Valeriya Mallayeva

Valeriya Mallayeva
Managing Director
Skype: mallayeva
Cell: +31 614 62 17 25

Contact with any questions: concerning the sponsorship, speech-making, strategy, unique forms of cooperation.

Follow: @lerika

Karina Lavushkina

Karina Lavushkina
Business Development Manager
Skype: meow_meow72
Cell: +7 925 459 84 64

General conference questions, logistics and business relationships with sponsors.
Questions concerning DevGAMM Awards and Speed Game Dating.

Follow: @karin_karin_b

Dmitriy Kolokhin

Dmitriy Kolokhin
Production Manager
Skype: Dima.Kolohin
Cell: +38 067 634 42 15

All questions concerning the payments and agreements (tickets and sponsorship).
Coordination of works with contractors.

Maria Chyrvona

Maria Chyrvona
PR Manager
Skype: chyrvona
Cell: +38 093 836 81 95

Questions concerning the information sponsorship, media support and PR.
Press registration. Blog author.

Follow: @MChyrvona


Vika Bovshovskaya
Volunteer Coordinator
Skype: vikki.mikk
Cell: +7 903 719 35 89

Coordination of volunteer activities.

Bohdan Sereda

Bohdan Sereda
GAMM:Play Coordinator
Skype: inclusore
Cell: +38 095 783 43 60

Questions concerning the Game Showcase GAMM:Play.

Follow: @coauctor

Vitaly Khit

Vitaly Khit
Content Director
Skype: va.khit
Cell: +38 067 631 47 26

Moderation of conference content.


Renatus Logo Renatus is a top-level game publishing brand known for its passion for match 3 and bubble apps. Over the last 3 years the company released more than 30 casual games to Facebook and two notorious mobile platforms; all of them are free-to-play and highly addictive.

With a clear vision of how to achieve balance between fun and challenge using brilliant minds and state-of-art tools, Renatus bridged the gap between unknown startup to a company with 10 million active players worldwide in less than a year since launch in 2012. This number grew to 50 million.

So did the expertise of team. Today, it’s a group of marketing, game promotion, analytics and QA professionals from different corners of the world working together as a single one to deliver the best gaming experiences and spread globally.

In 2015 Renatus started a new chapter called game development to explore new prospects of dominating the games market.

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