Carola Berens about level design in Battlefield 1

By October 4, 2017News

We have a surprise for those of you who really like epic battles, wars, heavy tanks, and armoured tracks. Join us at this fantastic session on Battlefield 1, the game which takes place during World War 1. Are you ready to fight for your life? Let’s see what you’re made of.

Carola Berens will give a talk at DevGAMM Minsk called ‘Life and Death on the Battlefield’. Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. In this session, Carola will touch on the AI improvements in the BF1 singleplayer campaign. She is going to explain what kind of systems they used for that. And she will share all the difficulties of development they faced with.

The challenge in BF1 was to bring the epic scale of conflict that the Great War represented to the player while illustrating the human aspect of each soldier.

Carola is going to touch on the 3-tier AI system used in the BF1 singleplayer campaign, its successes, limitations and drawbacks. You’ll also learn more about the Dynamic World system used to systemically occupy Idle AI. But that’s not all, she’ll share the information about the Pathlink navigation system that allows AI to conditionally traverse non-pathfinding areas and objects.

Carola is a senior game designer at EA DICE. She has worked on the new Star Wars Battlefront II, Battlefield 1, Need For Speed 2015, NFS Rivals, The Secret World, Age of Conan, Anno 1404, and several Grand Theft Autos at studios EA DICE, EA Ghost, Funcom, Ubisoft Related Designs, and Rockstar Games Lincoln.

Come and join us at DevGAMM Minsk 2017. Meet Carola and dive into WW1 with Battlefield 1. Take your courage! Buy your tickets now 😉