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Sound & Audio

«Creating the music for Minecraft and designing sound by playing games»

Email Slides Who said you can’t learn anything while slacking off? Join the composer of Minecraft as we’re going to watch a ton of video games. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about putting bleeps and bloops into your own game. Daniel Rosenfeld has been and is still the composer and sound designer of Minecraft. Ever since the release and success of the game, he has been travelling around the world to learn and help others try to figure out what it means to make a good game.

«Workshop: Audio Implementation into Game Interface. Creative Madness »

Email During the workshop the audio will be integrated into the game in real time in front of the public.It will allow to demostrate a lot of techniques of in-game sound inmplementation. All participants will have the opportunity to take a peek at the working process of sound designer, as well as to ask questions and learn something new in this area. In the era of prehistoric materialism Alexander Ahura followed the path of a rock musician. He has begun his career as a sound designer and composer in gamedev in 2006. So far he created soundtracks for more than 200 games on different platforms.

Art & Animation

«Convincing effects on any engine»

Email Slides There is no need to use the coolest shaders to create realistic effects. Knowledge of painting and graphics basics will help to improve the volume and the vividness of your effects. To do this, sometimes all you require is just a few strokes on your texture. Alexander Yatsukevich has been in the gaming industry for 18 years. He worked on the visual effects of almost all projects of The last few years he has been creating special effects in the World of Tanks game.

«Battlefield 4: Creating a more dynamic Battlefield»

Email Slides When developing Battlefield 4, our approach to game creation evolved in order to adapt to new technologies and systems, as well as a growing and changing player base. The game manages to improve upon key areas and add new dynamic elements while maintaining the core Battlefield experience. This talk will explore the games creative vision, focusing on animation, audio, effects, level art, lighting and level design. It will also cover various production techniques including destruction, levolution, the new dynamic weather system, and our level design process. Linnea Harrison is a lead level artist at EA DICE in Stockholm, Sweden. She began playing games during the ’90s, and through a passion for creating experiences and overcoming interesting challenges, Linnea discovered that she also had a passion for making games. Some of her favorite games include Halo, Little Big Planet, Killing Floor, and Mirrors Edge.

«The peculiarities of game graphics exemplified by King of Thieves»

Email Alexey will dwell upon the peculiarities of game art, its role in game design and its difference from animated cartoons or illustrations (from artistic point of view). He will also deal with the most common problems that appear during the graphics development and provide possible solutions. Alexey Atomsky, the leading artist for Zeptolab since 2012. He’s spent last 3 years working on Cut The Rope: Original, Cut The Rope: Experiments, Cut The Rope: Time Travel, Pudding Monsters and Cut The Rope 2. Now, he combines the jobs of leading artist and game designer, dealing with the company’s projects that haven’t been released yet. Before Zeptolab, he worked as a freelancer artist.

«The creative process: sentinels in Shards of War»

Email Slides How we create the Sentinels in Shards of War, our new MOBA game, and how it changed over the last months to accommodate new production challenges. Oliver Trogemann. Passionate about Games, User Interfaces, Art & Life, Heading 2D Art at Bigpoint. I went through various positions and responsibilities such as Texture Artist, Concept Artist, UI Artist and Head of Art 2D, which is my current role at Bigpoint Hamburg. I was happy to help Realtime Worlds finish APB as UI Artist in Dundee before joining Bigpoint.

«Visual storytelling and directing the illustration»

Slides Often the designer has a task to create an illustration – image, that tells a micro-history. This may be a promotional illustration or a screenshot supporting the story about the mechanics of the game.

The session will highlight the applied side of this kind of work, addressing such topics as task specification, illustration directing, genre determination and process organization.
Victor Surkov has been working in the industry for more than eighteen years. He began his career as a texture artist, then concept artist and eventually became art director of Nival studio. For nine years hes been serving as senior art director at Allods Team studio, shaping the artwork in the Skyforge game.

«Art and Game Design. Two sides of one title»

Building their speech on the example of the title Podzemelya, Artur Gimaldinov and Dmitrii Pikalin are going to speak about the challenges from game designers that an artist has to face. How gameplay concepts are conveyed through graphical style and how exactly art and game design form the final look of the title.
Email Slides Artur Gimaldinov is the Art Director of RJ Games. He took part in the development of such titles as Under Siege (Best social game at FlashGamm 2012), Under Fire (Best gameplay at FlashGamm 2013) and Podzemelya.
Email Dmitrii Pikalin has been working at RJ Games since the very establishment and has walked all the way full of adventures and surprises from game designer to game producer. He got his hands on and put his heart into the companys main titles: Under Siege, Under Fire and Podzemelya.

«Animation boot ?amp»

Email This session will give insight into the basic principles and methods of classical 2D animation, from Disney heritage to contemporary approach. It will touch upon main notions, such as rhythm, inertia, accents, timing and spacing. It will be helpful for both beginner animators and middle-level specialists. Kirill Kravchenko.
He began his career at Heywords as a 3D environment artist. Presently, he is a setup/animator. Took part in making of Infinity Ring (Ep. 1-3) (Artist), Spirit Animals (Animator). He is now the lead animator for the companys in-house project.

«Ins and outs of game art»

Email Igor will speak about game stylization, isometric projection in platform games, condition language. He will also provide examples of how to use it all.

Igor Glushchenko was born in Kropotkin. He spent 4 years studying at Graphic Design Department of
Design School in Krasnodar. He tried the external degree program but quit at the very beginning. Igor has been working as a freelancer since that time. He was making illustrations, commercials, animation until he got into the game industry, to which he dedicated last 5 years

Technology & Development

«Optimization of mobile Unity application»

Email Slides Profiling and optimization of the mobile Unity app on iOS and Android by memory size and performance speed. Based on the example of a specific application. Dmitry Vedenko.
Over 5 years of professional experience in mobile games development for cutting edge platforms including iOS and Android, using C++, OpenGL ES, Lua and Unity. Joined EA in 2014 with main focus on Unity and performance optimization.

«Hands-On with the Unity 5 Game Engine»

Email Unity 5 is here for everyone to use! The latest version of the industry-standard, cross-platform game engine brings a variety of new features, such as Physically-Based Rendering, Reflections, Global Illumination, Audio Mixing, 2D Physics Area Effectors and more! This session will be a hands-on, in-editor walkthrough of these features and how to easily set them up for use in your games and projects. Andy Touch.
Ever since he added physics to 100 cubes and watched them bounce around, Andy Touch has been addicted to experimenting with gaming technology. Having previously taught game development to University students, he is now part of Unity Technologies‘ Evangelism team helping to spread the word of the game engine and to show off what it can do!

«Bringing X-Mercs: Invasion to life – lessons learnt from making a hardcore 3D mobile strategy game with Unity»

Email Slides In this talk, Oleg Pridiuk will share key insights into the game’s 18 month production process whilst working with the Unity engine. He will reveal the challenges that presented themselves during the production pipeline, design solutions, PvP server solutions as well as the major lessons learnt whilst developing such an ambitious title for mobiles and tablets. Oleg Pridiuk is a part of Game Insight’s Strategic Partnerships team, working within the industry to advance Game Insight’s position as a leader in producing high-quality, hardcore 3D games. Prior to joining Game Insight, Oleg spent six years at Unity Technologies as both Mobile Specialist and Technology Evangelist where he worked globally with hundreds of game developers and publishers.

«Shadow Fight 2: architecture of the analytics system handling billion events»

Email Slides The audience of Shadow Fight 2 estimated at 50 million players generates a multitude of daily events that go through real-time analysis. The session will elaborate on the architecture of the analytics system based on the search engine Elasticsearch. It will cover the technology stack of Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, which makes it possible to create a flexible and reliable solution at short notice. Viacheslav will also help to understand the scheme of event processing, data model and peculiarities of settings, tell about the team and the spends on systems development and support. Viacheslav Nikulin has over 5 years of experience in back-end. The portfolio of launched projects includes server for the client-based action game Metal War Online and its social version Stalnye Voiny (Steel Wars). At Nekki he is involved in the development of multiplayer server for Shadow Fight 2 and analytics system.

«How to cook a UI. Tasty recipes from Heyworks chef»

Email Tricks and secret ingredients for creating UI. The toolset and tips for making your buttons entice players to click. Nikita Zakharchenko is the leading client developer at Heyworks. Pixel perfectionist. Graduate from Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics.Over 5 years of experience in the gaming industry, 3 of them working with Unity3d. Exceptionally passionate about smooth and sharpened interfaces.

«Unity Networking: new possibilities»

Email Slides Unity 5.x includes the first implementation stage of new networking, which is going to replace RakNet and make it possible to create MMO games in a few clicks. From this session youll learn about the possibilities in the field of multiplayer online game creation that will soon become available to you and about the content of next releases. At Unity Technologies, Valentin Simonov is the one who finds technical solutions for major clients and, in his spare time, he travels over Europe sharing knowledge about the different technical aspects of Unity at various conferences. Before Unity, Valentin worked at Interactive Lab creating intera?tive installations for expos and other events; at Mail.Ru and its branches he worked on social games; delivered lectures at the British Higher School of Design and Mail.Ru Technical Park at Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Valentin translated Unitys book about shading into Russian and is supporting the open-source projects. He is a graduate of Novosibirsk State University.

«Development specifics and market prospects of virtual reality»

Email Slides Virtual reality is one of the most promising sectors in IT. This session will be dedicated to in depth details of possible problems and prospects of mobile VR-applications development.

Dmitry Osin, chief technology officer at Fibrum, became interested in developing games back in the mid 90s. Since then, he just could not stop. During breaks from gamedev he managed to learn about industrial design and engineering, to work in the aerospace industry and in car design. In the past few years, after watching three-dimensional slide films Dmitry actively pursued development and popularization of virtual reality in all its manifestations.

«Game development for smartwatches. Challenges and solutions»

Email Slides Session will go through how Spooky House Studios ported over it’s full portfolio of games to Android Wear. How they leveraged the small screen, low power, and short battery life and became one of the biggest Android Wear game developers. Andrei Gradinari is computer graphics programmer / Game Designer. He has been professionally developing games for smart phones ever since the Apple App Store opened in 2008. He has been involved in creation of big hit iOS / Android games : Bubble Explode, Rail Maze, Ragdoll Blaster, Paper Toss

«Porting games from other platforms to HTML5»

Email Slides Mobile apps have shown its popularity over past years. But what about mobile web? Mobile web usage is declared to beat PC by the end of 2015. HTML5 can become a significant part of gaming market. But still some developers and publishers neglect this technology. But what if thanks to HTML5 they could re-monetize their games without too much effort? Olga will share some tips and ideas on how it can be done and show some good examples of a second life on HTML5 for flash and native titles. Olga Khomenko is a Co-founder of PlayToMax, a team of professionals with over 8-year experience in game development and one of the leading companies in the HTML5 gaming market.

In the last 3 years PlayToMax has focused its core activities on the development of highly productive HTML5 browser games for mobile platforms, as a universal solution for the market, and yet achieved great results.

«Quick porting of Flash animations and UI to Unity, Cocos and Starling»

Email Slides The lecture will be dedicated to GAF technology which allows for quick and easy porting of UI and animations, created in Flash, to the most popular platforms, such as Unity, HTML , Cocos and Starling Sergey Sorokin has been deeply in love with Flash for 7 years now. This resulted in birth of a certain Facebook game which is still alive. The decision to port it to a new platform that was made two years ago led to the creation of GAF company, that takes up all Sergeys time at this moment.

«Resolving physics upgrade issues with Unity 5»

Email Anton will tell about new possibilities of Unity 5 physics and ways of correcting those typical mistakes that are caused by their misuse. Anthony Yakovlev is an experienced game developer and entrepreneur with credits in 10+ console titles and one upcoming big MMO RTS.


«iOS Workshop»

The situation where the new app or game is built, launched and only after that improved with the help of analytics is quite common these days. However, with the marketing costs increasing and the hype of launch only available once, the app must be built strong and competitive before the release. This session will look at the tools and a case study on how it can be done.Pre-registration is required!
Register here

«Twitch and beyond: Getting the big names in video to play your game»

Email Twitch, YouTube, even Vine there are numerous video platforms that are becoming increasingly popular right now, and plenty of opportunities for game developers to utilize these platforms to spread the word about their games. tinyBuild GAMES has seen great success thanks to the emergence of video celebrities, and in this session will discuss what has worked for the studio, with real data from the people behind the videos. Mike Rose is the loud British guy from tinyBuild Games, who previously wrote about video games for eight years at places like Gamasutra, Kotaku and Pocket Gamer. He currently aids tinyBuild in finding unique games to publish, while shouting a lot about YouTube and Twitch in general.

«Facebook for your games: the right strategy »

Email Game developers and publishers keep searching for sources of high quality players and payers. Facebook has become that key place to find best players for those companies who know the recipe to success. This talk will cover the elements of a winning strategy for growing your game with Facebook solutions on various stages of your game life cycle. Igor Pashchenko consults key gaming partners on Facebook marketing strategies as well as leads new business development in Eastern Europe and CIS region. Before joining Facebook Igor worked at Google developing strategic partnerships with website publishers, developers of browser and mobile games as well as mobile apps. Having completed his business studies in Ukraine, Germany and Switzerland, Igor worked in management consulting and finance before joining the tech and games industry.

«[email protected] in a Windows 10 world»

Email [email protected] is Microsoft’s self-publishing program for independent developers on Xbox. This talk will give developers an overview of how the ID program works, as well as provide guidance on the opportunities for independent developers across the Microsoft ecosystem. Agostino Simonetta manages the [email protected] program in Europe. A veteran of the videogame industry, Agostino has spent the last 10 years of his career working with the independent development community. In his current role, Agostino is supporting European developers publishing their games on Xbox and the Windows ecosystem. In his spare time he loves reading Mangas, racing go-karts and play with his lovely daughters Julia and Sylvia.

«Certification/Development & Publishing on Wii U for an Indie Studio.»

Email Slides Cedric will tell about publishing/developing/certification for Wii U in direct for a studio first project using Nekos and its indie partners examples & experiences with launching games on Wii U on NOE/NOA/NCL markets. Cedric Bache worked in the game industry for the last 15 years since the creation of Neko. It started out as a tiny independent studio of 5 guys developing their own inhouse cross platform engine.

Neko Entertainment was founded in 1999 and the team spent all these years making games for different consoles, including Wii U. Since 2012 they successfully released several titles there, including Puddle, Wooden Sensey, Cocoto and Tetrobot.

Game Design & Narrative

«Game Dynamics»

Email The session will be dedicated to the improvement of game dynamics. Dynamics is not just about a swift game experience and changing different effects under the influence of certain factors, but it also includes the variety of details that should be treated with great attention. The lecture will feature vivid, unexpected examples that are going to demonstrate the simple and uncluttered approach to game making. Alex DiscoFish Starovoit was previously a chef, but for the last 4 years he has been an independent game developer. During this time, Alex worked with Cartoon Network TV channel, won the Best Art Award at FlashGAMM 2011, and Best Indie Game title at DevGAMM 2014. He is a winner of different game jams. He also teaches in the digital school for kids called Digital Banana.

«Many faces of dialogue system»

Email Slides If you know that your game characters are going to speak to each other then you need to think about creating a good dialogue system. You have to decide whether you make it big or small, interactive or not so much, linear or non-linear, etc. Or maybe you dont need it at all. Alina Brazdeikene has been a game narrative designer and cinematic scriptwriter for over 3 years. Shes the winner of London School of Liberal Arts award for the best short film.
Currently, Alina is a game designer and producer. Previously worked at Signus Labs. She used to be the leading script writer for MMO from by the makers of Smeshariki. Right now she contributes to indie project Movie Industry (Rhapsody Games).

«How to eliminate risks in game design evaluation?»

Email Slides Successful game development requires expertise in various aspects of game design. Teams often start working on gaming projects without having any idea of what specific knowledge and skills their game designers will need to apply. This session will break down all necessary knowledge by the project types and provide references to helpful sources, books and materials. Alexey has worked in the gaming industry for over 10 years. During this time he got involved in bringing a few dozens of games to life on various gaming platforms (PC, PS2, XBOX, GameCube, PSP, PS3, Mobile, Social Networks). Has experience of creating his own IP, and working with such publishing companies as Activision, Midway, Konami, Disney Interactive and many others.

«Ultrafine design. Game mechanics development sans prototyping»

Email Slides Ultrafine design is a technique for creating and debugging game mechanics as early as at the design stage. During this session you will get a sneak peek at the game design process at Vizor Interactive and learn why they dont like spending their time on developing prototypes. Vladimir Yatsukevich creates games at Vizor Interactive. The subject of this session embraces almost 15 years of experience in the gaming industry and over 40 games, from the stage of concept document to the launch in the western market.

«Balance is a key!»

Email Have you ever sinked into despair and gloom after a brilliant game concept turned out to be a totally non-enjoyable product? Ive experienced it many times!

The session is dedicated to two components of game balance: math and creative part. Lets dispel sterotypes and look at usual things with a new perspective.
Valdimir Kovtun is the Lead Game Designer for the Tanki Online title. A proud member of the indie camp, school teacher and role player in his past. He adores making games and playing them.

«How Law Affects Game Design: Disabler, Enabler and Carry»

Email Slides Law and game design are closer to each other than you may imagine both fields involve modeling of social reality using formal tools, and there is almost no difference between the rules of a game and legal standards. It follows that the law is not only a limiting factor (disabler), as in the case of content limitations, or a factor, opening new external solutions, such as the use of virtual currency for real money (enabler), but may well serve as a source of inspiration for pure design ideas (carry). The presentation is based on examples from computer games that most closely intersect with the law. Vladislav Arkhipov is a lawyer, of counsel in Dentons Russian IP/ IT/ Telecommunications practice and an associate professor of the St. Petersburg State University. Due to his gaming experience and interest in game industry Vladislav now provides legal support of computer game launches on the Russian market. He always finds a way to share his experience and knowledge both with indie developers and big studios in different articles on Habrahabr or his blog and gives presentations with valuable insights at industry events.

«Interface as a metaphore»

Email Slides The session is dedicated to one of the most unique gameplay language components – interactivity, you will learn about game interfaces and interacting with them.
How interfaces provide the communication and how we percept information through them. What and how players can gain from the interaction process itself (medium is the message with regard to games). Why interfaces should be user-friendly and why user-friendly doesnt always mean perfect, when it comes to games. How to put meanings in the interaction process or emphasize them. What message can be communicated through interface and what problems may come along.
Dmitry Veretelnikov is an indie developer whos especially passionate about games.
He develops games and interfaces, writing from time to time about this and that. Presently, Dmitry is involved in creation of interfaces for several gaming projects, performs freelance jobs and finishes up a board game together with his friends. Once took part in a weeklong games jam and won awards in two nominations.


«This War of Mine: Under the hood»

Email Slides This War of Mine production process from programmers point of view. Evolution from early prototype to final product (and even further). The talk will be focused on technical aspects of This War of Mine development, including artificial intelligence, 3D model scans and level design. How he put awareness and emotions into triangle meshes. I will reveal a lot of details about our production pipeline, tools we use, how we organize our work and what difficulties we had to overcome during 2 years of development. Grzegorz Mazur. Programmer. Information Technology graduate at Warsaw University of Technology. For a few year working with 11 bit studios where he was Lead Programmer of This War of Mine and Sleepwalker`s Journey. Specialized in gameplay and AI programming. Teacher at Warsaw Film School and Academy of Games and Post-Production. Amateur musician and board games enthusiast.

«LUFTRAUSERS: from development to PlayStation release»

Email Slides Rami will explain how LUFTRAUSERS project was put together, since 2011 when the idea first came to Jan Willem of Vlambeer as he was staring out of a window on a late flight from San Francisco to Amsterdam after the annual Game Developers Conference. Rami will provide details on games exceptionally rough development cycle and its struggling path to the release on PlayStation Rami Ismail is the Business & Development Guy at Vlambeer, a Dutch independent game studio known best for Nuclear Throne, Ridiculous Fishing, Super Crate Box, LUFTRAUSERS, GUN GODZ, Serious Sam: The Random Encounter & Radical Fishing. His game Ridiculous Fishing became “iPhone Game of the Year” by Apple Choice in 2013.

«Successful with the first game? The weird story of Beatbuddy»

Email Slides Everybody can make games nowadays with all the great and affordable engines out there. But what happens once your game is released and out in the wild? How do you distribute it, when do you need to let go and move to the next project, what can you do to make it successful? By telling the 5 year story of Beatbuddy, which started as a flop and became a success almost 2 years after it’s release, I going to give hands on insight towards these questions. Wolf Lang has been a German for 29 years now and considers himself an Indie-Developer. After receiving a diploma in design, being an ambulance car driver and a construction site worker, Wolf co-founded the university start-up THREAKS in 2009. Apart from being Co-CEO of the company, Wolf is responsible for the marketing, business development and cooking at THREAKS. Furthermore Wolf loves to Network! You will find him pretty much at any major game event around the world. Next Stop GDC 2015 SF!

«Game of Thrones: Bringing Westeros to Life»

Email Slides Bigpoint’s Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdom’s faithfully recreates a fully interactive and explorable map of Westeros.
I will discuss our design, strategy and toolsets used in the creation of Seven Kingdoms.

I will also outline some of our future plans for the game world once the game goes live.
Mike Swanson has over 20 years experience in developing games. Currently as a Senior Producer at Bigpoint Berlin working on a browser version of Game of Thrones. Mike has worked at Electronic Arts Canada, Lucasarts Entertainment, Gas Powered Games, Relic Entertainment and Bigpoint. Mike has held roles as an art lead, technical art manager, studio art manager, senior producer and executive producer.

«Out There: Post Mortem»

Email Out There is a mobile space exploration game blending roguelike, resource management and gamebook mechanics released in February 2014.
After moving 300K units on mobile and gathering awards and worldwide recognition, Mi-Clos Studio will release a makeover on Steam in early April 2015.
Michael Peiffert, founder and creative director, will explain how he successfully self-funded and self-published Out There on mobile and PC.
Michael Peiffert has been working as creative director for 10 years for fashion industry, digital communication and art shows.

Raised by the video game culture, he naturally funded his independent game studio in 2010 without any knowledge of the industry. From there, he released 2 games such as Out There, an award-winning space exploration game, in collaboration with interactive fiction author FibreTigre.

«Contract Wars: hard and interesting way of creating a shooter»

Email Slides In this session, the key aspects of projects development and promotion will be discussed, both technical and social-psychological ones. Nikita trainfender Buyanov is one of the leaders and the Art Director of Absolutsoft. Presently, he is in charge of the development process, fulfills duties of lead designer and art director for Contract Wars, a three-dimensional multiplayer first-person shooter launched in 5 social networks and gaming portals, for Russia 2008 (a post-war first-person RPG) and a new unannounced game. He has profound experience of working as art director and lead 2d/3d artist in the interactive and advertising field.


«Mid-core: how to strike a golden mean»

What a hardcore mobile game is and is it a charge too heavy for a small studio? What is the sharp line between mid-core and hardcore? How has the approach to mobile games development evolved over time? Is having a fully multiplatform game something we should all aim at? Valentin Merzlikin will discuss all these points and more during a special Q&A session with Alexander Vashchenko, President of Production at Game Insight.

As is well known, GI recently announced their updated strategy towards development of hardcore titles and exploration of new platforms (such as Steam).
Alexander will share his experience of creating casual mobile games, explain the reasons for such strategy shift and tell about whats there at stake in the gaming industry for small studios?

Alexander Vashchenko is a President of Production at Game Insight.

While working in the game industry, he launched a number of financially successful products, such Legend: Legacy of the Dragons and Juggernaut, which garnered millions of users. Mr. Vashchenko is a mentor, advisor, and one of the co-founders of Farminers Startup Academy.

Mr. Vashchenko began his career at IT Territory in 2004 as a designer, then in 2007 became Head of Game Design, and later became Chief Producer. After Astrum Online was created, Mr. Vashchenko continued to manage game development, first as Deputy

«Developer’s Survival Guide»

Slides In the jungle, the mighty jungle
The lion sleeps tonight

Game development is an impassable, often dangerous wilderness. The very few are able to find their way to success,whereas the majority disappears without a trace, without even leaving a nick on the trunks of ancient redwoods. Leonid Sirotins lecture is a survival guide, a jungle map drawn during the fifteen years in the industry. He will teach you how to light a fire using a mustache comb, how to catch a coconut, store canned meat in a crocodile, hide from the skunk and how to choose who should be eaten first. Every point will be accompanied by the slideshow and simultaneous translation into Peruvian.

Leonid Sirotin, 36 years old, of which 16 years dedicated to gaming.

He worked as an advisor to the president and as producer at Astrum. He was a general producer at GameInsight, and was directly involved in making of such hits as Mystery Manor, Mirrors of Albion, Tribez and over a hundred of various titles – social, mobile, desktop ones.

Presently, Leonid is working on his own projects. At DevGAMM, he takes part as an independent gaming industry expert.

«Steam: all secrets of Valve unveiled (almost)»

Email Slides Valve never talks about the sales of games on Steam, popular genres, players behavior, regional characteristics and other things that are important for the developers and publishers.

Therefore, Sergey will tell about it instead.

Sergey Galyonkin is a co-host at “How to make games” podcast and author of “Game Marketing”.
Sergey has been with the game industry for more than 15 years. He had a chance to work in game press, development, sales and publishing.

«Making a videopresentation for your game: process and tips.»

Email Slides How to make a quality presentation or advertising video for your game? How to write a script, screencast, create nice animation, record audio? Alconost company has been providing video making services for games and applications for 4 years by now and they know all the answers. In this session they will share their knowledge and experience, supplying it with useful hands-on tips that will help you improve your videos. Nikita Leonenko has been working as Project Manager at Alconost Video for 2 years by now. During this time, the company produced over 100 animation videos for various IT products, from geolocation services to mobile apps and games.

«We need your opinion: is asking players how to improve the game worth it?»

Email Slides Why there are negative reviews after the release of the game? Does negative reviews always mean that the player doesnt like the product? Is it worth it to listen to the players and ask their opinions on how to improve the game? Can the developer see the game through the eyes of the player? How to measure fun and why is it important to study the emotions of players to develop a successful game? Is it possible to make your game perfect if you know the likings of players? This session will help you find out about the best ways you can apply user feedback, situations when user opinion is something you should be aware of, and the differences between the surveys and other sources of audiences opinion. Svetlana Polovinkina S.P. is developing the line of user feedback collection, conducting online surveys for Wargaming titles players. With more than 10 years of experience in the marketing research field and before Wargaming, she had no idea of the gamedev market research being so exciting and so unlike the rest of products researches. If player says I am dissatisfied it doesnt always mean he wont keep playing your game. Understanding what user actually wants to have in the game and the impact that any slightest change may have on his behaviour is the complicated task the gamedev market researchers have to fulfill.