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Session: Artificial Intelligence in games by Grzegorz Mazur

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DevGAMM will host Grzegorz Mazur ( ex-11 bit studios, now Vile Monarch) with the talk “Artificial Intelligence in games”

Learn how to make your 3d models or pixels alive. Make them think and interact with player in your game. This talk will be an overview of current most popular AI techniques and concepts, full of examples from games like Crush Your Enemies or This War of Mine.

This will not be very technical but it’s going to interesting not only for programmers but generally to developers – especially game designers. It will help for intermediate developers to systematize their knowledge about AI plus there will be a lot of example and curiosities from development of This War of Mine or Crush Your Enemies AI. On the other hand it will be great for beginners who just want to start their adventure with creating AI for games – Grzegorz will show them concrete tools and directions they should go.


Grzegorz Mazur. Programmer. Information Technology graduate at Warsaw University of Technology. Currently Co-Boss and Technical Director at Vile Monarch. Previously worked for 11 bit studios where he was Lead Programmer of This War of Mine and Sleepwalker`s Journey. Specialized in gameplay and AI programming. Teacher at Warsaw Film School and Academy of Games and Post-Production. Amateur musician and board games enthusiast.

All of you interested in game Artificial Intelligence, register for DevGAMM now

Dmitri-Martynov,-Google-Play DevGAMM

Session: How to be Successful on Google Play

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DevGAMM welcomes Dmitri Martynov, the Head of Google Play Apps & Games, Russia & CEE at Google.

With over 78% of smartphones and 62% of tablets running on Android, and $7B paid out to developers, Google Play is experiencing incredible momentum. The session “How to be Successful on Google Play” will cover how successful apps are using Play along with steps you need to take to improve your store listing and optimize your game successfully in the Google Play store.

Get an inside track on what Google editors look for when selecting which games get featured and maximize the discoverability of your game. Gain insight into the tips and tricks you need to maximize the number of players in your games.


Dmitri Martynov is the Head of Google Play Apps & Games, Russia & CEE at Google. In his role, he helps apps & games businesses from Russia & CEE to find success on Android and Google Play. Prior to joining the Google Play team, Dima was a Regional Developers Relations Program Manager at Google Russia. Pre-Google, Dmitri spent almost 10 years at Microsoft, in various roles, focusing on Cloud Computing and Microsoft’s Azure platform. Dmitri has a BA in Computer Science from Moscow State University of Instrument Making and Information Science.

Looking to publish your game on Google Play? This talk is a must see! Meet Dmitri at DevGAMM, register now.

Schedule Devgamm

Schedule Is Revealed

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This year the conference will feature lots of amazing and highly useful sessions:

    • Chris Remo – the designer and composer of this year’s indie sensation Firewatch
    • Mike Bithell – the creator of a famous minimalistic platformer Thomas Was Alone
    • Philipp Weber – The Witcher 3 quest designer
    • Rami Ismail – the maker of indie hits like Ridiculous Fishing, Luftrausers и Nuclear Throne
    • Daniel Da Rocha – the developer of Q.U.B.E.

keynote speakers Devgamm

We are really exciting about bringing to Russia Ed Valient – the representative of Nintendo Of Europe, Granett Lee – game evangelist of Amazon, и Jon Carnage – live programming director of Twitch

Also in program:

Devgamm sreaker x-box Devgamm

Microsoft Track

Microsoft will host a two day exclusive track in Blue Hall, where company representatives will get into Universal Windows Platform, Windows 10 and Xbox.

Narrative Track Devgamm

Narrative Track

Narrative Track will help you learn how to create cool stories, keep gamers on the edge of their seat and use movie and book experience for games

Discussion Panels

Discussion Devgamm

Streamers & Video Bloggers: user’s manual
Youtube and Twitch stars to share their cooperation experiences with indie developers and big companies.

I’ve got my VR, now where’s the money?
Sergey Galyonkin is going to host the Discussion Panel dedicated to VR and it’s future in game industry.

“Play & Chat”
One of the most unusual panels will feature Russian game industry experts answering gamedev-related questions and competing in e-sport Hearthstone tournament at the same time.

…and more!