Play & Chat – New Format at DevGAMM

By April 28, 2016Blog
Play-&-Chat-ShowGames-DevGAMM 2016

Imagine a traditional discussion panel where experts talk about the state of game development.
Imagined? Sounds boring? We agree!

Down with banal discussion. It’s time to turn it into … a competition!
What is the competition in the gaming industry? eSports tournament, of course!

Invited game industry experts are going to battle in Hearthstone, meanwhile two hosts Roman Goroshkin and Iliya Esaulov will be distracting them with tricky questions.

It’s called Play & Chat, and we are organizing it for the first time with the support of GameShow. Will we be able to mix business and pleasure? How will experts handle the multitasking?

We are going to learn that on May 13 at 15:00 in Red Hall. Don’t forget to buy DevGAMM ticket!

Let us present you the players. Each one oа them has a special power!

Valentin Merzlikin vs Semyon Voynov



Alexandra Pestretsova vs Marina Goncharova

Leonid Sirotin vs Roman Povolotskiy