Hitman – the first episodic AAA game and its technical features on Azure

By April 14, 2017News

Have you ever thought about revenge? What do you prefer – kitchen knife or silverballers? Yes, you may think ‘what’s the point?’ Ok, we can unearth the mystery. We have a new speaker in our lineup that will take you away to a new dangerous world of contract murder :)

Please, welcome Christian Corsano and his talk ‘Hitman – the first episodic AAA game and Azure’. Hitman is an episodic stealth video game which was developed by Io-Interactive. It is about Agent 47, assassin, who kills contracted targets.

This talk will give insights into building a game that will evolve over time and will have features that can be accessible if you are connected to the cloud. This session will show how to build a game on Azure cloud platform.

Christian Corsano is currently the lead online programmer on Hitman at Io-Interactive. His responsibility is to build, evolve and maintain, with his team, the cloud platform powering the game.

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