Our team

Vika Bovshovskaya

Event Producer

General event questions, production, logistics.

Tori Pavlenko

Strategic Partnership Manager

Sponsorships and unique forms of cooperation.

Phil Rumak

Partner Manager

Sales and business relationships with sponsors.

Questions concerning media partnerships, press registration and blog.

Alina Husevyk

Attendee Relations

Questions regarding tickets, registration and Speed Game Dating.

Sergey Chernobrivets

Account Manager

All questions concerning the payments and agreements. Contractor coordination.

Yaroslav Kravtsov

Games Hub Сoordinator

All questions concerning DevGAMM Showcase and game submissions process.

Dmitry Nesterov

Graphic Designer

All questions concerning site, promo-materials, creating and preparing print materials.

Alesya Volodko

Volunteers Сoordinator

Coordination of volunteer activities.

Vitalia Bredikhina

Meeting System Coordinator

Coordination of meeting system.

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