Indie Franchising Lessons From Q.U.B.E. Developer

By March 18, 2016Blog

Daniel Da Rocha, director at Fiddlesticks and Toxic Games, is going to deliver a talk called “Turning Your Indie Game Into An Indie Franchise”

When starting out, many indies only think about the first game and don’t plan for what will come after, whether their level of success is boom or doom. Da Rocha will talk about the creation of Q.U.B.E. and how its success led the team to create an enhanced version of the game for consoles before diving into development on its sequel, Q.U.B.E. 2. In a time where buzzwords such as “indiepocalypse” are floating around, building upon the foundations of your first successful title is a smart move.

Speaker Background

Dan Da Rocha

Daniel Da Rocha is the Director at Fiddlesticks and Toxic Games. Creating award-winning indie game Q.U.B.E. straight out of University and securing investment from Indie Fund, he was able to set up a full-time indie game studio. Since then he has produced more games including the multi-million downloaded title, Mortar Melon, multi-award-winning Hue and the upcoming sequel to his first game, Q.U.B.E. 2. Dan regularly attends and speaks at events around the globe and thrives on sharing knowledge, expertise and learning of new ways to do business in the ever changing games industry.

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