Game Lynch

Game-lynch is a special format of the event when game development experts will speak about highs and lows of the presented games.

  • They will discuss the drawbacks in game design , visuals, usability, etc.
  • The game may be of any genre and stage of development and is admitted for the game contest automatically.
  • The number of the games to be discussed is limited to 5.
  • All the submitted games are displayed on the DevGAMM Awards page and marked as Game Lynch Candidates
  • The games approved for the lynch will be named a week before the conference.

If you are not afraid of a public lynch of your game, send your applications.

The companies which have been our game lynch experts:

Dev Gamm Game Lynch experts


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Alex Nichiporchik Alex Nichiporchik

Alex Nichiporchik is now a director of tinyBuild GAMES, worked as Innovation Projects Leader at Spil Games for the previous 4 years. He spends his work and leisure time playing games. Since 2010, hes been moderating and organizing the Game Lynch.

Mike Rose Mike Rose

Mike Rose has been writing about video games for the best part of a decade, and currently cobbles words together for Gamasutra, and more. He’s also the author of the book 250 Indie Games You Must Play.

Brjann Sigurgeirsson Brjann Sigurgeirsson

Brjann Sigurgeirsson is the CEO of Image & Form, a game studio operating out of rainy, windy Gothenburg, Sweden. A rock’n'roll singer and avid chess player. Currently sports a charming tan from doing a lot of actual digging in the garden.

Sergey Galyonkin Sergey Galyonkin

Sergey Galyonkin is currently working in, doing some secret stuff. He worked as Marketing Director at Nival and 1C-Softclub Ukraine, Director of Business Development (and before that Director of Retail Department) at Softprom. Before that he was working as an editor-in-chief of Gameplay magazine, deputy editor-in-chief of PC for Home, co-owned, was vice-president of Newtech educational center.

Maria Essig Maria Essig

Maria Essig is currently on the Business Development team at Kongregate, a GameStop company, where she is looking for the next big thing in mobile. An explorer in both the virtual and real world, shes flown more miles than her high-score in Tetris. Maria is trilled to live in world filled with fun games, creative people and VICE news and excited for a great DevGAMM!

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