Flash GAMM!


Flash GAMM announces the best flash game contest among the participants of the conference!

  • The flash game presented may be of any genre and stage of development.
  • The games are accepted from independent developers, small studios, and large companies.
  • Each participant is free to send an unlimited number of games.
  • Social games are also accepted for the contest, in this case the link to the title is to be specified in the commentary.
  • The games are admitted till May 9, 14:00 (GMT +2) inclusive.
  • The winner is chosen by the jury – the representatives of different companies of gaming industry.


1. Best game
The winners are chosen in three categories: independent developers, studios, companies.

2. The most creative game
Unconventional gameplay, unusual visuals, any new ideas.

3. Future hit
The game which to our jury’s view may become a future bestseller.
Unfinished games of test game levels are nominated for the award.

4. Women’s choice
The game is selected by a women’s focus-group which take part in testing the casual games developed by Absolutist.

5. Audience Choice Award
The best game to the participants’ point of view.
The voting will be held during the work of the conference.

Special nominations

@Mail.Ru announces special nomination of the Flash GAMM best game contest!

“Best Application for My.Mail.Ru”

The winner will be chosen according to the following catgories:

  • the fullest application of API
  • original idea
  • popularity among the users
  • monetization or its perspectives

Minimal product requirements:

  • the application has to be launched in My.Mail.Ru
  • the application has to correspond with the Submission Rules:
  • the application has to be user-friendly and of high quality
  • the application has to pass the moderation and be published in the catalogue
  • the application has to use API in both modes: obtaining information and information record, i.e. to interact actively with My.Mail.Ru.

The prize for the winner in the nomination - XBOX 360 Elite and a certificate for free 25 000 000 advertisement rotations.


Our congratulations to all the winners of the games contest. Here is their list:

Best game (company) – «Sky2Fly», Aivik
Best game (studio) – «Aquarium», FRIENDS
Best game (indie) – «Mining Truck», Антон Карлов

The award for the win in this nomination for each category is ,Nintendo Wii Sports,.

The camera PowerShot Canon A1100 IS was given to GarbuzGames for creation of a Future hit«Zombies Rebellion».

Vadim Starygin with his «Mi Adventures» was chosen the fist in The most creative game nomination and took a digital photo frame Sony DPF-E72.

As for the glamorous strass ornamented camera Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T20, it was presented to Albymedia and their game «Driving Kids» as the award in Women Choice nomination.

Audience Choice Award (mp3 плеер Samsung YP-T10AB) went to Vizor Interactive for the game «UNIT-ONLINE».

Finally, the game Temptation was named the Best Application for My.Mail.Ru, so its developer – Evolution – got XBOX 360 Elite and a certificate for free 25 000 000 advertisement rotations. !

The winning games yoг may see below. Аnd desided to be our prize sponsor at further conferences.

Thanks to all the participants. Send your games for the next game contest at Flash GAMM Kyiv 2010, fixed for the first December weekend.


Winner - Best game (studio)
Name: Aquarium

Description: Whelcome to a bight cartoon aquarium where sea dwellers swim along with really social fish from different subcultures, from glamorous to emo and punk. In the Aquarium shop you’ll find a decent variety of thematic settings for creating a unique water world.

Category: Studio

Name: Bubbles

Description: Save the fish.

Author: KaiHatsu
Category: Company

Name: Snowflakes

Description: An arcade game where you are to light dim snowflakes with the one which is bright and full of energy.

Author: AIKOS
Category: Studio

Name: 3 crystals

Description: Colored crystals are moving from the bottom to the top of the play field. A player is to click on the field to remove the figures of three or more neighboring crystals.

Author: AIKOS
Category: Studio

Name: Mission on Mars

Description: You run a military robot and struggle with technological Mars novelties.

Author: AIKOS
Category: Studio

Name: Snowball fight

Description: You play for one of two yard teams. There are only three of you but the opposite team increases with each other level. To pass a level you have to defeat all the rivals thus hitting each of then three times. Throw snow balls and evade that of your enemies. The strongest wins!

Author: AIKOS
Category: Studio

Name: Supermarket Management

Description: Colorful time-management game in supermarket set.
The online game is developed by ITPremium to order for Playful Age company. Copyright (c) 2006-2009 Playful Age.

Author: ITPremium
Category: Company

Name: That’s my car

Description: 3D racing for social networks (demo) Wide tuning and aerography possibilities. You8 friends as your rivals. Publishing the photos of the users’ cars in albums, on the walls and widgets. The game is being developed using Alternativa Platform technology.

Author: MANGET
Category: Studio

Name: Heartmania

Description: Present hearts to your friends and sweethearts and learn how deeply they love you.

Author: 7Social
Category: Company

Name: Friends for show

Description: Think off creative answers to funny questions about your friends! Almost 3 million users in Vkontakte network.

Author: 7Social
Category: Company

Name: Death Racers

Description: Punk style racing shooter with isometric graphics and pre-render 3D models. Special credits to Martine Spaans and Elliot Curtis.

Author: Vadim Ledyaev
Category: Indie

Name: Wartime Trade:canned fish

Description: Space trade simulator. Three oppressed galaxies are looking forward for a player’s help. Instructions: WASD+mouse, H – launch a rocket, F – switch on anti-rocket system, M – blow a smart-bomb.

Author: Dmitriy Bogdanov
Category: Indie

Name: Escape the Hell - First Blood

Description: Underground demons have captured the last Elvish tribe! Those who remained free decide release the prisoners.

Author: WitegArtStudio
Category: Studio

Name: Cold Space

Description: A shooter in mysterious and hostile depths of the far space. First level demo.

Author: Talium Corr
Category: Indie

Name: Wrong Block

Description: Find and remove the blocks interfering with making a chain of three or more tiles of the same color. Collect crystals and artifacts and use ancient oriental magic in this colorful and dynamic game! Look for the blocks surrounded by three or more neighbors of the same color and click them not waiting for the rest to fall. To remove a crystal or a part of an artifact let it move to reach the bottom за the play field. A demo version specially for FlashGAMM.

Author: the Game Telegraph
Category: Studio

Name: Submarine Vs. Aliens

Description: A cool one button shooter with great variety of aliens and weapons! The submarine follows the mouse and shoots automatically in the direction opposite to its movement. If you wish you may fix the sight holding down SPACE or CTRL button, though it’s no recommended. Left click drops a bomb which explodes with the second click. Hey, aliens, hold on!

Author: the Game Telegraph
Category: Studio

Winner – Women Choice
Name: Driving Kids

Description: Driving Kids is a safe and creative massively multiplayer online game for preschool and early-school kids. Driving Kids MMO was designed in the edutainment genre and is full of mini-games and activities that introduce kids to the interactive World of Learning.

Author: Albymedia
Category: Company

Name: Animal racing

Description: Take part in African animals racing! Choose an elephant, zebra, lion, giraffe or hyena and forth to glory!

Author: A-Z Games
Category: Company

Name: Speed League

Description: Speed League – street racing with photorealistic graphics, with great variety of car models, full scope for tuning and other adjustments, breathtaking race visualization and a lots of social functions.

Author: KramBamBoo!
Category: Studio

Name: In Pizzeria 2.0

Description: In Pizzeria 2.0 is an updated version of the popular game and social networks service. Over 70 ingredients for pizza, full integration with VKontakte network through “albums” and “walls”. Send a pizza to a friend!

Author: KramBamBoo!
Category: Studio

Name: RoBox

Description: Your objective is to make up a picture of squares rotating the elements of the puzzle.

Author: Alexander Puzeyev
Category: Indie

Name: Mushroomer

Description: In this colorful game you are to move a pre-historic man, overcome different obstacles and collect all the mushrooms on each level. The character has a remarkable hammer to crash any stone blocks and clear the way. Treacherous traps, three types of monsters and various mechanisms are in store for you.

Author: Anton Karlov
Category: Indie

Name: Spiderbot

Description: Dynamic platformer where a player is to control a robot and collect all the gears to open the door. Spiderbot will face a lot of traps on his way.
Instructions: WASD or arrows for movement, left click for laser, R – reset. The game is still in development (completion 90%).

Author: Device
Category: Studio

Name: Kittens

Description: Little frolic kittens petting, playing with a ball and… fashion. They even have their own fashion designer and fashion magazine.
All they need is love and attention. They enjoy receiving guests and meeting friend in the park to exchange «Murrr!»

Author: BIT Creative,
Category: Company

Name: Rounds: memory game

Description: One by one white rounds appear on the screen. You are to guess the last one.

Author: Andryuha Timonov
Category: Indie

Name: AfraFly

Description: Help little Kiwi to return home and it will repay your kindness ;)

Author: Vladislav Kulik
Category: Indie

Name: Memento Manhunt

Description: Memento Manhunt is a remake of the popular Manhunt (Rockstar Games). Those who have played it are familiar with the main principle: hide yourself in the shadow and attack your enemies with various sophisticated instruments of slaughter. The enemies are rather strong, so, facing them is challenging. That is why your task is to slip quietly and render your rivals harmless coolly. Your rivals’ AI reacts to noise and cooperate, thus you should draw their attention away and move in the shadow. The character may interact with the environment. This version includes two new episodes.

Author: Igor ximx
Category: Indie

Winner – Future hit
Name: Zombies Rebellion

Description: Absolutely outstanding mice(!) shooter! War between cats and mice has reached its apogee!

Author: GarbuzGames
Category: Company

Name: Creepy Cooking

Description: It looks horrible but tastes perfectly! Try one of our brand new cooking games.

Author: GarbuzGames
Category: Company

Name: Screw the Nut

Description: Is it difficult to screw the nut…? Try this new addicting puzzle game.

Author: GarbuzGames
Category: Company

Name: A-island

Description: Welcome to the world of islands.

Author: LUNO Games
Category: Company

Name: Red Storm Student!

Description: You will be sent to Mars as a member of a task group. Your mission is important, difficult and top secret. Artificial intelligence of Lenin Soviet Mars base has refused to obey the Earth Central Command. You are to enter the base and learn the reason of the failure. The robots from the former base guard will try to interfere with you, so, you’ll have to annihilate them. EXECUTE THE ORDER! Instructions: W,S,A,D - navigation. Mouse target, left click to shoot!

Author: Vadim Starygin
Category: Indie

Name: Favorite boutique

Description: Open your own boutique – manage it, follow fashion seasons, choose clothes and footwear collections, present true exclusives, earn money and gain experience. Stylish customers are alredy standing in a queue.

Author: A-Z Games
Category: Company

Name: Dinopark

Description: You think there’s no place for wonders in the modern world? Then hurry up to open your own Dinopark!

Author: A-Z Games
Category: Company

Name: Piastres!

Description: A multiplayer pirate browser game for social networks developed by one person only.

Author: Alexey “ancle” Fedotov
Category: Indie

Name: Lost world

Description: A neat colorful mybrute about prehistoric people. Perfect visuals and true animation is what marks it out of the mass.

Author: BigFoot Games
Category: Company

Name: Gluey

Description: The blobs are trapped, and only you can free them. Click groups of them to make them disappear, and use special items to improve your score!

Instructions: Click on blobs to remove them. Combine blobs to get a higher score.

Author: Sergey Batishchev
Category: Indie

Winner – The most creative game
Name: Mi Adventures

Description: Help little Mi to collect color balls. Gather all of them avoiding hostile gears and using your store of energy to accelerate or change Mi’s trajectory. Your task is as simple as touching the display to cause Mi’s dividing in two. But don’t forget that each level has a limited number of Mis on the screen. You can also adjust Mi’s division angle by pressing the indicator in the lower corner of the screen.

Author: Vadim Starygin
Category: Indie

Name: Vacation Mogul


Your rich uncle makes you an incredible present – a resort on one of Fiji Islands. The only problem is that it’s been along time that someone took a proprietary interest in it. The resort needs new beach chairs, better hotel service, interesting animation program for tourists and certainly new resort zones!

Author: Alawar
Category: Company

Name: Azgard Defence

Description: Azgard Defence is a catching strategy where you have to form a battle line to defend your castle. Numerous crowds of dangerous creatures try to occupy the territory of Azgard. Your task is to choose the best defence towers and their combinations and earn as much money as possible!

Author: MoreGames
Category: Studio

Name: Fly

Description: Just kill the fly.

Author: Valeriy Pesetskiy
Category: Indie

Name: BioMass

Description: Surviving Armageddon and post apocalyptical hunger is now fun and addictive because of Biomass! It has a unique gameplay combining two puzzle mechanics, handmade plasticine graphics, challenging bonus system and two game modes How to play: Click on a cell to infect same color cells touching red areas and to produce biomass. Collect biomass lines to prevent overload and test tube explosion. Collect more biomass lines by a click to get more food.

Category: Indie

Name: Street Racing

Description: Draw your attention to the platform integration:
- The picture in widget is a full-fledged preview of the user’s car with all the tuning, colors, labels and tinting.
- The picture in corresponds to the make of the car.

Author: Siliz Ltd.
Category: Company

Name: In Tank

Description: Do you like superpower cannons, roar of engines and clatter of the tracks? Drive a tank on the battlefield. Improve the armour between fights. Struggle in multiplayer!

Author: Ino-Co Plus
Category: Company

Winner – Best Application for My.Mail.Ru
Name: Temptation

Description: Temptation is a glamorous dance city! Move the stones and dance with your friends. Mini-games, intriguing presents, job ladder and original storyline. Become famous and popular!

Author: Evolution
Category: Company

Name: Magic

Description: Magic is a fabulous and colorful MMORPG. It’s pure Art. Nice and sometimes kawai. Crowds of various creatures, mass of game tasks, unchildish humor, stepped battle system and arenas.

Author: Q1
Category: Company

Name: Rat Burning

Description: Burn as many rats as you can for 30 seconds! The game is recommended to be played to In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg . Developed while having spare time using War.Ru graphics.

Author: Q1
Category: Company

Name: Blow your wages off your boss

Description: Are you fed up with pay delays? Relax and blow the money off your boss. Don’t feel pity, hit! Sponsored by and developed for the New Year.

Author: Exey Panteleev
Category: Indie

Name: Rich Mine

Description: The objective of each level is to collect all gems.
Throw a pick to shoot down the gems and catch them with the barrow truck.
Aim carefully because the number of the picks is limited.
Beware of ghosts, spiders and bats. They can steal a pick.

Set the throwing power and direction by moving the mouse away or towards the origin of the arrow.
CLICK to throw a pick.
Control the barrow truck movements by moving the mouse to the left or to the right over the scene.

Author: buagaga, dedpbIxto
Category: Indie

Winner – Audience Choice Award

Description: UNIT-ONLINE is a free browser MMORPG in post-nuclear style. The action takes place in the middle of the 21st century on the territory of the former USSR. The dwellers of Nizhneatomsk – a research town which has survived the destruction during a nuclear war – and its suburbs are trying to adapt to new living conditions and create a new state on the base of their.

A unique FLASH-engine is used in the game to make it maximally close to paid client games. Main action is real-time and takes place on a huge play map without seams and location transitions.

Author: Vizor Interactive
Category: Company

Name: Civiballs 2

Description: Cut chains and ropes to drop all the color balls in the amphora of the corresponding color.

Author: Andrey Kovalishin
Category: Indie

Name: Joe the Dodger

Description: Click on barrel zones to dodge.

Category: Indie

Name: Treasurement

Description: Click on barrel zones to dodge.

Category: Indie

Name: Yummmer

Description: You are a Yummer, the Predator. Click on pop-eyed balls to eat them and make all of the same color adjoining you Predators. Collect Yummers lines to prevent overload and Armageddon.

Category: Indie

Name: Fashion week

Description: The game offers you to try yourself as a fashion designer. Get an opportunity to create your own articles of 1000 elements, estimate other players’ efforts, arrange cross fashion shows, etc. The main goal of a player is to appear on a cover for his talent to be admitted by huge playing audience.

Author: Kefir
Category: Company

Name: Picture Cubes

Description: Putting cubes together to make a picture.

Author: bugaga
Category: Indie

Winner - Best game (indie)
Name: Mining Truck

Description: Arcade race with realistic physical model where a player has to finish first and manage to deliver the lading safe and sound.

Author: Anton Karlov
Category: Indie

Название: Ninja Ball

Description: Ninja Ball is out on a mission: to collect a bunch of stars that are hiding in a world of 20 crazy levels. Use the rope to jump around.
Instructions: ARROW or WASD keys to move, SPACE to shoot Ninja rope.

Author: Alexander Fedoseev
Category: Indie

Name: Ninja Ball Control Training

Description: Prepare for Ninja Ball by going through the Control Training! This challenging and fun training course will surely prepare you for the great adventure of Ninja Ball.
Instructions: ARROW or WASD keys to move, SPACE to shoot Ninja rope.

Author: Alexander Fedoseev
Category: Indie

Winner - Best game (company)
Name: Sky2Fly

Description: Free online game Sky2Fly is:
• True-to-life 3D in your browser
• Dynamic battles with steep turns
• Detonating mixture of steem-punk, science fiction, pirate adventures and fairy heaven fantasies.
• Wonderful Sky world where huge dandelions go along with bloodthirsty pirates, and giant trees with flying lilies and orchids live grow among frightful with Zloboyozhes, Musorogs and Hameloroys.
• For confronting parties: Church of Expiation, University, Merchant Guild and Strays. Who will you and your clan side with?
• Many-sided character development: improve your skills, modify your ship, equip it with technical innovations, gather a gang of most desperate thugs and daredevils!
• Sky Dwellers live their own life: three-meter bees collect nectar, albatrosses chase flying fish, poisonous stsifozoys watch their prey.
• Travel with friends: fight the pirates, perform single, group or mass assignments, explore the Cloud Labyrinth full of dangers challange terrible bosses (eg, flying cachalot!).
• Wars of clans and guilds as one has to fight for a place under the sun has even in the Sky! Create your clan and join the struggle for the deposits of volatile gas and other resources, create flying platforms, factories and stores, get involved into in the intrigues of the four guilds.

Author: Aivik

Category: Studio

Name: Saakashvilly Mission

Description: The idea of the game appeared after the events of 2008 in South Ossetia. Informational blockade of the West and presentation of their own “truth” stirred up indignation and a wish to reveal the true Saakashvilly. Instead of splashing thousand words in forums we decided to make a game.
The objective is throw Saakashvilly back from Tskhinval to Georgia as far as possible.

Author: Kefir

Category: Company

Name: Cover Orange Players Pack

Description: Protect an orange and an apple from a malicious cloud.

Author: Johnny-K, AntonK

Category: Indie

Name: Swat 2012: Heroic defence

Description: The game is social version of the game Foyle presenting the same mix of crimsonland and tower defence, but with your friends as companions and buying weapons by SMS.

Author: MobMentality
Category: Company

Name: Guitar Hero

Description: This project is still in its development but I hope it will become a hit.
You play your guitar and enjoy the process as if it was in reality.
Over 70 various tunes, possibility to add new ones using tune editor. The system of power-ups include 4 skills which can be improved as you progress. So, take your time.

Author: Vitaliy Balanyuk

Category: Indie

Name: 10 Talismans

Description: Match 3 game with lot of different bonuses and power-ups.

Author: The online game is developed by ITPremium to order for Nevosoft company.
Copyright © 2007-2009 Nevosoft.

Category: Company

Name: Boggle

Description: Player is to compose words using random set of 16 letters in short period of time.

Author: The online game is developed by ITPremium to order for iWin company.
Copyright © 2005-2009 iWin.

Category: Company

Name: Jewel Quest Solitaire II

Description: Solitaire with rich story line requiring some strategy abilities from player.

Author: The online game is developed by ITPremium to order for iWin company.
Copyright © 2005-2009 iWin.

Category: Company

Name: Rainbow Mystery

Description: Hexagonal variant of match 3 puzzle featuring two game modes, so player may relax or play against computer’s artificial intelligence.

Author: The online game is developed by ITPremium to order for SugarGames company.
Copyright © 2007-2009 Sugargames.

Category: Company

Name: Eridan Invadors (ММО)

Description: Eridan Invadors is a wonderful world where one can find real friends, enjoy his time and get full with positive emotions.

Upon the registration a user gets a new but quick-growing city to govern. The development of your city is really a science both plain and absorbing. As time passes the empire will consist of a number of cities.

This world has no strict limits, so that you are free to choose any strategy. The choice provided is really wide – whether you wish to become a courageus warrior, an experienced diplomat, a dishonest robber or a skillfull trader. There combinations are so multible that anyone may find that unique he takes to.

Author: Astrum (Flash – Alexander Kozlovsky)

Category: Company

Name: Red & Blus Balls 2

Description: The Red and Blue Balls are back! This time, they need even more help to succeed in their adventure.

Author: Red Ball Studio

Category: Indie

Name: Paris Hilton on a diet

Description: Turn aside of food or Paris will get on. Collect hearts to grow thin. Keep on as long as you can!

Author: Evgeniy Yaylenko

Category: Indie

Name: Red Ball 2

Description: Bigger, better, stronger, cuter…and more lost than ever. Red Ball 2 is here!

Author: Red Ball Studio

Category: Indie




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