Top 10 Art Sessions at DevGAMM Minsk

By October 20, 2016Blog

Thanks to the support of Vera Velichko, CEO and Art Director of OWL Studio, Minsk event will get its own full-fledged Art Track. Art and animation sessions are always the most requested among our participants and there are lots of professionals in this area, but not many of them are ready to give a talk. Vera managed to draw some of them out of comfort of their offices and homes to take part in Art Track for the whole conference day. Part of this Track is a session by CD Projekt RED that takes place on the first day.

Topics to discuss

Art team management, saving money and time


Session: Specification and feedback: from producer perspective

Alexander Shtachenko, Lead Product Manager at iLogos is going to discuss how specification and feedback matters when it comes to raising the quality of work, cutting back the length of development and preventing the team burn out.

Session: The tale of lost time

Maria Yartseva, Art Lead at OWL Studio is going to explain how to avoid a situation where art production lingers and how it can be impacted by technical equipment, inappropriate  management and artist approach.

Session: Two ramens, one icon

In this session Alexandra Romanova, Lead Artist at ORC Work will explore the topic of creating quality art quickly and on a budget for indie teams or small studios.

Mastery of art creation in different styles

Session: The psychology of visual perception. Notes on a match-3 fields by Playrix

This session by Svetlana Sablina, Playrix Art Director, will give insight into match-3 graphics in general, and its overview from the viewpoint of visual perception psychology.

Session:  Pixel art as a tool, not a feature

Evgeniy Yudin, Artist at Zombie Dynamics will explain why pixel art should be viewed as a technique rather than a retro feature.

Session: Voxels based on Madness Road

There are things you need to learn about voxels and Evgeniy Lavrinenko, founder of Cells Games will dedicate his sessions to overview of this style, its advantages and challenges.

The inner world of games: environment, interfaces

Session: Game settings design

During this session Svyatoslav Kholod, Game Designer at Gameloft will reveal the basic approaches in the development of game settings and storylines.

Session: Delicious and useful GUI: cooking recipe

Vera Velichko, OWL studio Art Director will sort through the creation of interfaces and explain how they can be crucial in interaction between the user and the gameplay.

Working with animation

Session: The patient is rather alive than dead

This session from Roman Evpakov, Lead Artist at Armatur Games will be dedicated to all benefits of using Flash technology, which was proclaimed ‘dead’ rather too soon.

Session: Animation in Spine. Tips & tricks. 3D effects in 2D Graphics

Vyacheslav Borovik deals with Spine animation in Moona Group and he wants to share his experience with this program. The session will discuss the animations in games and creating a pseudo-3D effect.

For more information on all presentations and speakers please visit the program page. This Track is recommended to managers, producers, artists, animators, designers and all those who are involved in art production somehow.

Do not forget to buy a ticket for the conference before October 31, the prices will rise again after this date.