GameJamGAMM LogoWe are happy to announce the gamedev marathon GamesJamGAMM that will be brought to you
on April 21-27 by mutual efforts of Games Jam blog and DevGAMM conference.


Jam will start right after the application deadline for DevGAMM Game Contest.
The best Jam works will be presented on the Game Showcase GAMM:Play.

Registration to GameJamGAMM


All events, announcements and interesting developments will be covered and commented by the game website KitchenRiots. There you’ll find all official announcements and updates.

Basic terms and rules

  • The subject is chosen in a way to avoid putting any game or setting restrictions on the participants.
  • There will be no limits in the development means, too. The main thing is to have a game running in a browser (Flash, Unity 3D, Html5).
  • You can use any available groundwork (engine, graphics) that naturally fits the subject.
  • Interface and description may be in Russian or English.
  • The application submission period will end in one week after the opening of contest (at midnight Moscow time). The game must be uploaded to GamesJam website which records the exact time of upload.
  • Games participating in the contest will be measured by 5 criteria and conferred from 0 to 5 points (with a 0.5-point pace). An average point will be calculated for each criteria by way of summing the points of all judges, leaving out the last two figures and rounding it to the nearest hundredth. The obtained values are summed in the view of each criterion’s weight and the final value for each game is obtained.

Assesment criteria

GameJamGAMM Moscote

1) Subject relevance. The main point of the contest. This criterion is 3 times more important than the rest of criteria, when it comes to the calculation of sum.


2) Originality. We welcome any experiments in game design. Of course, even a tetris game can be adjusted to fit the subject, but in this contest the preference will be given to those games that can surprise (in a good sense).


3) Fun. The game must bring pleasure – be interesting, exciting and addictive.


4) Stylistic integrity. Contest games should be prepared within a week and may not necessarily contain graphics or sounds or music, if they are original and atmospheric. “Stylistic integrity” criterion includes assessment of audio and visual game components, the extent of how harmoniously they are “woven” into the game.


5) Intuitivity. Comprehensibility from the position of player. Assesment of how easy the game mechanics is to understand. How easy it is for the player to go into the playing process.


AlternativaPlatform, as the general Jam’s partner, jointly with FGL provide a prize fund that will be distributed among the winners in the following way:


Cup1 place — 50,000 rubles
2 place — 25,000 rubles
3 place — 12,500 rubles


The winners will also get:

      Unity PRO license
      — Memorable cup
      DevGAMM tickets (May and the next one, voluntary)
      DevKit Oculus Rift from tinyBuildGames will be granted to the audience award winner tinyBuildGames


Official communication channel for participants and organizers