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Game Lynch: I’m Groot!

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Hey, Ravagers, Sovereigns, Kree – and everybody in between! Guardians of the Industry are a-calling! The dark plague of games has flooded the Galaxy, dooming the players to nothing but years of decay and desperation. The only way to end this madness is the Game Lynch, assembled by the mighty Guardians! Read More


For the first time ever: Marketing track at DevGAMM

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This year DevGAMM conference in Moscow will have a track fully dedicated to game marketing and PR. The day of sessions on game promotion from the leading companies on the game market, advice, lifehacks and living examples of how to make a game popular and memorable. This track is only available for the holders of Business badges. Special thanks to Aleksandra Pestretsova, an independent expert, for helping us to moderate this track :)

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