Game Showcase GAMM:Play

GAMM:Play Game Showcase LogoPremiere event on DevGAMM conference – Game Showcase GAMM:Play
More than 100 games will be showcased.
Two conference days with different games every day!


May 15:

10:00 — 13:00 — First showcase
15:00 — 18:00 — Second showcase

May 16:

10:00 — 13:00 — Third showcase
15:00 — 18:00 — Fourth showcase



  • The audience you showcase your game to includes all conference participants, not only particular publishers during the SGD.
  • You are to spend only 3 hours at your stand, being free to visit other conference events during the rest of the time.
  • Your game gets additional promotion through website and during the event, and feedback from participants.

Terms of Participation:

  • Organizers provide a table and a nameboard with game name, logo and contact details of the participant on it. Tables map.
  • Participant must arrive 15 minutes in advance and get his device(s) ready for the showcase (notebook, tablet, etc.)
  • Participant is provided with sockets for his notebook.
  • Participant must take his device away within 30 minutes after the end of the showcase.
  • Organizers bear no responsibility for devices of the participants.

How to Take Part:

  • Fill up the following form. Deadline is May 5.
  • Or send an e-mail to stating “GAMM:Play application” in the subject line and giving details of the game.

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