Flash GAMM!


Flash GAMM announces the best flash game contest!

  • The flash game presented may be of any genre and stage of development.
  • The games are accepted from independent developers, small studios, and large companies.
  • Each participant is free to send an unlimited number of games.
  • Social games are also accepted for the contest, in this case the link to the title is to be specified in the commentary.
  • The games are admitted till April 29, 14:00 (GMT +2) inclusive.
  • The winner is chosen by the jury – the representatives of different companies of gaming industry.


1. Best game
The winners are chosen in three categories: independent developers, studios, companies.

Best game (company) – «Zombie Farm», Vizor Interactive
Best game (studio) – «Doom Forge», Xenao Games
Best game (indie) – «Cloudy», Eugeniy Yailenko

2. The most creative game
Unconventional gameplay, unusual visuals, any new ideas.

Winner: «Black Thing», Karma Team

3. Future hit
The game which to our jury’s view may become a future bestseller.
Unfinished games of test game levels are nominated for the award.

Winner: «Snail Bob 2», Andrey Kovalishin, Maksim Yurchenko

4. Women’s choice
The game is selected by a women’s focus-group which take part in testing the casual games developed by Absolutist.

Winner: «Aqua 3D», Aqua 3D

5. Audience Choice Award
The best game to the participants’ point of view.
The voting will be held during the work of the conference.

Winner: «Cursed Treasure», IriySoft

6. Best product placement title
The games has to contain other companies’ brands.

Winner: «Chicco-puzic»,

7. Best game for mobile devices
The games admitted for the category has to be created for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android platforms.

Winner: «Tap The Frog», Playfo

8. The most steady game
The winner is chosen among the lynched games by the audience votes after the end of the game-lynch.

Winner: «Splitter Pals», Evgeniy Karatayev

9. The most Hooligan developer:)
Special nomination from Hooligans

Winner: Pitergames

10. The most peculiar developer :)
Special nomination from Odnoklassniki

Winner: Animuba

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Winner – Best game (company)
Title: Zombie Farm

Description: Fed up with farming and slaying endless zombie armies? Then head your own zombie army and make it dig the patches instead of you! Then everyone would be happy. In order to turn a desert island into a prosperous Zombie Farm, you need to have brains, better someone’s else. Apart of tasty brains, ancient treasure chests, unusual plants and potions, magic elixirs recipes, rarity collections and much more is in store for you!

Author: Vizor Interactive
Category: Company

Title: Mech Warrior

Description: The Earth, 2011. After the apocalypse, people grouped into several clans struggling for the remaining resources. The atmosphere is polluted with radioactive fallouts, thus, moving around is only possible in special proof machines – maches. Now it’s up to you to choose a clan and fight till the end against real players. During the game you can upgrade the characteristics and armory of your robot. Complete different missions to improve your rating and get an opportunity to take a better mach.

Author: Dmitry Оsin
Category: Indie

Winner – Audience Choice Award
Title: Cursed Treasure

Description: The game of Tower Defence ganre with a few interesting inventions in the gameplay.
Help the evil forces to keep the jewels safe from pushy peasants, knights and heroes who don’t give up the attempts to seize them. The towers of orcs, demons and undead creatures are at your disposal. Grow and win in praise of the Dark!

Аuthor: IriySoft
Category: Studio

Title: Stark Raving Ted

Description: 2012. Alien invaders have conquered the Earth. They turn us into zombies. They kill us with their machines. All the survivors seek refuge… everyone except me. My name is Ted. I’m going to annihilate them! Gameplay: side view shooter. Features: large levels, variety of enemies and weapons, upgrades and additional missions. Controls: Mouse – targeting and shooting, WASD – moving, E – applying.

Аuthor: Oleg Antipov
Category: Indie

Title: Living Legend

Describtion: Change the appearance and upgrade your character. Fight your friends and accidental opponents! Prove to be worth calling a Legend!

Аuthor: Andrey Berestovskiy
Category: Indie

Title: Collapse It

Describtion: A physic puzzle splashed with blood. Drop mines, blast buildings and kill all those miserable people.

Аuthor: Constantin Boronenkov
Category: Indie

Title: New Season.

Description: A simulator of gathering mushrooms and cooking. Be the first to make the round of the fattest places and prepare delicious food. Hurry up to the wood and become the best mushroomer.

Author: Game Universe
Category: Studio

Title: Aquarium

Description: Fishing and aquarium simulator. 
Become the best fisherman and create your own Aquarium. But you have to catch all its inhabitants yourself. Widen your collection of fishes, catch them in your friend’s waters, receive and make presents.

Author: Game Universe
Category: Studio

Winner – The most Hooligan developer
Title: Trollface Launch

Describtion: Trollface Launch is a ridiculous hand-drawn launch game. The goal is to upgrade Trollface with body, legs, hands, accelerators etc (19 upgrade items). After buying all upgrades – you can reach the powerfull $1000000 upgrade. Trollface image is used with personal permission of Whynne (creator of Trollface).

Аuthor: Pitergames
Category: Indie

Title: Guess the Tune

Description: An interesting and addicting game. The players spread into different halls with the music of a specific trend. The task is to guess the tune and choose the right answer.

Author: EVA Studio
Category: Company

Winner – The most peculiar developer
Title: Sneaking

Description: What would you do if you saw a strange creature carrying presents? It wouldn’t be polite to come up and ask, so, you’d better sneak and follow it. Try not to get carried away with this game, or you will be dragged into those strange hills.

Author: Animuba
Category: Studio

Title: Sleeping and Sneaking

Description: Just as expected, the Sneaking got trapped in the fairy world. He couldn’t find the road back or simply didn’t want to. He is now head over ears in the magic world affairs and is mixed up with three odd girls.

Author: Animuba
Category: Studio

Title: Fly to sabbath

Description: Visit a witches’ sabbath in a night forest to celebrate Halloween to the fullest.

Author: Animuba
Category: studio

Title: Mouse time machine

Description: Mouse attack is still threatening. The whole forest is now under their control, and the New Year won’t come without them. Catch a mouse and thrust it into a hollow. That’s the ideology of a forest protector, and this protector is you.

Author: Animuba
Category: studio

Title: Earthtris

Description: Earthtris (Zemletris) is a new variant of tetris game. Your aim is to place the elements on the ground in a proper way and gain as large score as possible.

Author: Lopatatech
Category: company

Title: Traffic Mogul

Description: In this game you are to expand your transport business, buy new trailers, realize cargo carriages to different cities, build service stations and motordroms, etc. See to goods at stores and fuel at gasoline tanks. The game is on stage of beta-testing and adding new features.

Author: Funny Bear Studio
Category: studio

Winner – The most steady game
Title: Splitter Pals

Description: Saw wood, collect stars and search for the wayout.

Аuthor: Evgeniy Karatayev
Category: Indie

Winner – The most creative game
Title: Black Thing

Description: A mysterious and gooey adventure platformer. Each level is exciting and puzzlingly different.

Аuthor: Karma Team
Category: studio

Winner – Best product placement title
Title: Chicco-puzic

Description: A family-friendly browser online game. The aim is the upbringing of a child under three. The growth is bound to 3 parameters: health, intelligence and emotional development. The games features many objects to interact with, pets, shop, yard, as well as flexible score system relying on the 3 parameters. As you complete the game, you take part in a prize drawing! 

Category: Company

Winner – Best game (indie)
Title: Cloudy

Discription: A puzzle arcade where you are to track your route to the plane, gather all the stars and escape all the dangers moving the key points.

Аuthor: Eugeniy Yailenko
Category: indie

Title: Football deFans

Discription: You think you can stop them … prevent fights of fans in new tower defense

Аuthor: sgames
Category: Studio

Title: Goddess

Description: Goddess is not merely an online game – it’s a whirl of of feelings and emotions, a firework of gifts and compliments, exquisite style and refined graphics. Forget about daily routine to learn what it feels to be a Goddess!

Author: Ideal Bureaucracy
Category: Company

Winner – Women’s choice
Title: Aqua 3D

Description: Aqua 3D is a 3D social simulation game. Plunge into adventure in a beautiful underwater world. Play Hidden Object with fish and practice selection

Author: Aqua 3D
Category: Studio

Title: Red Ball 3

Description: Physic platformer with 20 levels. Drive the ball to the flag collecting the stars.

Author: Evgeniy Fedoseyev
Category: Indie

Title: Daddy Penguin

Description: Daddy Penguin is a simple and cute game for kids and their parents. It’s a story of a selfless farther who keeps on diving for his ever hungry nestlings. Every time it brings them a portion of food, they gulp it down and ask for more!

Help Daddy Penguin take care of his chicks.

Catch fish and bring it to the little ones.
Apply your wit: the most delicious fishes are sometimes hard to reach.
Think off the route – you have to gather all of them until you are out of oxygen. beware poisonous jelly-fish and toothy predators.
Enjoy antarctic diving to beautiful ambient music.

iTunes: Papa Penguin

Author: Ideal Bureaucracy
Category: Studio

Title: Barsik wants fish!

Description: Do underwater cats eat octopuses? What should one do with a rainbow fish and what is the enamoured crab about?:) Rotate fishes making chains and feed the tom-cat.

Аuthor: Animuba
Category: studio

Title: Zombie Launcher

Description: Shoot zombies and gather oranges.

Аuthor: Wheemplay
Category: company

Winner – Best game (studio)
Title: Doom Forge

Description: Doom Forge is the first fantasy 3D game at Facebook, where everyone can become a brave warrior at the field of glory.

Author: Xenao Games
Category: Studio

Title: nChess

Description: A chess board is no more a battlefield of two minds. In nChess you can create a game for any number of players. Imagine the possibilities of the queen on a board with more than just two diagonals. More squares, more chessmen, more moves and combinations.

Author: Nikolay Kamenyuk
Category: Indie

Title: Pandalicious!

Description: Build the longest path, starting from a precious panda in the center! Make your score the highest possible to feel pandalicious! Relax and forget about everything in the magic atmosphere of the quiet bamboo forest!
iTunes: Pandalicious!

Author: Lilium Games 

Title: Maya Mojo

Description: Maya Mojo brings something absolutely new and unique in a boring genre of “three-in-line”. Move elements according to direction signs to collect at least 3 figures nearby, what there to tell about «three-in-line». You think that it will be simple? Try it yourself while the shaman executes the ritual dance under a corresponding melody.
iTunes: Maya Mojo

Author: Lilium Games 

Title: FL-Race

Description: 3D Flash race. Buy different cars, tune and upgrade them. Challenge your friends for a race and play in real 3D!

Author: Dmitry Оsin 
Category: Indie

Title: Bowling with Friends

Description: Play real 3D bowling with your friends. Compete and earn coins.

Author: ManGet  
Category: Studio

Title: Behold: Beings!

Description: Experimental micro-strategy about cute tiny creatures. A player is to choose the battle tactics, allocate the forces and watch the desperate face-off. The game is in the development stage. The current version is being tested. Actual version are testing on

Author: OUEO factory  
Category: Studio

Title: Catch the Candy

Description: A fluffy one wants a candy. Help it reach the sweets with the help of a rope. Sway, pull and push away different objects as you make your way through 50 physic puzzles.
Author: Alexander Fedoseyev

Title: Human Juice

Description: Maya Mojo brings something absolutely new and unique in a boring genre of “three-in-line”. Move elements according to direction signs to collect at least 3 figures nearby, what there to tell about «three-in-line». You think that it will be simple? Try it yourself while the shaman executes the ritual dance under a corresponding melody.
iTunes: Human Juice

Author: OUEO factory  

Title: Fashion house

Description: In this game you will learn to produce clothes of green textiles. Start your fashion house and show your collections in the best French boutiques. 90% of users are girls.

Author: Exteer Ltd.  
Category: Company

Title: Fraternity 

Description: Old Spice brand games series.

Author: Keiss Media.   
Category: Company

Title: Jhink-Toy

Description: Experimental logic game which makes you think. Clear the play field moving the columns one tile up or down. When all the columns are through, the rows with the tiles of the same color are cleared.

Author: OUEO factory
Category: Studio

Title: My Kingdom for the Princess 2

Description: Do you think a honeymoon on a tropical island sounds great? But don’t expect to have the time of your life there because noble knights and ladies have no time for rest. On his way Arthur helps people to develop their villages and towns, meet good and evil magicians, wicked witches, charmed strays and other fairy characters. A player has a team of builders, a hunter, a monk, a soldier and a snake catcher. The sequel features new bonuses: a possibility to speed-up the production and reduce the value of labour that widens player’s managing tools. My Kingdom for the Princess 2 includes classic arcade levels. The storyline unveils through a series of well-drawn animated comics.

iTunes: My Kingdom for the Princess 2
Author: NevoSoft

Title: Trafficator

Description: Try to control city traffic in 15 levels with 3 difficulty levels. Try to pass required number of cars from one side of the other side to move on. Controls: Mouse. To stop the cars click on them. Don’t let the cars hit the people, don’t let them crash. Don’t let the traffic jam become too long.

Аuthor: Ilya Yulin
Category: Indie

Title: Search And Destroy: The HotSpot

Describtion: You are a driver of the battle car. Try to search and destroy all enemy targets in 4 levels. Controls: arrow keys or \”awsd\” to move, mouse to aim and fire. Don ‘t forget to watch the trailer

Аuthor: Ilya Yulin
Category: Indie

Title: MotoLife

Description: A MotoTrial with upgrade possibilities and social features.

Author: Galimov Ruslan, Pyhov Roman, Svyatoslav Nicholskyi

Title: Gravistation

Description: A little V-droid travels through infinite space on a large gravitation station. It is an interesting and wonderful gravitation puzzle with the world spinning around you.

Author: Karma Team
Category: Studio

Winner – Best game for mobile devices
Title: Tap The Frog

Description: It is a short but great game to check your reaction. Your objective is to tap frogs to death. Don’t be afraid, the game is approved for children over 4. It is made in a cartoon style and contains no cruelty scenes. 
Various mini-games are meant to challenge players’ skills and reaction. They will require you to pop and pump the frogs, drive them in a car, dial frogs’ numbers, exercise long jumping and darts and even catch flies.
All these odd actions are to be made as quickly and accurately as possible. Any delay results in losing score.

Author: Playfo

Winner – Future hit
Title: Snail Bob 2

Description: Snail Bob  cant’s stay still. This time he has to hurry up through the forest to say happy birthday to his Grandpa.

Author: Andrey Kovalishin and Maksim Yurchenko
Category: Indie



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