talking to the press and YouTubers»

Email Video Slides Dozens of games are released across mobile, console and PC platforms every day, so how the heck are you supposed to get noticed amidst the noise? Gamasutra editor Mike Rose has been helping developers rise above the crowd for years now, and today presents the “cheat codes” for getting the press and YouTubers to cover your games. Make sure you have a gamepad ready to tap them all in. Mike Rose has been writing about video games for the best part of a decade, and currently cobbles words together for Gamasutra, and more. He’s also the author of the book 250 Indie Games You Must Play.

«Early Access Publishing on Steam»

Email Video Slides The session will elaborate on the Early Access publishing of games on Steam, based on the example of SpeedRunners and BOID. All the good sides of getting a game published before the end of development, and the pitfalls that may come along. Alex Nichiporchik is now a director of tinyBuild GAMES, worked as Innovation Projects Leader at Spil Games for the previous 4 years. He spends his work and leisure time playing games. Since 2010, hes been moderating and organizing the Game Lynch.


«iOS Workshop »

iOS Workshop – Join our international speakers as they will outline the key strategies in the IOS market today, techniques to use during the design and build phase of your applications to ensure high quality. This session is designed to provide the attendees with insights to help you make the right decision in your application strategy and will include a discussion session for questions and answers. Due to this interactive nature of this session it will be limited to 40 people.

«Maximize App Engagement and Monetization»

Email Video The session will elaborate on how best to engage your users, discover different mobile apps monetization models/trends and leverage Google technology for your mobile app business. Tatiana Soldatova, Strategic Partner Manager?? (Mobile Apps) within Online Partnership Group at Google. Tatiana leverages her entrepreneurial drive to target, educate and help app developers ?in Emerging Markets ?to? ?embrace AdMob monetization and advertising technology.

«Mobile games on Windows: integrating with the system capabilities»

Email Video Slides How can you properly integrate with Windows 8 and Windows Phone capabilities in making and porting your mobile game in order to get maximum user attention, retention and engagement, as well as increase your chances of winning the promo featuring by Windows Store? This is the question well be discussing during session. We will talk about the implementation of integration on the most popular languages and frameworks supported by Microsoft: C++, C#/VB, HTML5+JavaScript, Unity, Marmalade, etc. Romuald Zdebsky – Head of mobile games direction at Microsoft Russia.

He is responsible for working with the leading mobile game developers from Russia and nearby foreign countries. Earlier he used to coordinate the operation of technical experts in software development and informational infrastructure management from the point of view of the key technology priorities of Microsoft platform. Romuald took part in a number of technical conferences held by Microsoft, both as a speaker and as one of the key coordinators (Platforma, Developers Days, TechDays, launch of Visual Studio 2008/2010, ReMIX, DevCon and others). He was in charge of the preparation of Platforma 2011 and the first international conference TechEd Russia 2011. Romuald is responsible for working with Microsofts key partners in mobile app development.

«Shadow Fight 2: The story of development»

Email Video Slides The session is dedicated to development and game design of a mobile game Shadow Fight 2. This is a story about the hard way weve had to come up in order to make a hardcore game win big audience without losing its depth. Evgeniy Diabin is a technical director at Nekki and producer of such game hits as Shadow Fight, Vector and Shadow Fight 2.

«How we squeezed tanks into a tablet»

Email Video Slides The session will be dedicated to the issues and challenges that were faced by the team while creating mobile version of World of Tanks – World of Tanks Blitz. Well talk about such things: the way in which technical restrictions of mobile platform have influenced game design decisions, whether player notices all of those who help him in fight and what they do, the principles of designing user screens and what is better to have – a button with inscription or an icon, what schemes of tank control have been tested and for what reason there are two shooting buttons on users screen, plus youll finally find out why SPG (or Arta) got cut out. Alexey Alexeyev – Project Manager WoT Blitz ?

«Free-to-Play game gesign tips & tricks: 10 case studies on how we improve our games»

Email Video After the launch of any free-to-play game its time to start analyzing and implementing endless improvements to make it better. Julia Lebedeva will show examples of changes Nevosoft made to increase retention rate and ARPU in their games for iOS, Android and social networks. Julia Lebedeva joined Nevosoft as a public relations manager in 2009 and took a fresh look at interacting with the casual games audience. Over the past 5 years she has had a lot of responsibilities including planning PR campaigns, coordination Nevosoft’s participation at various conferences, representing Nevosoft in the industry. Julia Lebedeva launched which is now a leading Russian news portal for mobile game developers and became the chair of the largest mobile gaming conference in Europe hosted by Nevosoft in St. Petersburg, Russia. Now Ms. Lebedeva is a on the board of directors overseeing business development opportunities.

«Evolution: Art and mechanics»

Email Video Slides We will talk about the game Evolution: Battle For Utopia. We will discuss things that made it successful, subtleties of the hardcore project development for mobile platforms. How game mechanics evolved in course of development. And, of course, we will talk about the secrets of graphics and performance of Evolution. Aleksandr Cherniakov has worked at from December 2011. Hes developed 2 projects – Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering and Evolution: Battle For Utopia. He writes music and makes parachute jumps.

«$hit Happens In Japan – Big titles in addition to Puzzle and Dragon»

Email Video Slides - MonsterStrikes, JOJO, Shiro Neko Project, Ken to Mahou no Logress, etc
- P&D dropped out from #1
- All titles on the rankings had already shifted to native apps (web view based apps that displays contents on browser are no more popular)
- MMO RPG is gaining their steam recently
- Gamed by non Japanese players had not been that popular but gradually it’s getting changed
But localization and culturization are all required.
Aya Yamada is the manager of Overseas Business Section at Adinnovation. Inc, Tokyo-based comprehensive marketing company for gaming app developers. Opening rep office in Moscow recently, she focuses on disseminating marketing tips and tricks that are popular among the most lucrative Japanese market to Russia.


«Fireside chat: Vizor Interactive and Facebook the story of success»

Vizor Interactive and its flagship title, Klondike, achieved great success on Facebook in a very short time. The strategy of game improvement, promotion and monetization stands behind it. Sergey Bruy and Anton Yaroshuk, the co-founders of Vizor Interactive, are going to discuss the story of their success with Facebook representatives and share tips for developers and publishers making games for Facebook and mobile.
Email Video Slides Igor Pashchenko consults key gaming partners on Facebook marketing strategies as well as leads new business development in Eastern Europe and CIS region. Before joining Facebook Igor worked at Google developing strategic partnerships with website publishers, developers of browser and mobile games as well as mobile apps. Having completed his business studies in Ukraine, Germany and Switzerland, Igor worked in management consulting and finance before joining the tech and games industry.
Email Video Slides Julia Ognieva is a Head of Gaming Partnerships, Russia & CIS at Facebook in London. She is responsible for recruiting new partners in Central and Eastern Europe. Prior to Facebook, Julia worked as a Sales Manager at Tapjoy for 2 years. She lived in Ukraine before moving to the UK and is a fluent speaker of Russian, Ukrainian and English. Julia holds a BA in Business, Economics and Advertising from the University of Worcester.

«Social Casual»

Email Video Slides Odnoklassniki network will be used as an example for showing why social casual has become a very savory and popular subject. When was the turning point and what were the consequences for social game developers? 10 ways to make the worst social casual game. Case study of the most common mistakes that developers make while creating games on Odnoklassniki. The clearway across the field of traps. Earlier Artur Shakalis a head of social direction at AmberGames, head of the publishing direction at Creara, Head of API department at Odnoklassniki, and with his direct participation, the company entered the gaming market in April 2010. Prior to that, Arturs worked for CTXM, where he was engaged in producing casual games. Arturss track record includes participation in more than 300 game projects, 20 of which are produced turn-key under his direct supervision.

«VK mobile game development platform and mobile advertising»

Video Slides VK team will speak about its own mobile game platform, wich is a great tool to launch and monetize your mobile game. Also the VK representatives will share the latest news about the brand new ad format mobile advertising. Alexander Kruglov graduated from Moscow Region State University where studied linguistics and intercultural communication. Was an analyst at CNET Content Solutions since 2007. In 2010 was in charge of SMM in AdWatch Isobar, a full service digital communications agency. Joined the VK team in 2012 as a evangelist. VK client service director since 2014.

Game Design

«Designers oath: 10 principles of creating a successful product»

Email Video Slides While creating a product, the project leader faces a number of tough choices and the success of his future game depends on whether they are right. From my session you will learn 10 core principles for making the right choice in a fast manner. Each principle is taken up from the point of view of experience and accompanied with explanations of how exactly it works and how it should be used. Vladimir Yatsukevich: I am a designer. What I still remember from my childhood is that I used to watch how people played and made a lot of handmade stuff to astonish everyone around (animated films on my notepad, paper robots as tall as a man). For 15 years Ive been engaged in the development of games for PC and portables. And social games as Zombie Farm and Klondike are only a white bright tip of the iceberg of projects and games to forever remain hidden in the depth of times, yet forever remain a single whole.

«Game Design Rules Talking about the center of attention to understand the players experience»

Email Video Slides The center of attention is one of the most important things when designing a game.

First we will talk about the reason why you must keep that in mind by every little step of the game by showing a few examples. After that we will talk about the requirements coming up with that and how we can influence the players center of attention with game design elements.

Bjoern Bergstein is a Product Manager at Tivola Publishing a company founded in 1995 with a great experience in developing entertaining and educational games for children and young adults. Bjoern joint Tivola, after he founded his own individual Development Studio called Bubo Games. Before Bjoern stepped into this business, he studied game design and game production. His game LabRATory won the Newcomer Award 2012 and was nominated as Best Casual Mobile Game 2013 in Germany. Now he is responsible for the casual game department at Tivola and supports the company with his background as a developer. With his experience in game design and producing, he manages new visions and the requirements of new productions.

«No one reads forever»

Email Video Slides The presentation on texts that players tend to ignore in game. No text – no story, no story – no sense in playing. It is mostly about simple narrative, game design and UI methods of how to introduce the player with game story and setting right. Alina Brazdeikene has been a game narrative designer and cinematic scriptwriter for over 3 years. Shes the winner of London School of Liberal Arts award for the best short film.
Currently, Alina works as game designer and producer at Signus Labs. She used to be the leading script writer for MMO from by the makers of Smeshariki and indie project Movie Industry (Rhapsody Games).

«Methods of taming script writers, or how to make one write properly?»

Email Video Slides What is the habitat of scripters? How could you hunt one for your company and which is regarded as best? How should one determine if the scripter is good or not before hiring? How can one lure a scripter into his office and help him make friends with the team? How to make your scripter work hard and good instead of weeping or biting? Youll get answers to these questions in the session based on the experience of working and communicating with many Russian-speaking computer game scripters and some of their bosses. Maria Kochakova has worked as a narrative designer and computer game scripter since 2011. She took part in development of the social games Piraty. Sunduk mertvetsa (Pirates. The dead mans chest), Raiskiy sad (Heavenly garden), Malinovka, and mobile games Jungle Heat and Knight Girl, ??? RPG Tanat Online and Skyforge. She currently works on her own project Message Quest.

«Sequel: A ?ure from the brands ageing»

Email Video Slides Every product once becomes a thing of past. The audience gets satiated and leaves, and losing an audience means losing money. That is the point when developer asks himself: What shall I do with the game? Shall I create a new product and transfer users there, or shall I make the second part of it? Choosing to make the continuation of game brings about new questions: what is the right way to do it? what can change and freshen up the title? how can one attract old users with the game art theyre fed up with? This is what the session will be about. Denis Presnov is a Game Producer at Renatus Media, LLC. Since coming into the game industry hes grasped the most of casual and social gambling game technicalities on the example of Renatus portfolio and other titles. Before Renatus, Denis studied the subtle art of building human relationship in the dating sphere.

«Narrative design: how to make gameplay and story get on well»

Email Video Slides When you combine a masterpiece of a script on paper and a brilliant gameplay in your mind, get ready to eventually make a game with under-parted plot and twisted gameplay in reality. The session is about how to avoid this problem. You wont hear tips on writing a good story, you will learn how to narrate it. Examples of correcting the most widespread mistakes. How to use storyline to highlight the gameplay and support your story with gameplay. Techniques of transforming a linear story into a non-linear game, including open-world ones. A history of narrative design in brief and its development prospects. Yaroslav Kravtsov used to work on Skyforge and Allody Online in Group as level designer, up until he got promoted to a leading level designer. Before that he designed levels at G5 Entertainment AB. Currently, hes absorbed in the indie project called Message Quest and blogs about game development

«The method of gameplay psychological analysis»

Email Video Slides Quantities measuring the satisfaction with game. Building graphics of the needs satisfaction. Outlining the players profiles and combining them into groups from the point of view of psychoanalysis. Payment as a psychological phenomenon. Justice rendering as one of the basic motives of the community. Aleksandr Golovan is an individual and group psychoanalyst, member of the Ukrainian Umbrella Association of Psychotherapists Register, developer of InFortis personalization technology.

Technology & Developement

«Wrong 2D. Psychedelic effects made with shaders»

Email Video Slides The application of shaders to create cool effects in 2D. Dynamic lights, shades, color effects, deformations, graphics styling with shaders. Maxim Gryniv indie Flash-developer, who makes different games on different languages for different platforms. In 2011 he released Contre Jour, which became Best Handheld/Mobile Game of E3 2011 nominee. It appeared the first iOS title nominated for ?3. Other awards: Best Mobile Game (GamePro) and a finalist in the same nomination (IGN).

Source files.

«Architecture of modern engines development»

Email Video Slides The session will be dedicated to the issues and challenges that were faced by the team while creating mobile version of World of Tanks – World of Tanks Blitz. Well talk about such things: the way in which technical restrictions of mobile platform have influenced game design decisions, whether player notices all of those who help him in fight and what they do, the principles of designing user screens and what is better to have – a button with inscription or an icon, what schemes of tank control have been tested and for what reason there are two shooting buttons on users screen, plus youll finally find out why SPG (or Arta) got cut out. Vitaliy Borodovskiy, Technical Director of WoT Blitz at

«How we created online shooter game with authoritative server»

Email Video Slides Problems and their solving within a group of newbie game developers:
1. What do we need an authoritative server for if the synchronizing method is way too cheaper?
2. Creation of a zone editor, getting maps prepared for the server and the client.
3. How we boosted the simulation of physics on the server.
4. Fast data exchange, economy of RAM, clusters, etc.
Vladimir Makovetskiy manages the development of Tomato Engine (server engine). Hes engaged in the development of two test games with Unity through the use of ones own server engine as a leading developer, and develops CMS and interpreter for V7.

«Cross-platform casino on Flash + AIR»

Email Video Slides Experience of developing a cross-platform casino on the example of Wild Spin Casino. The ins and outs of choosing Flash+AIR. Our experience and approach to the use of Starling, Feathers. The cross-platform development and RobotLegs. Organization of team work and git workflow. Valentin Zheleznyi has had a good handle of Flash technologies since 2005. He came into the industry in 2009.

«Your own engine as way to low-cost and efficient development»

Email Video Slides From the primitive Japanese crosswords in 1998 to the hardcore Legends of Eisenwald in 2014.
How the idea of using ones own engines was adopted, the amount of engines created, the stages and hardships of making them, the final benefits and the solutions that made them real. Maximum speed closer to the CPU, adaptability to rapid changes, cross-platformness, own scripts and utilities for the content – when everythings your own, native, and works for the good of development.
Nikolay Armonik came into the industry in 2000. He is a founder and technical director of Aterdux Entertainment, maker of the Discord Times game and leading programmer of Legends of Eisenwald. Nikolay is a passionate developer of his own graphic engines with an experience of managing the development of large-scale projects.

Art & Sound

«Look at your interface before you leap»

Email Video Slides Talking about interfaces in two words, or rather about how they help one to immerse in a game world. Well study some game examples to decide on the kinds of existing graphical interfaces and how one can be creative in making a unique and memorable UI.
Also well have a piece about virtual reality headsets and the future of UI design.
Arvidas Brazdeikis has been a designer, 2D and pixel artist, and director of short films for 7 years as a freelancer. For year and a half he worked as UI designer at Sperasoft (Saint Petersburg). Art leader of the Movie Industry project by Rhapsody Games (Moscow). An award winner of such festivals as “Stories for our Time” (London School of Liberal Arts, UK), “Eco-chashka 2013″ (Russian Federation), “New Horizons. Spirit of Time” (Ukraine).

«Sounds: the recipe of perfect specification»

Email Video Slides How to make up a specification that would work on you, not against? How can one labor in tune with a sound director and save his time-money-nerves? How can one become a perfect customer that finds a perfect executor? A bunch of secrets and lifehacks. Irina Nikitina, (Ressa Schwarzwald) entered the gaming industry in 2009, has made voice-overs for more than 40 games by now. She is participating in development of Legends of Eisenwald by Aterdux Entertainment as a composer and sound producer. In her free time, Irina practices mobile game designing.

«Creation of the game environment»

Email Video Slides Working with the references: how to organize work at this stage, from collecting references to working with them. Blockout and 3D space: how to switch from 2D to 3D properly, how to arrange the scenes space. Color/light: the importance of developing a color palette at early stages of work, why its so essential to define the nature of lightning before starting to create the environment itself. A bit of a process: how to organize the process of assets creation, a few technical and artistic subtleties. Working within the engine: scene arrangement, work with the lighting, particles, post, etc. Environment for the promo and portfolio: how to work with a camera, search of the right angle, and many more. Daniil “Censoredi_ID” Kopytko, a leading 3D artist (HEYWORKS). Graduate of MIU and holder of diploma in virtual environment design. I taught at the same university for a year before joining the team of Heyworks. The experience in video gaming industry amounts to more than 3 years. Specialization – creation of video game environments. I delivered speech at cgevent 2013 Moscow, UnityDay Minsk 2013, and gave lectures at MIU and BGAI dedicated to the prospects of working in the video gaming industry and creation of video game content.


«Opening studio in the European Union»

Email Video Slides What does it take and why open a studio in EU and Lithuania in particular benefits, requirements and drawbacks of doing business in some of the most popular EU countries (Cyprus, Malta and Luxembourg) Saule Dagilyte, Senior Associate and Head of Tax Practice in law firm SORIANEN in Lithuania. She and the team supports Charlie Oscar, Flazm, Dash & Dot, Ice Pick Lodge and other game developers in opening their studios in Lithuania, including support in corporate, tax, intellectual property and immigration issues.

«?hink in the armor can an IT company be successful without legal strategy»

Email Video Slides View of an American lawyer on the legal and business aspects of IT companies success based on the example of a mobile app (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus) that has passed 2 rounds of financing and is in middle of the 3rd one. Why should one get incorporated in the USA, and how to protect your project and intellectual property. The most widely occuring mistakes of IT companies from Eastern Europe on entering the US market. How to come into agreement with partners and investors without losing your brainchild. Dmitriy Dubograev is a 1991 graduate from Law Faculty at Belarusian State University. He obtained law degree in the USA (Juris Doctor) and has been a practicing lawyer there for 20 years. Dmitriy worked on multiple projects to conduct IPO of the first Russian companies in the USA, and participated in deals on financing and sale of companies at the private market (M&A deals), intellectual property protection. He is a founder of representing interests of more than 250 Russian-speaking IT companies located in the United States.

«Game cloning from legal perspective: general account and practical advice for responsible developers»

Email Video Even a responsible developer may find herself in a situation where game cloning should be critically considered from legal perspective. When borrowing from other games may form grounds for a lawsuit? How to protect yourself from cloning of your own game? What to do in case of ungrounded court claims of a competitor? What is the difference in legal protection between gameplay, user interface and various game resources? Will a game company always be shielded from lawsuits filed in those countries where it does not have direct representation? The presentation, prepared further to the analysis of the real Russian and international court practice, shall cover these questions and will suggest key practical advice as a result. The presentation is not a legal advice! Vladislav Arkhipov attorney-at-law, of counsel with the intellectual property, informational technologies and telecommunications practice of the international law firm Dentons. Vladislav is one of the few practicing lawyers who specialize in the area of legal support of the computer game industry. Vladislav is fascinated with computer games in any form he plays games from the beginning of 1990-s and for a long time contemplates the development of the industry. Having a degree in law and being an associate professor of the law faculty of the Saint Petersburg State University, Vladislav pays attention to academic game studies in his courses as well.

Unity Track

«Unity 5 – things we told on Unite ’14»

Email Video Slides You’ve heard news on WebGL support in Unity 5, Unity acquiring startups and opening new offices. Lets draw a summary on the fresh news and see when the announced is available to you, our dear users. Oleg Pridiuk has been breaking mobiles in Unity since Unity iPhone 1.0.1 and grew up to a default goto person for everything mobile. He is using his technical skills along with an irresistible charm and charisma to advocate Unity to game developers and vice versa.

«How to avoid getting obsessed with the universalization of components»

Email Video Slides Once you leave a programmer alone, he will try to create a super-universal something. Which components are worth universalizing, and how to understand when univeralization is a waste of time. Oleg Chumakov works as a programmer for Nival since 2010. He leads the team engaged in Unity development of Prime World project. Participated in development of Prime World Alchemy and Prime World Defenders projects

«WebGL and IL2CPP – the future of scripting in Unity»

Email Video Slides Unity will get a new publishing target soon – WebGL. This will allow running games in a browser without any plug-ins. In this session Valentin will show how it works, he will talk in detail about IL2CPP – internal tool developed at Unity which makes all the magic happen, and current plan to expand this technology to other platforms. Valentin Simonov has got 15 years of web and game development behind him. He made his first steps with Flash 2 and kept making the most of the technology as it evolved to gain the reputation of specialist in the Flash community. After facing some serious platform restrictions, Valentin turned his gaze towards other technologies, including Unity 3.5 and its higher versions. Presently his portfolio includes a number of fulfilled projects and public appearances (including 3 times at Unite conference) and Russian translation of a book about Unity. In his spare time, Valentin writes educational articles for a blog, teaches students and supports open source projects. Since joining the Unity team, the search of solutions for complicated techical issues and sharing information about multiple advantages of the engine have become his main duties.

«Unity Android and Java. Demo session.»

Email Video Slides In the previous session we unveiled the main secrets and tricks of developing in Unity Android. This time well pass from theory to practice. Youll be shown samples and different demo versions of the previously named technologies. You will learn how to write Android Java plugin, use external Android Java libraries in your Unity project and lots of other things.

Aside form the session, you can ask me any questions about Unity Android and apply for practical help throughout the conference. Come to learn, come to get answers, come with your Unity projects. It will be interesting.

Ruslan Grigoryev, Born in USSR, graduated MS in Computer Science in Russia. 10+ years in game development with various companies: from Creat Studios to LG Electronics, with number of released titles: from PC/PS2 to iOS/Android/Brew/J2ME/Symbian. Almost 3 happy years in Unity as a QA for mobile platforms: Android/Windows Phone 8.

«Comparative analysis of the solutions for client-server interaction between games on Unity»

Email Video Slides Possible solutions for building a client-server interaction, ins and outs. The session will be carried out in the following way: in 20 minutes youll get an illustration of main solutions that will be helpful for small studios (with less than 5 persons in their team) and will save time on making such analysis on your own.
You are going to leave the hall with a clear understanding: Well, my game is so-and-so, therefore, the so-and-so solution will be the right thing to do. Lets go!
Nikita Zaharchenko – a pixel-perfectionist, photographer and collector of vinyl. A leading client developer of Pocket Troops, Dragon It, 3D Solar System.

«Unity 3D in the eyes of a graphics developer»

Email Slides Roman will tell about the various subtleties of working with 3D graphics in Unity, about the graphics pipeline in Unity3D, deferred lighting, its advantages and disadvantages. He’ll also consider all the options you get with Unity shaders and post-effects. Roman Chehowski is a graphics developer of Steel monkeys. He started to work with computer graphics 3 years ago using Adobe Flash and then studied and contributed into most open-source graphics engines. He is also working on a indie game that uses Unity3D and featuring next-gen graphics.

«Quick update on Unity Ads and Everyplay. New features and latest success stories»

Email Video Slides Latest news and new features from Unity Ads and Everyplay. Video cross-promotion through Unity Ads and new Everyplay community. Dima Roznouski a Business Development Director at Unitys video monetisation service Unity Ads and gameplay sharing service Everyplay. Prior to Unity, he worked in business development roles at various advertising companies, including Tapjoy and MoPub. Dima helps mobile app developers better navigate mobile monetisation landscape.

«Jury-rig a 2D game!»

Gently guided by Dima and Lena, the workshop attendants will create a full-fledged 2D game project from scratch in only 2 hours. The project will have a full scope of high-quality casual game features (a game bearing strong visual resemblance to the legendary Mario): character animation, vivid detalized sceneries, well-thought-out physics, active opponents, levels, menu, leader board and special effects.

Before the workshop the attendants will get all handout materials required to create a game.

During the workshop theyll become familiar with Unity editor and its 2D capabilites. Therell be a short introduction for the newbies, and skilled Unity developers will listen about the features of 2D and its optimization, get insight into the new GUI and several examples of interesting architectural techniques.

Every attendee is guaranteed to take a ready-made game away with him.

You will need a notebook to take part in the workshop. Please, download Beta 4.6.

Video Dmytro Mindra is one of the Toolsmiths who are developing tools for test automation. Prior to joining Unity Technologies, Dmytro has worked for Microsoft and Lohika. He is a frequent speaker at various conferences and User Group meetings.
Video Elena Savinova hates bugs both real and virtual ones. Her motto is: ‘A good bug – is a dead bug’. Elena works at Unity QA group making sure that no bugs are allowed. Being passionate about puzzles and challenges, she is always eager to try and learn something new.

«Architecture of a client-server mobile game: from generalities to details»

Email Video Slides Pocket Troops is an example of classical mid-core game, many studios make similar projects today. They have the similar basis, traps and lots of solutions are the same. The studios that walk, have walked or are on the verge of walking this path will find the session interesting.

- Organization of client-server interaction
- Data exchange protocols
- Aloe 2.0
- Hierarchy of server data, the way data storage is organized
- Toolkit

Andrey Chaiko, Unity – works as developer since 2008. He participated in the development of Dreamwoods, Dreamwoods 2, DragonIt, The Point for GameJam2014, Pocket Troops.

«Growing games guided by tests»

Game test automation is not a trivial task, especially when the game itself has not been designed with testability in mind. In this talk Dmytro and Elena will describe the general principles for building testable games. They will make an overview of Unity Test Tools and will show some examples of game test automation in Unity3d.
Email Video Slides Dmytro Mindra is one of the Toolsmiths who are developing tools for test automation. Prior to joining Unity Technologies, Dmytro has worked for Microsoft and Lohika. He is a frequent speaker at various conferences and User Group meetings.
Email Video Slides Elena Savinova hates bugs both real and virtual ones. Her motto is: ‘A good bug – is a dead bug’. Elena works at Unity QA group making sure that no bugs are allowed. Being passionate about puzzles and challenges, she is always eager to try and learn something new.


«Development of a productive team and its self-organizing in practice. Managers role in the process»

Email Video Slides Since recently weve been dealing with a concept of team and things related to it more often – team roles, forming teams to perform all kinds of tasks and goals, team building, etc. Are you a team player? is among the most frequently asked questions at job interviews, and 90% of the ?andidates answer Yes. But when it comes to real life, how can it be that different people having different values work together efficiently? What can a manager do to develop and boost the team spirit? How can team members maintain their interest in the project for 4 years and remain successful? Youll get answers to these and many other questions in the session based on the story of Zombie Island game project. Dina Sudarieva has been leading Zombie Island project at Vizor Interactive since 2011. She manages development, deals with publishers, coordinates game releases in various global social networks. Dina instructs testers and helps new staff in getting adapted to the team and the company. In 2005 Dina started working in IT development sphere and entered the gaming industry in 2011. Her team management experience exceeds 10 years, and shes been managing IT projects for over 7 years.

«New era of 3D browser games»

Email Video Slides With the advancement of 3D and technology base, browser games are arriving at the next stage of development. They gain success in social networks, get launched as stand-alone applications and eventually transform into client and mobile games. By and large, we seem to be approaching the perfect cross-platformity, so often spoken about by the industry experts and so rarely shown off. The session will tell you how any studio (even the smallest one) can step into this new era by making an excellent project that would be popular on plenty of other platforms with only a bit of marketing involved. Sergey Babayev is a Business Development Head of Nekki and an Editor of Rynok Igr on Before that, he was an Art Director and General Producer of GD-Team and worked on such projects as client action Metal War Online and browser shooter Steel Wars among other things. In his spare time, Sergey becomes a jornalist he used to be some time ago and writes about the industry for various media outlets.

«Solutions for localization issues: theres hope yet!»

Email Video Slides Sometimes an idea of game localization occurs to the developer after his title is released. And he finds out that the text is not separate with graphics, all GUI elements should not exceed 4 symbols, and the humour gets completely lost when dialogues are reproduced in Japanese. This, however, does not mean that theres no hope! In any situation, even the most complicated one, there is always a wayout. In this session well show you how localization specialists manage to find perfect solutions for a series of peculiar problems and eventually provide a good-quality localization on actual examples. Nadezhda Lynova is a QA head at All Correct Localization. She is responsible for the development of technical localization processes and integration of QA systems with them. In 4 years of working, Nadezhda has participated in about 150 projects, from small-scale to large-scale games.

«Analytics for insights, not just numbers. Playtest from prototype and later.»

Email Video Slides The lecture will give answers to the following questions: how to save projects budget and time; how to get a perfectly structured and useful feedback on early stages of development; how playtest is carried out: methods, formats, points of control; what kind of data is collected during playtest: not just comments in optional form, but a well-structured and precise feedback, and a tool for making right decisions along with testing theories in projects. Alexander Dzyuba is a high-level marketing research professional with 6+ years of experience. He has deep knowledge and vast experience in market research, research techniques, gaming industry, sociology and sales. Client-oriented, perfectionist and workaholic.

«The right time to rebuild development»

Email Video Slides Large-scale companies often include some procedures only because thats the custom, a holdover from previous projects and teams. Later on it turns out that they dont fit the present-day needs, yet are hard to rebuild. Youve got to choose the right time but its still out of sight. Ill tell you how to seize that very moment and do the impossible. Alexandr Myasishchev 7 years of experience in game journalism and 4 years in game making. He participated in the development of games for social networks and mobile devices. Alexandr has been part of Nival team for the last few years and works on Prime World.