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Summit talk by Riley Gravatt: Marketing Astroneer | DevGAMM Seattle 2017

Summit talk by Riley Gravatt: Marketing Astroneer

By July 18, 2017News

Wanna know how to make from your game a super successful title? Then don’t miss out this talk announcement. Our awesome speaker will reveal you some marketing tactics of a famous and fascinating game.

Riley Gravatt is going to give a talk ‘Marketing Astroneer’ at DevGAMM Seattle Summit. During this insightful session, our expert will unravel the marketing solutions of the game Astroneer. It will basically show you how to market a game to Youtubers and how to find success standing out from a crowded field. Astroneer is a sandbox adventure game of aerospace industry and interplanetary exploration which was developed by System Era Softworks. The player is tasked with colonizing planets, creating structures and mining resources. Exploration in Astroneer is tied directly into the crafting mechanics. It features a cooperative mode that supports up to four players. So, friends can drop in and out of one another’s games, helping out, finding new resources.  

Astroneer was released on December 16, 2016, in Steam Early AccessThe game has gathered a passionate following on the internet, stacking a total of 11,952 reviews on Steam, 90 percent of which were ranked as “positive” by the platform. The game had a lot of comparison to ‘The Martian’ movie and, so the developers thought maybe that would be a good time to release their trailer. Which was a great idea from the marketing point. Hence, this talk is a good case study on how to make from your game a successful title.

Finding an audience in the crowded indie game space can be hard without a marketing budget. This session will break down Astroneer’s marketing strategy, which focused on gaining the attention of major influencers in new media that became the catalyst for the game’s financial success.

Riley Gravatt co-owns System Era Softworks, an indie game development studio based in Seattle, WA. Before going indie, he worked on AAA titles at Disney, Electronic Arts, and Sony PlayStation. Whether fostering relationships in The Sims, discovering ancient ruins in Uncharted, or becoming an intergalactic explorer in Astroneer, Riley’s passion is creating compelling experiences through the interactive medium.

Join us at DevGAMM Summit in Seattle. Dive into cosmic adventures of Astroneer. And learn more about its marketing strategy. Grab your tickets now:

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