Here comes a brand-new DevGAMM Minsk Mascot

By October 11, 2017News

Mascot is an integral part of the conference. It creates a special mood, conveys the sense of each activity and helps to feel the warm atmosphere of the event. For this reason, we’re always scrupulous about selecting our new symbol. This year we decided that one of the cutest creatures will represent DevGAMM Minsk 2017 conference.

Let us finally introduce you our squirrel Clyde :)

Two years in a row DevGAMM Minsk mascot is being created by Owl Studio team. FYI Marya Yartseva, one of the studio artists, was the author of our DevGAMM Minsk 2016 unicorn mascot. This time 3 awesome, talented and charming girls volunteered to draw our symbol: Vera Velichko, Elena Butenkova, Kristina Kushner. They like to visit different events as it is a nice opportunity to meet new people and to reach a new development stage.

What inspired the squirrel you see?

The idea was in the air ‘Belarus – Belochka’ (The word ‘belochka’ is transliterated from the Russian language. ‘Squirrel’ in English). Squirrels are cute and fluffy, everyone loves them. E.g. Elena said that its bushy tail is so nice and it looks like a sweet roll :)

Later on, we found out that Belarusian rubles are called ‘squirrels’ (in Russian – ‘belki’). Let’s take it as a cute coincidence :)

How was DevGAMM Mascot created?

Elena drew all the sketches and worked on colors. First of all she created the nature and dynamic of the mascot. Cause the idea was to make it similar to the hyperactive characters from American animated television series The Angry Beavers. After that she worked on the whole look. Here are the first sketches, you can notice some similarity to beavers. But we all agree that the squirrel is way cuter.

There were also real prototypes, that in their way, helped to complete the character. For instance, this image inspired the artist to draw prominent ears.

Some of the details were added in order to enhance the artistic image. Therefore, Elena drew white round borders to create a frank look in the eyes. She also decided to create dark paws, this element helps to easily understand the mascot gestures.

The artists also decided to add a little game industry easter egg on the T-shirt. It is a sort of reference to our mascot’s name. ‘Clyde’ was an orange ghost from a well-known arcade game Pac-Man. So, we think that it is the most appropriate name for the red squirrel.



Kristina, one of the artists, worked on finishing touches. According to sketches and color concepts, she tried to convey the sense of all the conference activities. Kristina worked on postures, facial expressions, and gestures of our mascot to make it clear for everyone who’ll see it. She also tried to separate colors, e.g. it was quite a challenge to draw our red mascot with a yellow cup.

The final sketches of all the activities

Owl Studio is a company which deals with game art outsource and game development. Vera, CEO, Art-director of the studio, shared with us the main ideas behind her team. She compared the environment of the studio with artistic workshops that had their own ideology, and where people wanted to reach some high goals.


Vera Velichko

Long time ago there were artistic workshops. They had their own ideology, goals, people there tought each other, сompeted with each other, hired journeymen, invited or banished artists from their community. People wanted to reach high goals of fine art… It was fun and cool.

Nowadays the traditional fine art is disappearing and its successor Computer Graphics is totally a new trend. Recently, it didn’t even have a name. CG artists are on their own, and they are constantly faced with the information hunger. All these facts really slow down the development of CG.

Our main goal is to create such Computer Graphics workshop that will gather artists of modern time. We not only love games and create art for them but we learn, teach other artists, we give an opportunity for others to progress. Eventually, we want to make a contribution in order to increase the level of gaming CG and develop it till the stage of real art.

We just love to find new people who want to take part in the creation of our mascots. It is a great opportunity for talented artists to get their work in front of other game industry professionals!

Guys, if you would like to become an author of next DevGAMM mascot for conferences in Kyiv or Moscow – contact us at

P.S. We’ve also prepared new cool stickers with our mascot Clyde
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