What is GAMM:Play?

GAMM:Play is a game showcase where you can get feedback, have your game playtested and make a name for yourself by being creative.

Submissions closed

List of games


  • Gather feedback from real, unbiased people playing your game
  • Draw attention of publishers, investors or press
  • Spend only 3 hours and don’t miss out on the rest of the event
  • Get extra visibility from listing on DevGAMM website



Supported by Unity


How to take part?

  • Register for DevGAMM
  • Submit your game using your ticket number before October 20th
  • Get a confirmation and a table within 48 hours
  • Prepare for the showcase in advance
  • Make the most of your exhibit hours!

Want to showcase your game for one or two whole days of the conference? Get showcase table reserved for one or two days for extra 500$ (ticket prices are not included). This way you can also add rollups, TV screens and other buildup to your table.

Terms & Conditions

  • As a GAMM:Play participant you get a table and a nameboard with game title, logo and your contact details on it.
  • You must arrive 15 minutes in advance and get your device(s) ready for the showcase (notebook, tablet, etc.).
  • You will get sockets for your devices.
  • You must take your device away within 30 minutes after the end of the showcase.
  • Organizers bear no responsibility for your devices.
  • Rollups and other constructions next to tables are only available for paid tables*.

How to get ready?

showcase_contactIf you have any questions about GAMM:Play, please contact Showcase coordinator.