Pieces of advice: plod to prosperity with VK gaming platform

By May 2, 2016Blog

If you are currently working or planning to work with VK.com, the session by Maxim Babichev is highly recommended.

Everybody likes success stories. But what hides behind them? A lot of work. Now VK can try to slightly open a window to the world of techniques which work great in VK. Maxim will use Dragon Knight (made by Esprit Games), Vinland Revival (made by Mystery Tag)  and Rats (made by Overgamez) as examples.


Maxim Babichev is a graduate from Saint Petersburg State University of Economics where was taught computer science and business informatics. Joined VK team in 2007, the developer advocate since 2014. Working with gaming partners from the first acquaintance to a project launch as well as passionately evangelize and advocate developers’ needs withing VK platform.