For the first time ever: Marketing track at DevGAMM

By May 12, 2017News

This year DevGAMM conference in Moscow will have a track fully dedicated to game marketing and PR. The day of sessions on game promotion from the leading companies on the game market, advice, lifehacks and living examples of how to make a game popular and memorable. This track is only available for the holders of Business badges. Special thanks to Aleksandra Pestretsova, an independent expert, for helping us to moderate this track :)

Marketing for videogames 2017


When&Where: Blue Hall, May 19, 11:30 am

Videogames marketing is one of the keys to the game`s success. What to do in 2017 to make your game popular? Alexandra Pestretsova – Independent expert, is going to share main trends of gaming marketing: community driven development, UGC, video production and streaming, cooperation with platforms, cybersport and more.

Tips for launching f2p client games

When&Where: Blue Hall, May 19, 12:00 pm

During this session Nikita Okan, Head of marketing at 101xp, will give you insights on what steps you need to take for launching a successful f2p game and creating a strong brand for your audience. Also, Nikita will tell about some tricks which can help you to grow your audience.

Basic metrics of gaming process: what to collect and how to work with them

When&Where: Blue Hall, May 19, 12:30 pm

Elena Morina, Marketing Director, Destiny.Games is going to reveal you the basic metrics of the online game project, how to collect, structure and use them. She will show working cases of the daily practical application of metrics and describe the popular mistakes in the interpretation of the metrics and share useful lifehacks.

Wargaming special marketing projects: from Tankburger to Tankplane

When&Where: Blue Hall, May 19, 1:00 pm

Can small studios with great product benefit from marketing special projects? Konstantin Kamenev, Business Development Director, CIS at will answer on this question. You will learn the most impressive World of Tanks marketing and co – promo cases with Burger King, Kaspersky, Lays, Yandex, UAZ Patriot, Belavia.

PR and Communications at Esports

When&Where: Blue Hall, May 19, 1:30 pm

During this session, Evgeniy Zakirov, Head of PR, ESforce Holding Ltd., will give you a report on PR-cases of the company, in which he is going to talk about the development of the computer sport market in Russia, their principles of working with the media, successful cases of promoting the holding’s products and the experience of organizing the largest ESport Tournament in the CIS, Epicenter: Moscow.

Key cheats for PR in Gamedev

When&Where: Blue Hall, May 19, 4:00 pm

Does PR provide any benefit, why press releases do not work anymore and how to bring 1 million users to unknown game – Karina Konkova, PR Lead of Gaming division at Mail.Ru Group  will provide you some practical guide based on Mail.Ru Group gaming cases. #MailRuPractice

Case study: Creative advertising campaign with Dolph Lundgren

When&Where: Blue Hall, May 19, 4:30 pm

Viktor Shakun, Art Director for Marketing Creative Services at, will elaborate on how Marketing Creative Services, a Wargaming in-house creative agency, deals with complex promotional campaigns on a daily basis. The most recent “What Real Men Choose” campaign starring Dolph Lundgren will be picked as an example.

Internal video production in gamedev. How does it work?

When&Where: Blue Hall, May 19, 5:00 pm

The main topic of this session, provided by Kiryl Drazdovich, Head of Video Production at, is vast experience of internal video production at gamedev company. It will touch on information about the way the team made, what kind of changes, tasks and difficulties the team had, what are the advantages of internal production over external.

Video bloggers and streamers – learning how to avoid someone else’s mistakes while running an advertising campaign

When&Where: Blue Hall, May 19, 5:30 pm

Practical guidance for running an advertising campaigns on YouTube and Twitch by Andrey Skochok, Blogger relations manager at Group. He is going to speak about pros and cons of work with agencies. Andrey will give you the review of advertising case studies on Youtube. #MailRuPractice

Fireside chat: Youtube and Twitch for games: all possibilities of platforms


When&Where: Blue Hall, May 19, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

The discussion will be devoted to the analysis of the main features of Youtube and Twitch video platforms. The participants of this chat: Aleksandra Pestretsova, Independent Expert, Leonid Davydov, Founder, DogeMatic, Andrey Skochok, Blogger relations manager, Group will discuss how these platforms can help (or prevent) the game to become popular, what mechanics to consider when developing a game, how to motivate players to create more video content, how to work with influencers, and how to interest cool streamers.

Keep track of events, join us at DevGAMM Moscow and visit this cool track to learn more about marketing aspects in gaming industry! :)

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