The program of conference has been throughly prepared with the help of gaming industry experts.

Petr KharitonovLogo mimimigames

Petr Kharitonov — is a managing partner of Mimimi Games. The most charismatic adviser and organizer of the round table traditionally closing the first day of DevGAMM. It’s he whom we must thank for having at our conference.
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Alex NichiporchikLogo TinyBuild

Alex Nichiporchik — is now a director of tinyBuild GAMES, worked as Innovation Projects Leader at Spil Games for the previous 4 years. He spends his work and leisure time playing games. Since 2010, he’s been moderating and organizing the Game Lynch.

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Sergey KlimovLogo Charlie Oscar

Sergey Klimov is a founder and managing director of Charlie Oscar. He also organizes #GamesNight and is doing a gaming-related podcast #КакДелаютИгры (How Games Are Made).
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Oleg PridiukLogo Unity

Oleg Pridiuk has been breaking mobiles in Unity since Unity iPhone 1.0.1 and grew up to a default goto person for everything mobile. He is using his technical skills along with an irresistible charm and charisma to advocate Eastern Europe of Unity and vice versa.

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Ilja Goossens Logo ChartBoost

Ilja Goossens has been making games since 1999. He has founded two game development companies – Virtual Fairground and Gamundo. Now he is leading the European office for Chartboost, the world’s largest mobile games only technology platform.

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Alexey DavydovLogo Flazm

Alexey Davydov –- has been an indie developer of flash games since 2008. From 2010, he’s been working as director of his own studio and managing the portal. He is an active member of indie game communities, does podcast about indie game development.

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George ZarkuaLogo Инди

George Zarkua — is an indie evangelist from Ukraine. He is a passionate fan of unusual game arts, long-forgotten mechanics and enchanting game atmospheres. He dreams of reincarnation in a body of moose.
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