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Registration 09:00 — 10:00
Sessions 10:00 — 13:00
Lunch break 13:00 — 15:00
Sessions 15:00 — 18:00
Award ceremony 18:00 — 18:40

Discussion Panels

Круглый стол «Будущее мобильных игр?»

Petr KharitonovLogo mimimigames

Petr Kharitonov — Managing partner Mimimi Games.
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Artur ShakalisLogo OK

Earlier Artur Shakalis a head of social direction at AmberGames, head of the publishing direction at Creara, Head of API department at “Одноклассники”, and with his direct participation, the company entered the gaming market in April 2010. Prior to that, Arturs worked for CTXM, where he was engaged in producing casual games. Arturs’s track record includes participation in more than 300 game projects, 20 of which are produced “turn-key” under his direct supervision.
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Maxim MaximovLogo ЩЛ

Maxim Maximov is the Managing Partner of RJ Games. The boss of 90 level, he runs the business from above and sometimes drops from the clouds.
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Maxim DonskikhLogo Game Insight

Maxim Donskikh has founded his own studio, Road 404. Now he is lead of publishing department in Game Insight.
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Sergey BruiLogo Vizor Interactive

Sergey Brui, Co-Founder, Vizor Interactive.
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Discussion Panel: Game design. Problem – solution


There’ll be no discussions of game design issues at this round table. There’ll be a specific task, and participants will have to suggest an improvised solution. Apart from setting tasks, moderator will be responsible for active interaction with the public.

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Alexey DavydovLogo

Alexey Davydov –  has been an independent flash games developer since 2008 года, and the director of his own studio and since 2010.
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George ZarkuaLogo

George Zarkua is indie evangelist from Ukraine known for his games visual style. George is passionate about unusual game art, interesting views on game mechanics and charming atmosphere in games. Doing his best to create strange new worlds he is trying to make games you will fell in love with. In his next life he wants to be an elk.
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Vladimir KovtunLogo Logo AletrnativaPlatform

Vladimir Kovtun is a game designer, linguist and just a good man. He has been working in the game development industry for 6 years. He was a part of several development teams, featuring various developers (from his childhood friends to world class professionals) engaged in the creation of real-time browser 3D MMO Tanki Online project.
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Eugene YailenkoLogo Unity

Eugene Yailenko has been a game designer for Zeptolab since 2012. He took part in designing the Pudding Monsters and was the main designer of Cut the Rope 2. Before ZeptoLab, he worked as an independent developer. He’s the one who created Cloudy, a game that took the Flash Game Moscow 2011 award as the Best Game in Indie category, and Turbo Kids, recognized as the Most Steady Game at Flash GAMM Moscow 2012.
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Anton KarlovLogo Zeptolab

Anton Karlov (Ant.Karlov), was born in Russia, 1984. Has specialized secondary education, graduated the Children’s Art School. Since 2004 began to develop casual games. He was in the team «Ferocious Hamsters. Team» as a artdirector and programmer. From 2004 to 2008 the team has been developed and released four casual games. And from 2008 to the present day – is an independent developer. During this time, created and produced eight Flash games. The most popular of all games is a Flash game “Zombotron”.
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Game media: operating suggestions for developers


Round table participants will discuss the interaction between developers and the media, as well as ways of its improvement.
The following questions will be examined:
- How can game media help a developer?
- Press release: what is it for and how do they write it?
- Common mistakes in dealing with the game media and ways to avoid them.

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Gadji MakhtievLogo Kanobu

Gadji Makhtiev –- CEO,
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 Anton MukhataevLogo Kanobu

Anton Mukhataev — News Editor
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Yaropolk RashLogo Logo Kanobu

Yaropolk Rash — Commercial Director
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Discussion Panel: Is it worth creating games if you could do something else and be equally successful?


At this round table, the gaming industry veterans will talk about the reasons why they still practice game development and bring up the questions inevitably facing those studios that become financially independent and gain international recognition: should we go on making games? And if yes, which games and for whom? Can we change the world through games? And if yes, which types of games can do that? All these questions will sound odd, theoretical, while your main motivation is to prove to the whole world that you know how to develop games and can feed your family with those money you earn working in this industry. However, if they remain unanswered till you make your first million dollars, the risk of putting on a motto “develop game to simply gain!” will be too high. So you would then need to spend years trying to find the way back to your initial motivation.

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Sergei KlimovLogo Charlie Oscar

Sergei Klimov is a founder and managing director of Charlie Oscar. He also organizes #GamesNight and is doing a gaming-related podcast #КакДелаютИгры (How Games Are Made).
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Anton VolkovLogo Alternativa

Anton Volkov — CTO at AlternativaPlatform and the father of the Alternativa3D Flash engine. Hi is also producer of one of the most successful Flash MMO-games Tanki Online and just a cool dude.
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Sergey OrlovskiyLogo Nival

Sergey Orlovskiy is the CEO of Nival. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of the Moscow State University. Sergey has been in charge of the development of over 15 best-selling titles at the Russian and international markets, which include “Allods”, “Evil Islands”, “Etherlords”, “Silent Storm”, “Blitzkrieg”, “Night Watch”, “Heroes of Might and Magic V”, “Allods Online”, “Prime World”. He is currently engaged in work on online strategy game “Blitzkrieg 3” and other projects.
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Nikolay DybovskiyLogo

The biggest talent of Nikolay Dybovskiy is sleeping. It is in sleep, when he is most productive, makes the most valuable decisions and gives the most prominent instructions. He sleeps for 14 hours each day at the average. The longest recorded sleeping session lasted for 31 hours and a half. Since 2001 up to date, he’s been the CEO at Ice-Pick Lodge. In 2005 they released “Pathologic”, in 2007 – “The Void”, in 2009 – modification of “The Void”, in 2011 – “Cargo! The Quest for Gravity”, in 2013 – “Knock-Knock”.
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