Vamos, amigos! Esta Game Lynch!

By May 6, 2016Blog
Game-Lynch-DevGAMM 2016

Senores! Put out your cigars and put away your glasses with… on second thought, don’t; you’re going to need them. The sheriff of our county has an important announcement: we’re going to have a Game Lynch!

Let go of your guns, fellas – we’ll have time for that too. Let me make clear the rules of this century old tradition: five of our most respected cowboys, desperados and cutthroats are going to take the stage of this nice saloon! Waving their ponchos and sipping our finest whisky and hardest tequila, they are going to judge the games in a form of a rampant play test.  

Every judge will have only five minutes measured by the most accurate clock this side of Mississippi, during which time they are going to speak from their hearts and let off as much steam as they want, completely unrestrained – whether they want to praise the game under consideration or smash it to the ground! The developers will have one minute to defend their cause.

This land is ruled democratically, so the vigour of the argument will be decided by the good public here. The worthy will get away with the prize, and the losers will have to fall, having drunk the wicked Granny Conchita’s concoction!

Today the vicious Mexican standoff will be attended by the following daredevils!

Alex Nichiporchik VS Time Hotel

Rami Ismail VS The Gun of Ages

Sergey Galyonkin VS Too Loud


Chris Remo VS World of One

Jon Carnage VS RUINS

Let’s begin and may the strongest man win!
May 13, 17:00 Red Hall

  • Lerika Mallayeva

    There will be wild horses too! 😉

  • Cubic Pie

    looking forward to it:)