DevGAMM in Kyiv is rescheduled for 2020

DevGAMM in Kyiv is rescheduled for 2020

With a heavy heart, we are announcing that DevGAMM conference in Kyiv planned for August 1-2, 2019, has been called off. It is going to take place in 2020.

Due to the military-political situation, we must admit that DevGAMM team will not be able to organize the quality event that our participants from Ukraine deserve.

We value our Ukrainian audience, we see the huge potential of local developers and really want to contribute to the growth of the gaming industry in the region.

Either of our other conferences could be a good substitute for Kyiv event. We will offer completely free spots (including tickets) at the DevGAMM game showcase for Ukrainian teams and special discounts on tickets for participants from Ukraine.

For example, next year we expect up to 2,000 participants in Moscow and Minsk, including representatives from international publishing houses and investment funds, the press, potential business partners, services and platforms.

There is going to be more info on how Ukrainians can take advantage of DevGAMM in our next years’ announcements! Stay tuned. See you at DevGAMM in Moscow on May 16-17 and in Minsk in November.

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