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Greg Smith and Gersh Payzer: Game Design for Sub-Second Livestreaming | DevGAMM Seattle 2017

Greg Smith and Gersh Payzer: Game Design for Sub-Second Livestreaming

By July 17, 2017News

This session is for those of you who keep an eye on the major livestreaming platforms. It will show you the significant features that will change how people stream their games.

Greg Smith, Senior Program Manager, Xbox/Mixer, and Gersh Payzer, Principal Software Engineer, Xbox/Mixer will deliver a talk ‘Game Design for Sub-Second Livestreaming’. During this session, our experts are going to touch on the super features of the livestreaming platform Mixer. It is the only next gen streaming service that offers viewers real-time influence and participation in live game streams.

The fact that sets Mixer apart from other streaming platforms is the sub-second latency of less than a second.  This is impressive because other platforms have a latency of between 8 and 10 seconds – a significant difference for near real-time game streaming. Such interaction with favorite streamers allows the users to affect gameplay or vote on elements using buttons displayed alongside the stream. They can decide to either help the streamers or challenge them. The talk will show you that this platform can help game developers to craft their game with their audience.

Sub second latency game broadcasting has unlocked a whole new set of opportunities and challenges for game designers.  With audience interactivity, you can invite thousands of potential players into your game, even if they don’t own it yet, but how do you do it without breaking what makes your game great?  The experts will talk about what they have learned along the way building the interactivity platform on Mixer and how you can take advantage of this new type of game design.

Greg Smith is a Senior Program Manager on Mixer, the interactive livestreaming company formerly known as Beam, acquired by Xbox last summer.  He’s focused on creating new ways for games to unlock the potential of their viewing audiences via engaging interactive experiences.  Greg has held previous roles in Xbox Live on multiplayer, social and communications teams. Before that he worked in the film industry in production.

Gersh Payzer was one of the first engineers on the Xbox One project. He has also worked on Xbox 360, Kinect, ID@Xbox, Twitch and Halo. He is a USC GamePipe alum who worked on an IGF-award winning game as part of the Advanced Games course.

The most exciting fact is that the talks from DevGAMM Summit in Seattle will be livestreamed on the Mixer platform. So, you can watch and enjoy our sessions in real-time!

Come to DevGAMM Summit in Seattle. Learn from our experts about the sub-second livestreaming on Mixer. Grab your tickets now:

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