Chris Charla’s talk: Maximize your sales on Xbox One

By July 12, 2017News

We’re moving forward, and today we’ve prepared for you the new announcement, which will definitely be very useful for all game developers who would like to self-publish their titles for Windows and the Xbox One.

Chris Charla is going to present you a talk ‘Maximize your sales on Xbox One: Do’s and Don’ts’. This session will provide you the information about the strengths and opportunities of the ID@Xbox program. It enables qualified game developers of all sizes to unleash their creativity by self-publishing digital games on Xbox One and Windows 10. Besides, this program gives the tools and supports needed to maximize the success. Indie developers working with ID@Xbox earned hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Therefore, this session is a great opportunity for you to bring your game to the next level and to increase the sales volume as quickly and as easily as possible.

During this insightful talk from Chris Charla, you will learn how to boost your sales and take advantage of developer’s program on Xbox One before, during and after your game launch.

Chris Charla is founder and Director of the ID@Xbox program. Before starting the independent developer self-publishing program for Xbox One, he spent three years as portfolio director for Xbox Live Arcade at Microsoft Studios. He joined Microsoft after 10 years at independent studio Foundation 9, where he shipped a lot of games and did everything from level design and IP creation to leading its business development group. In the ancient past, he was the launch editor for, among other games press work. In his spare time, he makes text adventures and fanzines about strange videogames.

Join us at DevGAMM Summit in Seattle, meet our expert and learn more about the ID@Xbox program and how to get your game onto the open market. Grab your tickets right away 🙂