DevGAMM was founded in 2008 by Lerika Mallayeva, who at the time worked as a flash animator in the indie studio. The first event then called FlashGAMM gathered around 100 developers interested in Flash technologies and appeared a great success. In 2009 FlashGAMM lined up with Absolutist company and reached more than 800 people. That was a huge achievement for CIS event.

In 2013 it became obvious that Flash could no longer be the sole focus of the conference and FlashGAMM had to go through a transition period that led to a new name (DevGAMM) and acquisition by the US-based game publisher Renatus Media.


Biggest CIS event for game developers and publishers!

  • 3,000+ participants a year
  • 30 countries
  • 3 events per year
  • 70% developers, 20% publishers
  • 95% of content about game development

Why DevGAMM?


Benefit from 40 to 60 high quality sessions, discussion panels and workshops focused on:

Development & QA
Game Design & Narrative
Art & Animation
Sound & Audio
Successful Games Postmortems
Publishing & Platforms
Technology & VR

*We have a strict NO SALES PITCHES policy. Violation of this policy may result in not being invited to speak again.

Speakers of our previous events:



Set up meetings with Sponsors, Business Participants, and Speakers through the site.

Forge long-lasting relationships with game industry professionals:

  • B2B Managers
  • Executives
  • Developers
  • Game Designers
  • Artists
  • Sound Designers
  • Indies
  • Press

Speed Game Dating

The most productive hours of the conference for developers and publishers

  • 3-minute meetings
  • 2 streams
  • casual atmosphere
  • “elevator” pitch practice

Developer: Show your game to 20 publishing companies in 1 hour

Publisher: Meet 40-60 developers and discover amazing games

*No traffic or service providers allowed

Career Wall

  • 100+ job postings
  • wall branding options
  • sponsored ads

Employer: reach game industry professionals who are looking for new career opportunities

Employee: find the perfect job in your dream company

Stand Out

GAMM:Play Showcase

  • 60-100 games per conference
  • careful selection of the games
  • front-rank area for maximum exposure

Developer: Showcase your game for half of the day and save time for sessions and networking. Gather feedback, playtest and get your game noticed.

Publisher: Become a sponsor of GAMM:Play to get extra visibility among the developers.

DevGAMM Awards

  • 70-120 games per conference
  • 10-12 nominations
  • valuable prizes

Developers: Compete for industry recognition and get extra visibility for your game.

Companies: Become a sponsor of Awards nomination to support developers, increase brand awareness and reach game community with on-stage speech.


Game Lynch

Special format of the event that features a clash between gaming industry experts and courageous developers for audience favor.

  • Experts have 5 minutes to lynch the game
  • Developers have 1 minute to defend themselves
  • The audience decides who wins
  • The loser drinks

Developer: Draw attention to your game and test yourself participating in one the most challenging shows ever.

Parties and Mingles

Feel the heartwarming atmosphere of DevGAMM, hangout with like-minded people, network and have fun at the same time!

Sponsor: Parties are a great way to raise your brand profile, educate conference attendees on what you do and grow your customers base.

Upcoming Events

DevGAMM Moscow 2016

  May 12-13, 2016


  1500+ participants

Stay tuned!

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What press says about DevGAMM

“While this kind of conferences are held in Russia there is still a chance for a great gaming future” (Igromania)

“DevGAMM Moscow 2015 proved to be the prime game industry event in Russia” (Ru.IGN)

“DevGAMM allows Russian [gaming] community to be closer to the rest of the world instead of staying in some kind of vacuum. This conference has a powerful networking, well-planned halls and reliable volunteers” (Argoplay)

“DevGAMM is an essential event with amiable atmosphere that contributes to the development of gaming industry and gives young developers a chance to get on their feet and rise up” (AgeofGeeks)

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