The Witcher Keynote: attempt #2

By March 31, 2017News

Keep an eye out, folks, we have really awesome news. As you might know, last year we have invited Philipp Weber, the quest designer at CD Projekt RED, to perform his speech at DevGAMM Moscow 2016. By a twist of fate, he couldn’t come and immerse you into his awesome speech. Guess what, he plan to definitely be there for this year’s DevGAMM session. You can read the last year’s announcement here.

Some of you might be aware that recently, CD Projekt RED, the developers behind The Witcher series, have congratulated Guerrilla Games with the successful launch of Horizon: Zero Dawn, by using some epic artwork, featuring Aloy from Horizon and Geralt from The Witcher giving each other an amazing high-five. Moreover, after that Guerrilla Games has returned the favor, they also created an artwork with Aloy that wink at Geralt. It is a great example of friendship and tolerance between two companies of gaming industry.

Let’s face it, the talks of Philipp Weber and Leszek Szczepański complete each other, so you have a really great opportunity to see how these two worlds with their quests systems were created. Grab your tickets now.