Speed Game Dating

is an hour of uninterrupted 3-minute meetings between developers and publishers.

Submissions Deadline: TBA

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What is Speed Game Dating?

  • It is an hour of uninterrupted 3-minute meetings between developers and publishers.
  • There are 2 streams divided into Mobile and Desktop projects.

    The main goal: introduce developers to publishers. For publishers, it is a great opportunity to see some of the conference’s projects.

Benefits for Publishers

  • 20 productive meetings in one hour
  • Quality pre-selected game projects (mobile or desktop)
  • Publishers can influence on the selection of projects on our Games Hub portal

    3 minutes is enough to understand if a game is relevant for publisher’s portfolio or not. If they will be interested — you can continue a conversation within the conference.

Benefits for Developers

  • Personal acquaintance with publishers and investors that are in search of projects
  • Good practice of your elevator pitch

NB! *The number of spots is limited, so make sure to submit beforehand. There will be NO on-site registration this year.

How to Take Part

For publishers

  • Buy BUSINESS ticket

  • Sign-up as a publisher

  • Receive confirmation of your participation

For developers

  • Buy a ticket of any type

  • Submit your game no later than (TBA)

  • Receive confirmation of your participation on (TBA)

  • Participation is free of charge
  • Business registration​​ for publishers is required
  • Only 1 representative of a company can take part in one stream
  • If a publisher is interested in mobile or desktop games — he can register for both streams
  • Several representatives of one company can take part as a publisher but in different streams
  • FYI: don’t forget to take your business cards

    If we have doubts about your company, if there are no publishing or investment directions, we reserve the right to refuse your participation in Speed Game Dating.
  • Participation is free of charge
  • Only 1 representative of your team can take part
  • Our recommendation: choose a team member with a good English level
  • If you’ll be late, we reserve the right to reject your participation in SGD and replace you with another participant
  • Playable build is required (use laptop, tablet or mobile phone to demonstrate your game)
  • Participants that have no devices and playable builds will not take part in SGD
  • Make a short video that will explain the main idea of your game (1-minute video is enough)
  • Prepare leaflets or business cards with brief information about your game and with your contacts
  • Games are submitted to Games Hub portal before (TBA) inclusive

  • We select 20 games for mobile stream and 20 games for desktop stream after the deadline

  • Games selection is influenced by:
    • Quality of your project
    • Stage of game development (if your release is soon — your chances are high)
    • Publishers’ submissions where they specify what kind of games they’re looking for
    • Games rating that was formed on Games Hub by publishers during preliminary selection
    • Date of game submission (we’ll give the priority to earlier submissions)
  • In the beginning of May the developers will receive a confirmation of their participation on the e-mail that they have written during their submission. You should confirm your participation until (TBA) inclusive
  • If we haven’t your confirmation, we’ll invite other projects
  • Games that will not get to SGD will receive information about that on (TBA)
  • Unfortunately, the number of submissions is higher than 40 seats that we can provide. But no worries, you still have a chance to contact with publishers through our meeting system and arrange a meeting at the conference
  • Developers should come 15 minutes before Speed Game Dating, show badge at the entrance, business card, game, device and check in. The coordinator will show your seat
  • Publisher should come no later than 5 minutes before Speed Game Dating starts. They check in and enter the room after developers
  • Publishers will seat in front of developers. If the number of publishers is fewer than developers, there can be some free seats.
  • You’ll have 3 minutes for your elevator pitch after a signal publishers change their seats.
  • Developers stay on their seats because of their devices
  • Latecomers will not enter the room! If you will not come 5 minutes before Speed Game Dating starts, the organizers reserve the right to refuse your participation and invite another participant
  • The second stream is held by the same form

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Alina Husevyk

Head of Games