Pitch & Match is an event matchmaking tool. It has been used worldwide at different game events, such as PG Connects, Nordic Game, QuoVadis, GIC and more. We want you to get the best results from your DevGAMM visit! That’s why we provide this tool for free for DevGAMM attendees with Business Ticket!


How can I get access to Pitch & Match?
You just need to buy a ticket to DevGAMM and your login info will be sent to you within 1-2 working days (or 24 h in the last 2 weeks before event).

Where can I meet people?
System will assign you a public table for meeting, unless you are our sponsor and have your personal table.

What is the difference from Speed Game Dating?
Speed Game Dating is 3-minute meetings for publishers and developers ONLY! Additional pre-registration is required! All publishers and developers are pre-approved. If you are going to attend Speed Game Dating too, please block your time in schedule on November 10 from 3pm till 6 pm.

Have another question?
Contact Victoria Pavlenko – meetings@devgamm.com

How it works

Step 1 – Create your online profile
Present your company projects and services to show the world why you are the best!
Step 2 – Organise your meetings
Use the online meeting system to plan your meetings. Invite possible partners or accept received invitations to meet on-site.
Step 3 – Personalised matchmaking
Let the matchmaker suggest meetings for you! Look at your dashboard for suggestions made by your personal matchmaker (available only for sponsors).
Step 4 – The meeting
Have a productive time in 30-minute meetings.
Step 5 – Fill in the gaps
Last minute meetings can be arranged by the matchmaker on-site or you can visit conference sessions.
Step 6 – Network
Find new partners and opportunities during Pitch & Match meetings. Socialize in Business Lounge and during the parties.

Victoria Pavlenko
Pitch&Match Coordinator

If you have any questions about Pitch&Match, please contact Vika.

Pitch&Match Map