Unity at DevGAMM

By April 27, 2016Blog

You can always find good Unity-related sessions at DevGAMM. It’s something we are not planing to change in the future. This time we gathered speakers from all over the world to explore different Unity topics, from VR to rendering. If you want more insight into Unity universe, make sure to register for Unite Europe, we’ve announced earlier.

Unity & VR: What we are working on and how to design & develop VR Experiences

Speaker: Antony Douglas, VP EMEA, Unity Technologies
Session:Virtual Reality is going to change the digital experience forever. At Unity we are building tools that will enable developers and to publish next-gen content today. In this talk, Antony Douglas and Andy Touch will highlight the evolution of the Unity engine and its support for VR. We will demonstrate in-editor design principles that will help you to create amazing VR projects and get the most from this exciting new technology.
When & Where:  May 12, 12:00, Orange Hall

An Introduction to Writing Custom Unity Shaders!

Speaker: Andy Touch, Tech Evangelist, Unity Technologies
Session: Shader programming has always been seen as a scary and intimidating dark magic; learning it can feel like tumbling down a never-ending rabbit hole. Fear not! As Andy will give a hand’s-on, in-Editor, crash-course guide on how to write your own custom shaders in the Unity Game Engine, to achieve interesting effects, unique visuals and show how powerful, flexible and easy they can be to create!
When & Where: May 12, 16:00, Orange Hall

Rendering and synchronization of 4000 units in Mushroom Wars 2 using Unity

Speaker: Alex Feer, CTO, Zillion Whales
Session: Alex will speak about the technologies used to deal with challenging tasks of developing real-time strategy game Mushroom Wars 2.
When & Where: May 13, 12:30, Yellow Hall

Voxel rendering on mobile devices

Speaker: Nikolai Shalimov, Lead Software Engineer, EPAM Systems
Session: Using 3D textures on platforms that don’t support 3D textures. Efficient rendering of huge amount of data on “weak” hardware. Tricks and shader’s magic.
When & Where: May 12, 17:30, Yellow Hall

Custom location editor for a Unity project: how to do and why to bother

Speaker: Pavel Shtangeev, Lead Game Designer, zGames
Session: Unity provides a wide range of tools to build game worlds in the Scene editor right from the box. So why fix what’s not broken? In this session Pavel will talk about level design cases that require custom features for the editor and what to do to improve its effectiveness a lot.
When & Where: May 13, 17:30, Orange Hall

Unity 5.3 for Virtual Reality and HoloLen

Valentin-Simonov-Unity DevGAMM
Speaker: Valentin Simonov, Field Engineer, Unity Technologies
Session: In this report, Valentin will tell how Unity helps in the development of games and applications for virtual reality, and mention the topic of development for Microsoft HoloLens with a special version of the engine – Unity Technical Preview for HoloLens.
When & Where: May 12, 16:30, Blue Hall

And, of course, visit Unity booth (P2). Show you project to Andy Touch and get valid advise how to optimise it. Get familiar with the most effective methods how to monetize your game with UnityAds. Please register to participate in session with Slava Taraskin. Take part in the drawing to get main prize – you free ticket to Unite Europe plus avia ticket.