First Narrative Track To Happen at DevGAMM

By April 26, 2016Blog
Narrative-Track DevGAMM

We are so happy to announce Narrative Track to take place for the first time at DevGAMM and in Russia. Narrative Track will be held in Green Hall on May 13 from 11:00 to 18:00.
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Narrative Challenge

Good at telling stories? Sign up for Narrative Challenge and test yourself! Fill in this form to be chosen for the challenge of the century! What is going to happen? No one knows. That’s part of the fun!

Narrative VS MMO

Alexey-KolesnikovSpeaker: Alexey Kolesnikov, World & Story designer, Mail.Ru Group

Session: What is the complexity of the plot development for MMO? For how long you can plan the plot, and where all the plans turn to ashes? How does the work of a writer on large projects such as “Allods Online” happen, and why do we need a script in MMORPGs? These and other questions will be answered by head writer of “Allods Online” – Alexey Kolesnikov. First-Hand narrative design of well-known domestic MMO.

Gamedev writer: from game to the book and back

Speaker: Alexander Zorich, Gamewriter, Zorichbooks

Session: It will be a highly colored story about ups and downs of Russian writers in game industry.
Why are the most of the products which based on real books… that strange?

Who is guilty of it? What to do with it? Learn the answers.

Rights to Characters and Nuances of Easter Eggs: Facets of Intellectual Property

Speaker: Vladislav Arkhipov, Of Counsel, Dentons

Session: This session will be focused on the legal side of narrative design and will answer questions: what a narrative designer should do to minimize risks of individual legal claims and/or risks of putting his/her company into a compromising situation, especially when characters themselves are Easter eggs, where a thin line exists between a parody and infringement.

Game humor: serious talk on not so serious business

Speaker: Igor Nesmelov, Game Designer, Saber Interactive

Session: Humor, no doubt, adds fun to any game. Humor in the Witcher, GTA, Borderlands is widely used for opening game universes and characters, while in The Stanley Parable and Jazzpunk it’s a driving force behind the game mechanics and narrative. But how to use this powerful tool? Why something seems funny? What is the gag, refrain, punchline? And what are the new forms of funny that gamedev can give us in the near future?

Game script writer Zen: plot, text and characters in casual game

Speaker: Evgeniy Danilov, Independent Expert

Session: We achieve enlightenment on the following questions: what the writer needs to know in the first place? How to bring the script from idea to implementation in the game?
How to interest players with text and characters?
The finale will feature spirits materialization and tips on tools.

Psychological factor of player influence

Speaker: Anton Lande, Art Director, Academy of Acting Arts Lande Project

Session: Games evoke the emotions of players. We put a lot of effort into it, to control exactly which emotions, positive are certainly better than negative. We try to involve the player in what is happening in the game, create a link between the player and the characters in the game. Theater and film actors are able to channel emotions of the viewer and their own emotions while acting. Actor’s school teacher Anton Lande will hold an exclusive master class on the use of acting techniques in the development of computer games.

How much does narrative cost or how to count game story profit?


Participants: Evgeniy Danilov, Independent Expert
Evgeni Puzankov, Suricate Games
Alina Brazdeikene, Creative Mobile
Alexey Kolesnikov, Mail.Ru Group
Host: Maria Kochakova, Narratorika

Discussion Panel: Whether there is going to be a story in your game or not the decision is up to you. Story, as well as any feature requires resources. And often you are faced the question whether these resources are worth to invest. Will there be a return? Will the time and effort spent on the production and implementation of the history of the game pay off? Is it possible to predict financial results of the game, with the story or without? During this discussion panel we dare to do the impossible to clash the harmony with algebra.