Indie developer will get $50k at DevGAMM Awards: The prize fund has increased to $20k!

By October 9, 2017News

Last week we told you about $30,000 prize fund for indie developers which was established by tinyBuild company. But today we’re super excited to announce that two more companies decided to support indie developers by adding $10,000 each.

Thanks to Arktos Entertainment and Kefir companies the prize fund has increased to $50,000!

In this regard, the distribution of prizes is the following:

  • the winner will get $30,000
  • all nominees will get $5,000 each

In the life of each indie project there comes a time when it seems that you need one or two more weeks, month and the game will become much better, and more interesting. You understand that but don’t have enough time. So, you have to release your game as it is, relying only on the loyalty of audience. Actually, it is a strategy of all ‘early access’ projects. I hope that my contribution to prize fund growth will give additional time for projects to bloom.

(с) Sergey Titov, CEO, Arktos Entertainment

People are the most valuable element of indie teams. As a rule, there are no other resources. It is people that are ready to work side by side for the result. We’re happy to support them. As the real masterpieces are usually made by a friendly and strong team that is obsessed with one common idea. And we know this feeling too well.

(с) Andrey Pryakhin, Founder, Kefir

I always wish DevGAMM Awards to become the main game industry award with real prize money. We’re very thankful to all the companies which supported the idea of our fund!

If you work at gaming industry for years, and you really care which games gain recognition — become a judge of DevGAMM Awards.

(с) Lerika Mallayeva, Founder and Managing Director, DevGAMM

The win at Best Indie Game nomination has never been so desirable. According to all project submissions, it is going to be a serious battle. You can find more detailed requirements on DevGAMM Awards page.

Game submissions deadline is October 13. You still have time until the end of this week to submit your game to DevGAMM Awards.

Don’t miss a chance to compete for 50,000 dollars!