Konstantin Mitrofanov shares his experience of Rocket Jump studio’s growth

By April 21, 2017News

Gaming industry has a great amount of professionals who know their business. We want you to learn how to level up your skills and our today’s speaker will help you with this task! :)

We’re glad to introduce our next speaker, welcome Konstantin Mitrofanov and his talk ‘How to Prepare for Your Studio’s Growth’. This will be a really good framework for all of you who want to achieve top results in your own business in gaming industry.

During this talk, Konstantin is going to reveal you the history of development of Rocket Jump studio. In several years, Moscow-based developer Rocket Jump, known for such hits as Under Siege, Under Control and Dakota: Farm Adventures, grew from a small studio to a big company with more than 150 employees. While the team was growing, organizational structure and work processes changed. This allowed to preserve the effectiveness of development, while constantly raising the bar of Rocket Jump games’ quality. Konstantin is going to tell you what obstacles can growing teams expect on their way to success, and how to overcome them.

Konstantin Mitrofanov is a Studio Director of Rocket Jump. He leads the team from the founding of the company and continues to apply a ten-year experience in managing projects and teams to create first-class games for mobile and social platforms.

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