$30,000 dollars for indie developers at DevGAMM Minsk 2017

By October 3, 2017News

Best Indie Game nomination will have a $30,000 prize fund established by tinyBuild company for the first time at DevGAMM.
The winner will get $20,000, while $10,000 will be divided between 4 nominees.

Game submission requirements for Best Indie Game:

  1. A game shouldn’t be released on any platforms during the submission deadline.
  • Steam page is allowed
  • Early Access is not allowed
  • Public beta on private website is allowed
  1. Having an investment is acceptable.
  2. You must own 100% of your IP, even if you have a publisher.
  3. Sequels are not allowed.
  4. Only teams with 5 people or smaller can submit their game (including game designers, artists, programmers, both full-time and part-time).

If you don’t fit the criterias listed above, you сan submit your game to any other nominations!

Gain recognition in the industry, get prizes from sponsors which include iPhones, consoles and other cool gadgets. All the games will be evaluated by game industry professionals.

You can read more about DevGAMM Awards and game submission requirements on DevGAMM Awards page on our website.

You need a ticket to submit your game to DevGAMM Awards.