Tony Watkins talks about the evolution of the games industry

By April 21, 2017News

We won’t let you to relax, therefore you should be ready for our next cool keynote speaker, who not only knows everything about business development but is also a great and talented musician! :)

This year we invited Tony Watkins to DevGAMM Moscow, who will present you his talk ‘The Evolution Of The Games Industry And Its People Impact’ that will be useful not only for beginners but also for professionals.

Tony Watkins is an industry veteran, he is a General Director of EA Games Russia, which is a leading global interactive entertainment software company. During his talk, Tony will describe you the progress of gaming industry. He will present the challenges faced by talent within the Games Industry and explain how leadership is key to move forward with the pace of the evolution. It will be the insights from his own experience in the UK and Russia and between FMCG and Games industries.

It is important to mention that Tony Watkins worked a lot on strategic development of businesses & brands with some creative input/ talent to support this – including Lavazza Coffee, Tetley, Red Bull, Russian Standard Vodka and Dirol to name a few. Over the past nine years he has been focused on building a team and successfully developing business for EA on the Russian market.

Be a part of DevGAMM Moscow 2017 and meet this talented speaker who will show you all the aspects of gaming industry development!

Buy tickets right away! :)