Valeriya Mallayeva
Managing Director

Email: mallayeva@devgamm.com
Skype: mallayeva
Phone: +7 967 135 28 35

Contact with any questions: concerning the sponsorship, speech-making, strategy, unique forms of cooperation and other questions.

FOLLOW: @lerika
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Karina Lavushkina
Business Development Manager

Email: lavushkina@devgamm.com

General conference questions, logistics and business relationships with sponsors. Questions concerning DevGAMM Awards and Pitch&Match.

FOLLOW: @karin_karin_b

Maria Chyrvona
PR Manager

Email: chyrvonaya@devgamm.com
Skype: chyrvona
Phone: +7 967 158 66 64

Questions concerning the media partnership, public relations, press registration and Speed Game Dating. Blog author.

FOLLOW: @MChyrvona
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Vlad Nazarkin

Vlad Nazarkin
Account Manager

Email: nazarkin@devgamm.com
Skype: tums09
Phone: +7 968 065 76 64

All questions concerning the payments and agreements (tickets and sponsorship). Coordination of works with contractors.

ADD ME: vlad.tums

Bohdan Sereda
GAMM:Play Showcase Coordinator

Email: coauctor@gmail.com
Skype: inclusore
Phone: +7 968 791 37 29

If you have any questions about GAMM:Play, please contact Showcase coordinator

FOLLOW: @coauctor
ADD ME: coauctor
ADD ME: coauctor

Vika Bovshovskaya
Volunteer Coordinator

Email: vikki.mikk@gmail.com
Skype: vikki.mikk
Phone: +7 903 719 35 89

Coordination of volunteer activities.

FOLLOW: @Vikki_Mikk
ADD ME: vikki.mikk
ADD ME: vikki.mikk

Victoria Pavlenko
Pitch&Match Coordinator

Email: meetings@devgamm.com
Skype: viktory1209
Phone: +7 968 936 34 86

If you have any questions about Pitch&Match, please contact Vika.

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