About DevGAMM Kyiv 2020

Since the safety of our participants remains the top priority, it seems that not holding a major offline event in Kyiv as early as in August is the right decision. Instead, we decided to make a series of useful and effective online events throughout the summer!

Get ready for the Developer Week, Career Day, few online sessions with top speakers and other activities. We will announce the dates and tell more about these formats a bit later. 

Moreover, we still have chances to meet in Kyiv, but a little later, when the world recovers better. Fingers crossed.

If you have purchased the tickets to DevGAMM Kyiv, please expect the e-mail regarding ticket refund shortly.

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August 6-7

1300+ Attendees

40+ Countries

80+ Speakers

80% Developers

100+ Games

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Randy Pitchford

Jonathan Blow

Adam Boyes

Carola Berens
Senior Game Designer

Leszek Szczepański
Gameplay programmer

Timur Bekmambetov
Bazelevs, Director, Producer



Jay Britton
Voice Actor



Mao Sugiyama
Business Development Manager

Mike Bithell

Anatoly Ropotov

All speakers of DevGAMM Kyiv 2018

Games Hub

Games activities at DevGAMM

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Do you want to show the prototype of your game? Or to gain the feedback? Or maybe test an idea? Or introduce yourself to the gaming industry? Or even meet the perfect publisher for your project? Take part in the DevGAMM showcase then: you can find it all there!
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Is a special event where your game is reviewed by an expert within 5 minutes in the most hilarious and blatant way possible!
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Game Dating

Is an hour of uninterrupted 3-minute meetings between developers and publishers.
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Is the best solution for job hunting and recruitment at the event.
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A small adventure on the conference at the end of which you can get a cool prize from our sponsors.
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Parties &

Great opportunity to activate your communication skills, meet new friends and hang out.
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Super Early Bird*

  • Main Expo
  • All sessions
  • Coffee Breaks & Participants Bag
  • Games Hub Activities
  • Pre-Party & Bye-Bye Mingle
  • Name Only
  • Limited access to PINE meeting system
  • No Official Party
  • No Roundtables with industry experts
  • No Business Lounge access



Super Early Bird*

  • Main Expo
  • All sessions
  • Coffee Breaks & Participants Bag
  • Games Hub Activities
  • Pre-Party & Bye-Bye Mingle
  • Full badge info
  • Full access to PINE meeting system
  • Official Party
  • Roundtables with industry experts
  • Business Lounge access

ID or Passport is required at the conference entrance. You can change the name up to August 6, 13:00.

*All SUPER EARLY BIRD tickets cannot be returned from the time of purchase and you cannot change your First Name and Last Name on the badge (transfer to another attendee).

A non-refundable replacement fee, equal to the original purchase amount will apply to all lost, duplicate, misplaced, stolen or forgotten badge requests. If your badge was complimentary, the fee will be the current, on-site rate.

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Media Accreditation

The accreditation grants the right to freely access DevGAMM, receive assets and press releases, and attend any events within the conference that do not require special invitation.

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Would you like to become a part of DevGAMM and attend the conference free of charge? Become a volunteer! We need active, energetic and responsible assistants.



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Mercure Congress Centre
Vadyma Hetmana St, 6, Kyiv


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