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«The Value of Collaboration»

Video David Helgason leads Unity Technologies in its mission to democratize game development through the best technology, the best tools, and the best business practices.Helgason has led groundbreaking business innovation for Unity which have revolutionized the games industry and are now widely imitated and adopted. Every day he restlessly leads the global companys future growth by focusing on the basics and channeling how they can lead to global domination. An ex-engineer, technologist, and visionary, Helgason serves on the boards of several games and technology startups, speaks his mind about what he cares about most, and generally tries to make himself useful.

«A Hands-On Guide to Unity’s New GUI System»

Email Video At last! Unity’s brand new GUI system is almost here! Andy will show a hands-on demonstration of how to use it to create polished and interactive UI for your games and applications. He will also show how the UI system can be used to create both screen-space 2D HUD and world-space 3D UI, how it fits in with varying screen resolutions and he will also explain how it has been designed for both graphic designers and programmers to use! Ever since he added physics to 100 cubes and watched them bounce around, Andy Touch has been addicted to experimenting with gaming technology. Having previously taught game development to University students, he is now part of Unity Technologies‘ Evangelism team helping to spread the word of the game engine and to show off what it can do!

«Obvious but Unbelievable: tips & tricks for development with Unity Android»

Email Video Slides Unity removes a lot of pain for android developers. Though it is vital to know how to use this powerful tool-set efficiently. Come and learn these tips & tricks and even more right from Unity Android Team member. Ruslan Grigoryev, Born in USSR, graduated MS in Computer Science in Russia. 10+ years in game development with various companies: from Creat Studios to LG Electronics, with number of released titles: from PC/PS2 to iOS/Android/Brew/J2ME/Symbian. Almost 3 happy years in Unity as a QA for mobile platforms: Android/Windows Phone 8.

«Introducing NVIDIA PhysX3 support in Unity 5.0»

Email Video Anthony will give an overview of what has changed in physics with the Unity 5.0, covering such areas as cloth, vehicles and basic rigid body interaction. Anthony Yakovlev is an experienced game developer and entrepreneur with credits in 10+ console titles and one upcoming big MMO RTS.

«Unity Internals: Memory and Performance»

Email Video Slides In this presentation we will provide in-depth knowledge about the Unity runtime. The first part will focus on memory and how to deal with fragmentation and garbage collection. The second part on performance profiling and optimizations. Finally, there will be an overview of debugging and profiling improvements in the newly announced Unity 5.0. Marco Trivellato is a veteran in the game industry with a strong background in computer science and a passion for programming and videogames. He worked for many years in Italy, Canada and now England. In his time in Vancouver he worked for Electronic Arts and Next Level Games as systems and rendering software engineer on triple-A titles like FIFA, Fight Night 3 and Captain America, spending most of his time on game engines, focusing on their performance and architecture.

«Bring your character alive with Mecanim!»

Email Video An in-dept hands on overview of Mecanim and the new upcoming Mecanim feature from a production viewpoint. Carl’s enthusiasm for gaming builds on 10 years of production and evangelism experience and he loves sharing that enthusiasm with the Unity community. Prior to Unity, Carl Callewaert worked on AAA and indie games and as a contract worker for Autodesk Education.

«Unity 5 – What News is There For You»

Email Video Slides Unity 5 has just been announced and with it, a long list of new and improved features. We’ll talk about internal engine changes and new shiny features, explain the groundbreaking ones and discuss the future of Unity in general. Takeaway: you’ll understand where the Unity 5 is going to, what are the latest trends and ideas of engine development, so you can plan your business accordingly. Oleg Pridiuk has been breaking mobiles in Unity since Unity iPhone 1.0.1 and grew up to a default goto person for everything mobile. He is using his technical skills along with an irresistible charm and charisma to advocate Unity to game developers and vice versa.

Art & Animation

«Preproduction of art in Zeptolab games»

Email Video Slides The speech will take you inside the art pre-production stage on the example of Pudding Monsters and Cut the rope 2: from reference search to ready-made stylistics and setting. You will learn how to carry out this stage with maximum efficiency and bring harmony between visual stylistics and game mechanics. Alexey Atomsky, the leading artist for Zeptolab since 2012. He’s spent last 3 years working on Cut The Rope: Original, Cut The Rope: Experiments, Cut The Rope: Time Travel, Pudding Monsters and Cut The Rope 2. Now, he combines the jobs of leading artist and game designer, dealing with the company’s projects that haven’t been released yet. Before Zeptolab, he worked as a freelancer artist.

«Visual Effects in World of Tanks»

Email Video Slides Textures for visual effects in World of Tanks. How to apply the fundamentals of the theory of color and composition. Visual effects evolution during the projects growth. Features of creating VFX for MMO. Alexander Yatsukevich is in game industry since 1997. He has been working in since it was founded. He was making UI, graphic design, web-coding and visual effects for almost all the projects of the company. Currently Alexander is working on World of Tanks as a VFX Artist.

«Game cinematics. Money waste or important part of success?»

Email Cutscenes (or in-game cinematics) together with a game industry made a long way from a Packman’s primitivism to Assassin Creed’s visual excellence. However the disputes still go on on the subject that prerendered game cinematics will extinct under pressure of cut-scenes produced on real time engines. Is it worth to spend money on expensive computer animation? Vitalijus Zukas, co-founder and CEO of OKTA studio. He has about 20 years of work on a senior management level. About 10 years of work in video and game production industries. 2013 Silver Crane (Local Oscar :) ) nomination for professional mastership VFX Producer of Vanishing Waves best 2013 European fantastic movie (the Gold Mlis in Sitges , 4 awards on Fantastic Fest, Special Mention in Karlovy Vary and etc). Chairman of the Board of Lithuanian Game Developers Association.

«Creation of graphics for Maze and 5734L3R»

Email In his speech, Stas will tell about the process of creating graphics and forming the style of Maze ? 5734L3R – from the search of extraordinary images and experimenting with different styles to creation of locations and game world. Hell also teach you how to get inspiration from psychology, dreams and graphic design, and show the difference between interesting pixel art and good old indie garishness. Stanislav Baturin, an artist and indie game developer. He has worked on the graphics of 5734L3R, Maze, Kripperz, and on the gameplay of Maze and Kripperz projects.

«Which character does a game need?»

Email Video Slides One of the main tasks in game making is creation of game characters. What they should be? What should we know and keep in mind on designing them? Oleg Akimov is a 2D animator working at Nika Entertainment. Hes got 12 years of experience in various directions of media industry and now works on the development of art and animation for 2D games.

«The power of color in games»

Email Video Slides It is well known that it is possible to teach even a monkey how to draw, but not everyone knows how to develop imagination, work in various styles and get the feeling of color. In his speech, Mikhail Pigichka will tell about advantages and disadvantages of artistic education, ways to make use of experience in graphic design, and things to pay attention to during creation of art for your project. Mikhail Pigichka is a Dresden based graphic designer and indie game developer. He started to work as a game artist in 2010 for a german company called Mobile Heroes. Currently, he is an art director of tamagotchi game “Hi Frog” which has been released for iOS and Android devices. In his spare time, he is working on indie project “Hundewache. Dogwatch“.

«Peculiarities of production of graphic content with outsourced staff»

Email Video Slides For those who want to create graphic content with outsourced hands but hesitate to do that for some reason. And for those who already use outsourcing and are willing to improve the way things are done. We will discuss all pros and cons, learn how to make the correct search of contractors, prepare necessary documents, carry out wise planning and coordination of work. We will also talk a little about the quality control as well as financial and legal documents (no thing can be done without it). Just come over, you’ll have fun. Vitaliy Semenov is the leading artist for AlternativaPlatform. He came into the gaming industry in 2009. I play good games and like to make them.

«Outsourcing as a partnership. Tips on hearing and listening to your clients in the 21st century»

Email Video Slides Analysis of game outsourcing experience gained with local and foreign companies. Understanding the client’s needs. Right questions and wrong answers. Based on facts and examples from Natural Selections 2 and Subnautica projects, where Fox3D artists provide their clients with the entire scope of art (from posters to in-game models and LODs). Maxim Mikheenko, Art Producer at Fox3D Studios. His outsourcing career began from the job of 3D artist more than 10 years ago, later going up to art manager and producer positions. Maxim worked on Disciples 3, Borderlands 1/2, Killzone 2, Dragon Age 2, Kinect Adventures, Natural Selection 2. In working hours he builds up the outsourcing direction at Fox3D Studios, with his leisure time dedicated to launch of own mobile projects with his friends (Sky Cups).

Game Design

«Sincere Game Design»

Email Video Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail talks about finding the core design elements in a game idea, how to identify those and how to build on them. Using popular Vlambeer games as example, he’ll explain how Vlambeer went about identifying and executing on their designs. Rami Ismail is the Business & Development Guy at Vlambeer, a Dutch independent game studio known best for Nuclear Throne, Ridiculous Fishing, Super Crate Box, LUFTRAUSERS, GUN GODZ, Serious Sam: The Random Encounter & Radical Fishing. His game Ridiculous Fishing became “iPhone Game of the Year” by Apple Choice in 2013.

«Manifesto of computer game writers»

Description: In todays development reality, the questions and conflicts related to the work of script writers arise more and more often. Who is the right person to hire? In what way should one work with a script writer, and which pipeline to use? How can one control the work of a script writer, and where should the margins of his creativity lie? At which point and when comes the last time for granting the credit of professional trust? The speech will touch on these and some other acute issues dedicated to the Manifesto of computer game script writers.
Email The biggest talent of Nikolay Dybovskiy is sleeping. It is in sleep, when he is most productive, makes the most valuable decisions and gives the most prominent instructions. He sleeps for 14 hours each day at the average. The longest recorded sleeping session lasted for 31 hours and a half. Since 2001 up to date, hes been the CEO at Ice-Pick Lodge. In 2005 they released Pathologic, in 2007 – The Void, in 2009 – modification of The Void, in 2011 – Cargo! The Quest for Gravity, in 2013 – Knock-Knock.
Email Video Slides Maria Kochakova has been a narrative designer and script writer of computer games since 2011. She took part in the development of social games: Piraty. Sunduk Mertvetsa, Rayskii Sad, Malinovka; mobile games: “Jungle Heat” and “Knight Girl”, ??? RPG “Tanat Online” and “Skyforge”. Currently, she is working on her own project – “Message Quest”.

«Peculiarities of creating music for childrens games»

Email Video How to record sounds and make music for a childrens game, how to enthrall a child and make your brand noticeable to parents.In her speech, Yekaterina will try to provide answers to all of these questions, resorting to well-known childrens games and her own experience. Yekaterina Kuzmenko works at Strategic music since 2003 and is the co-founder of the company. She is a composer and sound producer. Participated in a number of studios projects, wrote music and recorded a symphony orchestra for War Thunder project.

«Practical magic for game designers: how to make your game sound»

Email Video Slides Ways to influence users with the power of sound, how to cooperate with sound producers and things to be noted in the first place if youre a game designer engaged in game voice-over. The secret knowledge and helpful hints. Irina Nikitina, (Ressa Schwarzwald) entered the gaming industry in 2009, has made voice-overs for more than 40 games by now. She is participating in development of Legends of Eisenwald by Aterdux Entertainment as a composer and sound producer. In her free time, Irina practices mobile game designing.

«Handmade storytelling»

Email Video Slides Inside knowledge for game developers on how to create an interesting game storyline if you are not a script writer. What a protagonist, antagonist and orchestration should look like, how to break a three-act system and what is the right place for a hook. Alina Brazdeikene has been working as a game and movie script writer for over 3 years. Currently, she is the leading script writer in Signus Labs and for MMO from the makers of Smeshariki, and also works as a script writer for a number of independent projects.

«Earn to Die The illusion of simplicity»

Email Video Slides The game mechanics of Earn to Die seems to be quite simple, while, in fact, lots of impicit game design solutions are hidden behind this seemingly plain game. Ilya Kiryakin started in 2005 as a developer of PC games. Later, he worked a few years as a programmer in the enterprise field.In 2011, he realized that game development was his natural calling. That inspired him to establish a studio Toffee Games along with colleagues. Today Ilya is still there, working as a programmer and being actively involved in game design, level design and other areas, where he can be useful.

Technology & Developers

«Mobile Game Development with Starling»

Email Video Slides New Features of Starling 1.5. How to develop for devices with limited RAM. Performance Tips. Alternative Frameworks & Platforms Daniel Sperl created numerous casual games in ActionScript, C# and Objective-C. He is the author of the Starling and Sparrow frameworks, which recreate the classic Flash display list on the GPU. In 2012, he co-founded the company Gamua to be able to work full-time on his frameworks.

«Why your Unity project should work in console?»

Email Video Slides Creation of a console version of your Unity project would make the lives of programmers and QA much easier. Apart from having a smoothier architecture code, you would gain in the speed of handling serious problems. The speech is based on the experience from Prime World development and operating. Oleg Chumakov works as a programmer for Nival since 2010. He leads the team engaged in Unity development of Prime World project. Participated in development of Prime World Alchemy and Prime World Defenders projects

«Flox: Building Games With A No-Fuzz Backend»

Email Video Slides Successful games need a backend that saves development time and gives you valuable information about your game and its players. In this session we will have a look at how to use Flox to get informative game analytics, identify and authenticate your players, store and analyze all your players log files and use Flox as a remote database for your custom game data like savegames and player states. Holger Weissbck is the lead developer of Flox. He is and has been working on Starling and Sparrow as well as a handful of mobile games at Gamua. Prior to this Holger worked at CompuWare as usability architect and team lead for the APM division.

«Get more from your existing iOS apps by recompiling them for Android. Real time demonstration»

Email Video Slides Single platform development is often considered a more simple and straightforward approach to game development. Well, it’s important to understand that a single platform means a single source of income, this approach also means developers lack the flexibility and ability to try new platforms. What if I say you can go cross-platform at the same code complexity not even changing the toolset and instruments you got used to? How can cross platform development become any close to a single platform approach, you ask! If you already have a project written for iOS, what is the easiest way to port it to Android and beyond? All of these excellent questions and more will be covered in the Marmalade SDK presentation. Ivan Beliy is a team leader at Marmalade and is focused on further developing the cross-platform capabilities of the Marmalade SDK. A Mechanics and Maths graduate of DNU, Ivan gained much of his commercial experience during his time as a professional developer at panBmedia AG and Devoler LLC where he created games for a wide variety of platforms such as iOS, Java-enabled mobiles, Cable TV as well as Set Top Boxes.

«Finding AwayJS»

Email Video Deep dive into the latest library from The Away Foundation with project founder Rob Bateman. AwayJS is a new graphics engine for the native web, simplifying the development of rich interactive content and games in both 2D and 3D. Rob will take a tour of key AwayJS features, with accompanying demos. AwayJS uses Typescript for its codebase, allowing developers the option of coding in a typed environment – something more suitable for complex games and application development. The session will end with a demonstration of an entire asset workflow from design assets to finished game, making use of the existing open source tool Away Builder. Rob Bateman is an internationally renowned web developer and open source advocate with a passion for realtime interactive 3D. His main focus lies in and around the widely established 3D graphics engine Away3D, and the general purpose graphics framework AwayJS for native web platforms. In 2012 Rob setup The Away Foundation – a non-profit organisation specializing in the production and maintenance of a variety of open source graphics libraries for use on the web and mobile devices. The Away Foundation’s primary sponsor is Adobe Systems.

«Practics of Cross Platform Development with Gingee (case study)»

Email Video Slides Creating a game for mobile and social platforms has been a tedious process that burns a lot of time and resources of a companys pipeline. If you are still working on a single OS or you have several teams developing your games, this is the session for you. We will case study and show how it is possible to create a game for multiple platforms while using a single code and assets base thus making it much more manageable, utilizing the minimal possible man power and saving a lot of money. Moshe Maman is the technological manager and lead architect of Gingee‘s cross-platform development solutions. He have designed and programmed dozens of applications and games for both mobile web and desktops in both client and server side. Moshe contributes innovation and creativity to Gingee as he is also a world-known musician and composer who have released over 7 albums and preformed worldwide. He’s scientific and mathematical side comes from being a Technion graduate in physics.

«Overcome the bottleneck of HTML5 mobile game performance»

Email Video Slides Making HTML5 games run well on mobile devices is hard work! We’d like to take a good look into this issue by comparing performance on different versions of iOS and Android. Since there are huge differences in their systems, we will look at what the bottlenecks are on the different platforms, and the different versions of each platform. We would also like to show a mini tutorial in profiling games on Android, and seeing where exactly the bottlenecks lie. David Goemans, Lead developer at BoosterMedia Network B.V.. Expertise: Mobile game development, New platforms. Achievements: Shipping games on iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, XBox 360, PS3 and Android. Having worked on several titles and apps with over a million users.

«Realization of active gameplay in »

Email Video Slides Dmitry will take you behind the scenes of Peklos active gameplay, from formulation of task to realization. The speech will tell you how to build a system that would require minimum support from the programmers, how to teach game designers do some programming and prevent them from shooting their hands or legs off, and highlight the problems that occurred during the development and the way in which they got solved. Dmitriy Tarasov has been the leading server developer at RJ Games from its very first days. He developed server architecture for “Under Siege”, “Under Fire: Crisis!” projects. He loves to solve tasks that make other programmers go wild and has no fear of game designers. Dmitriy is ready to face any gaming industry challenge, especially the Mortal Kombat IX one.

«Interactive Installations: Massively Single-player Offline Games»

Email Video Slides Valentin and his Interactive Lab team are working on the creation of interactive installations for expositions and other events. In this speech he will tell about the massive offline projects of Interactive Lab that had tens of thousands people involved. Youll find out about the design stages of interaction, iterative development, human experiments and importance of always remembering about the peoples love of freebies. Valentin Simonov is the Chief Engineer at Interactive Lab where he brings the most crazy and creative ideas to life, combining his knowledge and experience in endless variations of hardware and sophisticated algorithms. He also has several FWA awards.

«Building 2D HTML5 games: myths and reality»

Email Video Slides Developers and publishers are actively experimenting with HTML5 games for mobile browsers. Standard is developing quickly, but different platform and devices still have varied features, limitations and bugs. We will share practical advice on HTML5 game development: which problems are no longer real, which ones are greatly exaggerated, and which ones are real and require careful planning. Sergey Batishchev is an indie game developer. He has been an enterprise Java developer and tech lead for 12 years, still games and game development was his hobby for a long time. Now, after successful launch of his Gluey game series, he is finally a full-time indie! Sergey strives to make simple but polished and fun games that appeal even to most casual gamers.

«?ode reviews as an important component of the successful mobile product»

Email Video Slides The success of any software product depends on a number of factors, and the quality of code is one of the main ones of them. The ever-changing requirements and parallel development of several projects make it enormously difficult to monitor these values. The practices covered in the speech were designed to help the development team heads and developers in solving this problem. Since 2012 Nickolay Sergeev he’s been the head of development team at Room 8. The studio was literally built from scratch. Since that time Room8 released a couple of top-notch products and Nickolay created a professional team of developers, who are capable of working on 5 mobile projects at the same time.

Games & Indies

«Post-Mortem on Sheep Happens»

Email Video Slides Elena will tell about a 16-month path that LingPlay has walked from a prototype to 1,000,000 installs in the first post-release week. After falling into many traps, a young team of developers did won the love of App Store and Google Play by getting 3 million downloads all over the world. The speech may be useful for both novice and experienced mobile developers, small indie teams and independent pros who are planning to create a game that would make a stir throughout the whole world. Elena Stolbova is a buddhist, journalist, Apple fan and the Chief Marketing Officer, who keeps a crossbow under her table. Having travelled a thorny career road from the point Classical marketing expert to the point Mobile marketing expert, she changed Volga expanses to the amenities of Bashkiria by getting a job at LingPlay. Elena was one of the last to join the team of developers when they already had a prototype of their future hit, and became its logical ending by inventing the name Sheep Happens and the idea of Sheepocalypse.

«Still waters have deep indie bottoms»

Email Video Slides From making to selling, George will tell about the pitfalls and temptations that were faced by online, console, mobile and PC indie game developers, supporting his tale with real-life examples. How hard it is to carry the indie developers burden today and how difficult it may be to get into this gaming industry niche. George Zarkua is indie evangelist from Ukraine known for his games visual style. George is passionate about unusual game art, interesting views on game mechanics and charming atmosphere in games. Doing his best to create strange new worlds he is trying to make games you will fell in love with. In his next life he wants to be an elk.

«Post-mortem on Road Smash. Game making with a team of three»

Email Video Slides A postmortem speech about Road Smash, a mobile game in race setting – from idea to implementation. The speech-maker will tell about how things got started: the first idea, the way the first game prototype was obtained, grounding of the technology choice, the flow of business partners search and the school of hard knocks theyve been through on this thorny, yet extremely interesting path. Yuriy Saveliev born in Taskhent, Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic in 1984. He spent his childhood over Dendy, Sega, PC, dreaming to create games. He entered the industry in 2003. Works as a programmer. In 2012, he established his own small Laika Boss Games studio with only 3 employees. Known for releasing Road Smash, a runner racing game for mobile platforms. Technology – Unity.

«Making games on your own. Career of indie game developer»

Email Video Slides A look at the life of indie game developer – the role of game development, the main sacrifices, the goals and the guiding lines. A story about how to create a game without investments and teams support – hints and recommendations. Sergey Noskov is a developer of indie games for PC. An author of Svet and Poyezd projects that became popular on the web in their time. He dedicated himself to the world of game dev in 2011 after discovering Unity. He believes that video games should be considered as high art, along with cinema and painting. That is why hes trying to emphasize the idea and atmosphere in every game that makes.


«Think in other way? Good luck then!»

Email Video Slides Why after hiring responsible and stress-resistant employees, from their CVs, and bringing over celebrities from the competitive companies you dont have any productivity increase? Why does a fully stuffed benefits package have little effect on the employees motivation? Why do new popular management systems, agile practices and other gamification tricks fail to come up to your expectations? Because you are going different ways. Anton Volkov — CTO at AlternativaPlatform and the father of the Alternativa3D Flash engine. Hi is also producer of one of the most successful Flash MMO-games Tanki Online and just a cool dude.

«Community management: Purposes and Consequences»

Email Video Slides This presentation will touch upon the basic purposes of the gaming community management, the problems community managers often face, as well as the results of the effective interaction with players. Alisa Belova has worked as the Community Manager at since the end of 2013. She joined the industry in 2010 and has acquired vast experience in working with all kinds of game communities.

«Steam Early Access: publishing of SpeedRunners»

Email Video Slides Steam Early Access illustrated on example of SpeedRunners. How we launched a paid Beta version of indie multi-player game. About working with game community, technical aspects, and marketing of games with self-financed development that are awaiting the release. Alex Nichiporchik is now a director of tinyBuild GAMES, worked as Innovation Projects Leader at Spil Games for the previous 4 years. He spends his work and leisure time playing games. Since 2010, hes been moderating and organizing the Game Lynch.

«Operating through the »

Email Video Slides The speech will cover main tasks of developers at the operating stage of the project. How to use milestone time efficiently. Things to keep in mind at the stage of designing new functional and content. Alexander Myasischev devoted 7 years to game journalism, and has been involved in gaming industry for 4 years. He started his career as a game designer of a small studio. He was in charge of game design department. For the last 2 years, Aleksandr has been working on Prime World project for Nival Network.

«Production of midcore projects for social networks (on the example of Contract Wars)»

Email Video Slides The speech provides description of the main potential difficulties in producing and promoting midcore projects, and the methods of their elimination on the example of the shooter game Contract Wars. Nikita trainfender Buyanov is one of the executives and the Art Director at AbsolutSoft. He is currently the development leader, leading game designer and art director of Contract Wars project, a 3D multi-player first-person shooter launched on 5 social networks and game portals, of Russia 2028 project (post-war first-person RPG) and a new game project that hasnt been announced yet. Nikita has a vast experience of working in the position of art director, leading 2D/3D artist in the interactive and advertising areas.

«Browser games as a new industry trend!»

Email Video Slides Browser games started with a boom to eventually go bust, replaced and overshadowed with other platforms. That is why its the right time to remember about browser games, the way they’re connected with all other platforms and their contribution to cross-platform games. All these questions and the commercial part of development will be covered in speech Sergey Babayev is a creative director for GD-Team, working on development of new company projects, such as client action game Metal War Online, browser shooter Stalnye Voiny and another browser strategy game Rise of Heroes ( In his spare time, Sergey goes back to his previous journalist career and writes about the industry for different sources.


«The Power of the Facebook Platform for Gaming Developers»

Email Video Slides Gamers want to play games whenever they want and from any device. In this market, having a cross-platform strategy is essential to building a lasting and successful game. With over 1 billion people on mobile and web, Facebook has the audience to connect with and the tools to help you reach and engage them in your game. Come hear how mobile game developers are expanding to Facebook web, current trends that will help you reach the Facebook audience, and what the product vision looks like for providing a connected game experience across platforms with Facebook and Parse. Julia Ognieva is a Head of Gaming Partnerships, Russia & CIS at Facebook in London, United Kingdom. She is responsible for managing partners, as well as recruiting new partners in Central and Eastern Europe. Prior to Facebook, Julia was Sales Manager at Tapjoy for 2 years. Prior to moving to the United Kingdom, Julia lived in Ukraine. Julia speaks fluent Russian and Ukrainian as well as English. Julia holds a BA in Business, Economics and Advertising from the University of Worcester.

«10 signs of a bad contract: things you should not sign with your partners»

Email Video Sooner or later, every one of us signs contracts – with our studio colleagues, partners in new project, publishers of our games or developers of other peoples games, etc. Without going into details about the specific types of contracts, well take a quick look at the most obvious traps/problems that are common for the gaming industry and are most likely for the studios to walk right into, if theyre signing Their First Contract (TM). Rome wasnt built in a day, the same goes for a developer thats mastering the art of negotiating. Yet, we can point out mistakes that always must be avoided, irrespective of other terms of the deal. Sergey Klimov is a founder and managing director of Charlie Oscar. He also organizes #GamesNight and is doing a gaming-related podcast #????????????? (How Games Are Made).

«Road To Japan – How To Do Marketing of Japanese Gaming App Market»

Email Video Slides Overview of Japanese gaming app market. How lucrative it is and what kind of games are currently popular. General ways of promotion, how to run promotion campaigns, example of Clash of Clans. Aya Yamada is the Overseas Business Representative at Adinnovation. Inc, Tokyo-based comprehensive marketing company for gaming app developers. She currently focuses on disseminating marketing tips and tricks that are popular among the most lucrative Japanese market to Russia.

«Ten Key Steps to a Successful Release Partnership»

Email Video Contacting partners in early stages of development, identifying solid partners, dealing with revenue and contracts. Funtomic runs you through the processes of working with publishers and how to use them to your advantage. Ted Ursu, Business Development guy for Funtomic since 2012. Managed partnerships and supervised title release in all the phases of the process.

«Development and promotion of mobile MMORPGs»

Email Video Slides Using “Warspear Online” as an example, Mikhail will tell about the things you should pay attention to when you have a small team and a big mobile online project on the go. About working with players, data analysis, marketing without money and ways to start making that money. Mikhail Kuzmin is the Marketing Director at AIGRIND, engaged in the development of online mobile games. The company’s first and successful project is MMORPG “Warspear Online” launched for iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 8, Linux and PC. He entered the gaming industry in 2003 and is well-versed in B2B, online games marketing, analytics and virtual world economy, game community and monetization. He is one of the anchormen that are making a weekly podcast #How Games Are Made about gaming industry.

«How to scr.. up half of your budge»

Email Video Slides How to justify overexpenditures or cut game development costs in half. Things youre wasting your time on and how research can help you save it. Aleksandr Dzyuba has many years of experience in development and implementation of marketing projects on the agencies part. In addition to negotiating and sales, he is responsible for configuration of research project methodology and introduction of new methods in Playtestix.

Discussion Panels

Круглый стол «Будущее мобильных игр?»

Petr KharitonovLogo mimimigames

Petr Kharitonov — Managing partner Mimimi Games.
Email Petr

Artur ShakalisLogo OK

Earlier Artur Shakalis a head of social direction at AmberGames, head of the publishing direction at Creara, Head of API department at “Одноклассники”, and with his direct participation, the company entered the gaming market in April 2010. Prior to that, Arturs worked for CTXM, where he was engaged in producing casual games. Arturs’s track record includes participation in more than 300 game projects, 20 of which are produced “turn-key” under his direct supervision.
Email Artur

Maxim MaximovLogo ЩЛ

Maxim Maximov is the Managing Partner of RJ Games. The boss of 90 level, he runs the business from above and sometimes drops from the clouds.
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Maxim DonskikhLogo Game Insight

Maxim Donskikh has founded his own studio, Road 404. Now he is lead of publishing department in Game Insight.
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Sergey BruiLogo Vizor Interactive

Sergey Brui, Co-Founder, Vizor Interactive.
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Discussion Panel: Game design. Problem – solution


There’ll be no discussions of game design issues at this round table. There’ll be a specific task, and participants will have to suggest an improvised solution. Apart from setting tasks, moderator will be responsible for active interaction with the public.

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Alexey DavydovLogo

Alexey Davydov –  has been an independent flash games developer since 2008 года, and the director of his own studio and since 2010.
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George ZarkuaLogo

George Zarkua is indie evangelist from Ukraine known for his games visual style. George is passionate about unusual game art, interesting views on game mechanics and charming atmosphere in games. Doing his best to create strange new worlds he is trying to make games you will fell in love with. In his next life he wants to be an elk.
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Vladimir KovtunLogo Logo AletrnativaPlatform

Vladimir Kovtun is a game designer, linguist and just a good man. He has been working in the game development industry for 6 years. He was a part of several development teams, featuring various developers (from his childhood friends to world class professionals) engaged in the creation of real-time browser 3D MMO Tanki Online project.
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Eugene YailenkoLogo Unity

Eugene Yailenko has been a game designer for Zeptolab since 2012. He took part in designing the Pudding Monsters and was the main designer of Cut the Rope 2. Before ZeptoLab, he worked as an independent developer. He’s the one who created Cloudy, a game that took the Flash Game Moscow 2011 award as the Best Game in Indie category, and Turbo Kids, recognized as the Most Steady Game at Flash GAMM Moscow 2012.
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Anton KarlovLogo Zeptolab

Anton Karlov (Ant.Karlov), was born in Russia, 1984. Has specialized secondary education, graduated the Children’s Art School. Since 2004 began to develop casual games. He was in the team «Ferocious Hamsters. Team» as a artdirector and programmer. From 2004 to 2008 the team has been developed and released four casual games. And from 2008 to the present day – is an independent developer. During this time, created and produced eight Flash games. The most popular of all games is a Flash game “Zombotron”.
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Game media: operating suggestions for developers


Round table participants will discuss the interaction between developers and the media, as well as ways of its improvement.
The following questions will be examined:
- How can game media help a developer?
- Press release: what is it for and how do they write it?
- Common mistakes in dealing with the game media and ways to avoid them.

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Gadji MakhtievLogo Kanobu

Gadji Makhtiev –- CEO,
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 Anton MukhataevLogo Kanobu

Anton Mukhataev — News Editor
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Yaropolk RashLogo Logo Kanobu

Yaropolk Rash — Commercial Director
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Discussion Panel: Is it worth creating games if you could do something else and be equally successful?


At this round table, the gaming industry veterans will talk about the reasons why they still practice game development and bring up the questions inevitably facing those studios that become financially independent and gain international recognition: should we go on making games? And if yes, which games and for whom? Can we change the world through games? And if yes, which types of games can do that? All these questions will sound odd, theoretical, while your main motivation is to prove to the whole world that you know how to develop games and can feed your family with those money you earn working in this industry. However, if they remain unanswered till you make your first million dollars, the risk of putting on a motto “develop game to simply gain!” will be too high. So you would then need to spend years trying to find the way back to your initial motivation.

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Sergei KlimovLogo Charlie Oscar

Sergei Klimov is a founder and managing director of Charlie Oscar. He also organizes #GamesNight and is doing a gaming-related podcast #КакДелаютИгры (How Games Are Made).
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Anton VolkovLogo Alternativa

Anton Volkov — CTO at AlternativaPlatform and the father of the Alternativa3D Flash engine. Hi is also producer of one of the most successful Flash MMO-games Tanki Online and just a cool dude.
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Sergey OrlovskiyLogo Nival

Sergey Orlovskiy is the CEO of Nival. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of the Moscow State University. Sergey has been in charge of the development of over 15 best-selling titles at the Russian and international markets, which include “Allods”, “Evil Islands”, “Etherlords”, “Silent Storm”, “Blitzkrieg”, “Night Watch”, “Heroes of Might and Magic V”, “Allods Online”, “Prime World”. He is currently engaged in work on online strategy game “Blitzkrieg 3” and other projects.
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Nikolay DybovskiyLogo

The biggest talent of Nikolay Dybovskiy is sleeping. It is in sleep, when he is most productive, makes the most valuable decisions and gives the most prominent instructions. He sleeps for 14 hours each day at the average. The longest recorded sleeping session lasted for 31 hours and a half. Since 2001 up to date, he’s been the CEO at Ice-Pick Lodge. In 2005 they released “Pathologic”, in 2007 – “The Void”, in 2009 – modification of “The Void”, in 2011 – “Cargo! The Quest for Gravity”, in 2013 – “Knock-Knock”.
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